5th Jan 2009, 22:04

Well, I've got to thank this web-site and all of you for the postings. I thought my car was controlled by an unknown entity, but after reading all... and I mean all the postings, I feel better somehow.

Our 2002 Jetta wagon has done some of the "tricks" listed in other postings: radio out, temp. light on and off, sunroof operates on its own accord, glove compartment handle busted out of the blue, cigarette lighter inoperable, locks won't function as it should and when the engine is off after couple of minutes, the car makes this weird deflating noise.

Oh well, right? At least the windows are operating... The fuse 42 trick didn't work, but after resetting the computer by removing the battery cable, the radio came to life. Just as it did, the right headlamp ceased to work (low beam). Bad light bulb after checking it out. The right turn signal is on, but it won't blink (relay perhaps?) Will follow up on what's next.

14th Jan 2009, 09:16

I purchased a 2003 Jetta GLS with 48,000 miles on it on November 21, 2008. Within 30 days of purchasing the car, I have had to take it to the shop on 4 different occasions (ignition switch, starter, coolant system, temperature gauge) in which the car stayed overnight.

Now it's due for another stint in the car ER. Not only am I having radio issues (lights and display comes on, but no buttons work except for volume, but no sound comes out) in which fuse 42 did not work, but I must be having the brake light switch issue too because it took me 5 minutes to get my car out of park this morning.

I wish I never bought this car, which sux because I love Jettas, but will never again purchase a VW. I bought an aftermarket warranty for my car, but not one that covers the radio and I am soooooo angry about my car. The dealership has been nice, but sold me such a horrible car that I am still angry with them.

If anybody has any ideas for at least the radio that doesn't involve fuse 42, please post, I'm about to drive this car off a cliff.

30th Jan 2009, 00:14

Fascinating, reading all these comments from years past- when the driver's side window fell into the door this evening on our used 2002 Jetta wagon, I thought, "How random..." Not so random- rather, a documented problem for many. It seems the internet conversation around the issue is dying out- so what's become of this problem?

I've only ever owned used cars without bells and whistles, like automatic windows. And I've never had an auto warranty, so I don't know how this works.

Since I own a used 2002 Jetta not under warranty, is there any reason to think that VW will cover the cost of at least the parts to correct this problem? Or am I on my own with this problem? I searched online for info regarding a recall for well-known window problem, but found no evidence of its terms, or even of its existence.

Can anyone offer information?

6th Feb 2009, 21:12

I bought a used 2002 Jetta GLS.

1. Driver side window fell into door (no cost).

2. A/C stopped working ($1300).

3. Temp. sensor ($150).

4. Rear break cable ($150).

5. Mass air flow sensor & spark plugs replaced just yesterday ($400), I drove only 50 km and check engine is light back on (I think it is the Temp. sensor again).

24 months left to pay on this lemon. I HATE THIS CAR.

I wish I would have found this site before I bought this car.

13th Feb 2009, 10:32

Own a 2002 VW 1.8l turbo bought new. Have had all problems listed here (except the window falling issue, recall fixed it before anything happened).

The trunk latch issue comes from a small plastic piece that holds the spring for the auto latch. Took it all apart and reattached it, but it only lasted a couple of days. Not to difficult to take apart, just time consuming. Am gonna order a replacement part and do work myself. Just have to use the keyhole in the back symbol for now.

I only saw two mentions of my on going issue. When the car shifts from second to third, if accelerating at all it waits, catches at the last moment and jerks roughly. The dealer could not find anything wrong with it (though their attitude led me to believe they experienced the same issue).

Anyone have any answers for this one?


23rd Feb 2009, 23:42

1) Door handle area peeling - I had same problem, I used a little lacquer thinner to wipe off the top layer. It makes it look brand new almost. I found it a quick and easy solution.

2) Tail lights going out 3x already within months.. salt laden atmosphere here in Florida seems to be corroding electrical components inside of taillight. It needs to be sealed correctly.

3) Fuse for cigarette lighter goes out constantly, cup holders above electricity = not good...

3) CIGARETTE Lighter right next to change holder, and it's at the perfect angle to never get the ONE PENNY that strayed inside of it somehow OUT, which always shorts fuse number 41!!!

4) Boots on suspension cracked - $600 repair.

5) TURN SIGNAL will not stop clicking (bad turn signal stalk)!!! Dealer said they had no clue what is was.. BS.. I found out the problem after 1 minute on the Internet, they just don't want to take the time to replace it under my warranty.. BUT THE SOUND IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!

6) Window fell.

7) Odd paint crackling on the bumper.

8) Multiple vacuum lines cracked, not covered under warranty, $80 for one, $54 for the other.

9) Coolant light flashing when full, covered under my warranty.

10) Transmission sticking in first gear. Would not shift, diagnosis was mass air flow meter inoperative.. "diagnosis which may apply to problem", covered under warranty!

11) $104 an hour for labor..

24th Feb 2009, 15:56

Hello forum.

How educational it was to read your comments. I own a 2002 1.8l Jetta Wagon with 140,000 miles on it and have encountered none of the problems listed in your comments...


...my check engine light just went on and I was told my catalytic converter is busted!!!

What do I do? Pep Boys is asking for $250 for the converter, $108/hour labor, $250 premium tune up, $133 in wires??? and I apparently need new spark plugs...

I never got the notice about the catalytic converter recall... will VW still replace it?

Please advise... Thank you.

13th May 2009, 19:17

Wow. Thanks for google. I am about to check fuse 42, my radio stopped working in my 02 VW Jetta 1.8T when I left work today. I bought the car used two months ago... please keep your fingers crossed for me and thanks for the info.

28th May 2009, 14:54

2002 GTI 1.8T, 65000 miles.

- "Drive by wire" throttle valve died (warranty)

- Both window regulators with two weeks interval (warranty)

- Coolant temperature sensor (warranty)

- Two ignition coils (warranty) + the rest recalled later

- Hatch latch/lock replaced - causes alarm randomly (warranty)

- Blinker relay switch recalled

- Overlay wiring harness (wires for the ignition coils) lost insulation (warranty)

- Mid muffler bracket broken (paid to weld back)

- It turns out the loose muffler broke the down pipe at the turbo. Got the catalytic converter with the down pipe replaced under the emissions warranty (stuck it to VW)

- Now the power steering hose is leaking and the radiator is leaking... will probably dump the VW for good...