25th Jul 2008, 20:21

I also have had problems with my 02 Jetta. The door sensor went bad costing me $300. It was telling me that my door was open when it was latched closed. My coil packs had to be replaced 2 within 6 months of each other. I love the look of my Jetta, I have a silver one with tinted windows and the sports package with the 17 in wheels. I always drove Hondas and Acuras. My sunroof also sometimes moves on its own. I will never buy another VW again.

17th Aug 2008, 21:29

We have an 02 Jetta GLI and have had issues as well. Our Monsoon radio stopped working. It would come on but no sound. It was stuck on one radio station and if a cd was in there was no sound but you could see the time elapsing. We disconnected the battery and tried entering the radio code. Unfortunately, I came upon this website too late so I didn't know about fuse 42. We had a new stereo put in.

Our window fell into the door. That was covered by warranty.

Two years ago I engaged the clutch to start the car and the clutch stuck to the floor. They changed the slave cylinder in the transmission and also changed the clutch under warranty. The same thing happened to us a month ago. This time it wasn't under warranty, and we were on a road trip. To get to the cylinder the whole tranny needs to be taken out (5 hour job) so it cost $300 for the part and $500 for labor. Still having problems with the clutch, leaking fluid and taking it back in tomorrow.

The door sensor used to give us problems in the winter, now it's all the time. It doesn't sense when the doors are open so it locks itself and the interior light won't come on either. Our mechanic told us it's a very common problem and should be a recall. I will be calling vw to put in a complaint.

Both remote entries have not been working well for a while. Had new batteries put in both etc. Still have to press the button a few times to work. Haven't been able to use the remote to open the trunk for a couple years.

We have had to top up our power steering fluid quite a few times over the years.

Have had a whirring noise coming from the front of the car since we bought it 4 years ago. Took it into dealer numerous times. Each time they replaced clips etc but it hasn't gone away.

The engine light comes on all the time. I just unscrew then re-tighten the gas cap. It goes off in a day or so.

Have had what looks like steam come from the front grill when I turn the car off (in the winter). Took it to dealer a few times and they couldn't find anything.

We do love this car but are starting to get frustrated over the problems. It's only 6 years old and has 83000km.

2nd Sep 2008, 13:43

So, my Jetta 2003 window has recently fallen into the door. I took the door apart today and it seems the windows won't stay on the clips?, regulators? Anyone here fix this themselves at all? Any help would be appreciated.

11th Nov 2008, 11:37

The spring falling out of the front seat problem is due to a cast metal hook breaking off the seat frame. The spring helps bring the seat toward the dashboard.

I can't find another place to re-attach the coil spring on the seat frame of my 2003 Jetta sedan, so the spring is "stored" in the trunk.

13th Dec 2008, 08:07

I have a 2002 Golf TDI (5 speed manual) and experienced many of the issues stated above:

Door seal:

Fuzzy part stays stuck to the door when freezing occurs. Replaced 3 times under warranty. I spray silicon over them at the end of the Fall.

Speaker in the driver's door works intermittently:

Giving it a little tap corrects the issue.

Peeling door handles:

Had them replaced during the last month of warranty. 2.5 years later peeling again.

Radio dead:

Fuse 42 to reset. At one point they exchanged the radio completely as fuse 42 did not resolve the issue (Warranty)

Shifter boot warnout:

Replaced under warranty.

Battery dead:

Supposedly caused by an electrical leak from the radio. Battery replaced. Radio reset.

Driver's window dropped out:

Replaced by recall for passenger's window.

3rd gear broken:

3rd gear replaced under warranty.

Power lock button driver's door malfunctioning:

Living with it as I rarely use it.

Turn signal making clicking sound when not in use:

Replaced at my own cost 2 months after warranty ran out.

Wires to the tail gate/hatch broken:

Dealer estimates $500 parts and labour. I extended and reconnected the wires myself: $6 parts, 30 minutes of my labour.

Turbo charger broken:

1 year after the warranty. Initial dealer estimate $3200 (CAD) to fix as they also had to replace the catalytic converter, etc. Make sure to read your warranty: Catalytic converter is covered for 9 years in Canada.

Finally I called VW Canada. They paid for all the parts, and I paid the labour. My cost went from the initial $3200 to $700.

Though I have had all these issues, I am ready to get my next one. I love the way they drive. FYI the Jetta SportWagon TDI is made in Germany.

13th Dec 2008, 17:00

To comment 08:07: I commend you for both your loyalty to your car AND your willingness to save yourself a good bit of money by doing some of your own repairs.

I've never owned a Golf TDI, but I helped a friend choose one several years ago (he was too big a wimp to put it through its paces on a test drive so he asked me to). I was extremely impressed with the power, feel and handling of these cars. Lots of luck with yours!!

18th Dec 2008, 10:41

Question for 08:07.

What needed to be done to repair the turn signal "clicking" while not in use... my 2003 Jetta started doing this a few months back and does it repeatedly when it feels the need. None of the lights flash with it, just makes the "clicking" noise.

Also, not sure if its the same trunk/hatch problem you had, but the past 2 days my trunk will not stay latched. I completely close the trunk and then I hear the electronic latch unlock again and have to get back out of the car and close it again. It has happened so much to the point that I have had to drive with the trunk open (luckily the trunk lid itself is soo heavy that it stays down). The car will not completely lock and allow alarm to be set unless trunk is closed and latched/locked as well. = (

22nd Dec 2008, 12:35

Thanks for the fuse #42 trick! I'm so proud of myself for fixing the car radio on my own. Thanks again.

3rd Jan 2009, 00:01

I own a pre-owned 2002 Jetta; everything went wrong after 100,000 miles.

1. Bad sensor was causing the car to stall and shift weird, replaced for $250+

2. Huge spring came off underneath passengers seat??

3. Engine coils broke $500+ for repair.

4. Front wheel hub bearings were making very loud noise when driving and needed to be replaced $400+ to repair for both.

5. The radio went out once and fixed it by replacing #42.

6. The transmission shifts strangely and I have no idea what is wrong with it. When accelerating the car, it sometimes shifts hard as if it kicked in hard, Does anyone know about this problem? Hope I don't have to pay a million dollars for a new one.

7. Today driver's side window fell into the door, hopefully I can get it repaired for free?

8. I'm not sure if all Jettas have this problem, but there are no lights on the panel for A/C or heating, I had to learn the settings on the knobs to avoid an accident, because at night I can't tell which one it is. Are all Jettas like this, or is it just mine? I tried looking at the fuses, but they all seemed to be working.

9. Prior the 100K miles, the catalytic converter broke and was replaced for free at the dealer. (under warranty of some sort)

I guess a car is bound to break, but I don't know, I'm starting to have my doubts about VW.