27th Oct 2010, 14:50

Wow is an understatement!! I have had my 2002 Jetta for about 4 years now, that I bought used from a dealer. My list of problems is very similar to what everyone on here is talking about. I just can't believe with so many people having the same problems, the mechanics have no clue what to do with my car, because they can never find the problem after much diagnostic testing and driving, and whatever else they have done to find the problem. My list is as follow...

Purchased car used in Dec. 2005 (I thought Merry Xmas to me)

May 2006: Radio stopped working. The next day at work, I went to drive home and the car was dead. Jumped it and drove to the dealer, was told to replace the battery, so I did; radio started to work again.

Oct. 2006: The radio stopped working, and while at a red light, my check engine light came on and the car started to shake pretty violently. While trying to make it to the gas station, all my lights on the dash started to flash, and as I parked, the car's battery died. Jumped the car and I made it home.

Replaced the battery again, as well as the carburetor and alternator, and replaced my tail light.

2007: Not sure of the month, the radio stopped working, check engine light came on, took it to the dealership before needing a jump, and they said my battery was not holding a charge, and kept the car overnight, charged the battery and ran a test to see where the power was draining from. They found nothing.

April 2008: Same series of problems. Jumped the car, took it to the shop again, found nothing wrong, but fixed some crank sensor brake switch.

August 2008: Again, the same series. Jumped the car, took it to the dealership, and now they say it's the coolant sensor, so I replace that, and need to buy a new battery again.

Jan. 2009: We go through it all over again at the dealership (a different one now than the previous one). They run diagnostic tests, and nothing is wrong. Reset the codes and charged the battery.

May 2009: And again with the same old same old. Now they replaced the spark plugs, and reset codes and charged the battery.

Sept 2009: While in the hospital having my first child, my husband gets the hospital, only to tell me that the problems have started again when he was on the way back from feeding our cat. So once home from the hospital, we take the car back, and now extremely broke from this stupid car, we can only afford to just charge the battery and reset the codes and hope for the best.

Nov 2009: And again with the same problems. This time I am in tears, due to the fact that this car could be paid off and sold to someone to use for scrap. This time again, they cannot find any problems, and tell me they will pay for a rental car for 2 days, and now it needs to have some electric fan replaced, and they hope this time the problem will be fixed (so do I!!!)

Jan 2010: I really, really hate this car, and want to get rid of it because here we are again with the same problem. Now they replaced the knock sensor and plug wires, and say they hope again this fixes the problem, and ask me if I want to think about getting a new VW? Really, at this point I want to get rid of this one and NEVER own another VW in my life!!!

Oct 2010: Same problem with the radio and (knock on wood) everything is OK with the battery, and we won't have to take it in to the dealership. I had my husband do the thing with the fuse, and now the radio is working, and I told him to take out the CD and now we are not going to use the CD player ever again!!

I'm glad I'm not crazy, nor the only one with these problems, but you would think they would fix these problems, and help financially with the people they are raping financially!!!

6th Nov 2010, 16:45

I have a 2002 Jetta TDI that I purchased new. Knock on wood... I haven't had the issues everyone else here has had except:

The passenger window falling into the door... whilst on a road trip I might add... on a Sunday afternoon... thankfully a tow company in a little town was able to get it up and tape it closed to finish our trip. Had it fixed under warranty.

Also, the sensors/glow plugs problem. Replaced one, and a few months later had to go back and do two more. The mechanic didn't understand why the first guy hadn't done them all the first time. Said this part was a poorly designed harness unit, and what he considered one of the only faults of my model.

My car has 89000 miles, original brakes, 2nd set of tires, is now at a local company that is franchised nationally with a 'golden touch' for its 80000 mile checkup. I've had really good luck with them in the past with our various vehicles. The 80k check up includes replacing the timing belt. Before bringing it in, I called three dealers to find their price... almost DOUBLE what I'm having it done for, and they do not include changing out some other items at the same time, such as water pump, which inevitably will need doing.

I do need to address my battery, slow to start on cold mornings, but heck the car is almost 9 years old with original battery, but am concerned after reading everybody's comments about their radio after doing so. YIKES!

I was considering another VW... but having second thoughts after reading this.

Thanks for this forum.

22nd Nov 2010, 19:00

Well, a lot has been said already. I bought my 2002 Jetta TDI new and so far, knock on wood, it has been pretty good. I have the manual transmission (fun to drive and no transmission headaches). I am still getting between 48-50 MPG on average.

The driver's side window fell out early on and was fixed. I still have the ORIGINAL brakes at 98,000 miles and they still passed inspection! The VW dealer did the timing belt recently and replaced all that stuff, water pump etc. A bit pricey, but heck if it lasts another 90,000, I will be tickled. They did cut the sunroof drain tubes, so they don't get clogged (recall notice). I found this forum due to the radio problem and pulled fuse #42 and all is well again. I did replace the battery in 2006 ($125) and did not have to reset anything to do with the radio.

I just bought my second VW Jetta TDI, this is a 2010 model. I hope it is as good as my first. It's got a sixth gear and satellite radio. Should be Fun To Drive. The 2010 still has four wheel disc brakes. I hear the 2011's will have rear drum brakes.

7th Jan 2011, 09:10

I installed an aftermarket stereo system to my girlfriend's 2002 VW Jetta, and the day after, the battery was dead?? I checked all the wiring, and it seems to be correct. One thing I forgot to do was disconnect the battery while I was installing it.

Is their any easy solution you can think of?? Because I'm sure I will be screwed over if I take it to a car shop.