2002 Volkswagen Passat GLX 2.0 from North America


I would never buy another Volkswagen again!


March 2006 - 31K Miles - CV Boots replaced - $900.

August 2006 - 35K Miles - Coolant temp sensor went out - $155.00.

October 2006 - Heater Core went out - coolant leaked into front passenger floorboard - $1,400 - without a car for 6 days.

November 2006 - Cam Shaft Seal and Valve Cover Gasket bad. Engine is leaking oil. Replaced on both sides of engine cam shaft seal and valve cover gasket. 2 Days without a car.

9/14/07 - 46,500 miles - Pollen Filter Seal Recall - left motor mount hydraulic bracket is leaking and seeping out plus the serpentine belt which is the drive belt that runs the alternator is worn and starting to crack - $655.00.

2/14/08 - 50K servicing - Hood Latch Needed to be Replaced - $380.

6/26/08 - 53,057 Miles - heat shield recall. Right CV Outer Boot is torn and leaking grease. CV boots were just replaced in March of 2006 at 31K miles and should last 100K+ miles. Only got 22K miles off of the CV boot that was replaced in 2006. $372 for CV boot.

6/26/08 - also found Coolant Reservoir Bottle dirty and contaminated due to cap leaking coolant. They changed the reservoir and did a coolant system flush. Cost for CV boot and coolant flush $700. Just had 50K servicing done in February.

7/2/08 - 53,100K Miles - Stop light came on and said check coolant. Opened the hood and hardly any coolant in reservoir and they just did a coolant system flush a few days ago. As I was driving home, the sensor lights on the instrument panel blew out. Checked coolant when I got home and it was bubbling. I will be taking my car into the dealer again tomorrow morning. The saga continues...

I drive my car 7 miles to work and back, perform all of my servicing through the dealership as required, go in for oil change every 3K - 5K miles. You figure it out.

General Comments:

The only thing good about this top of the line 2002 GLX Passat is how it handles on the road and the stereo system. It is definitely a money pit and spends more time at the dealership being fixed than driven. This was my very first brand new car at $32,000+ and has been a lemon from the time it turned 30K miles. I have owned a Lexus, Toyota Camry and Honda and have never experienced any of the problems with any of those cars that I have experienced with this Volkswagen.

Can someone please explain to me what is going on???

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2008

3rd Jul 2008, 17:43

Very good review. Good example of dealer prices for service to generate revenue.

19th Mar 2010, 09:37

My friend - I feel like I could have written the EXACT list of fixes to my 2002 Passat! Money pit is a perfect description... I have had the CV boots replaced 3 times and now they want me to replace the motor mounts again. I join you in NEVER buying another VW automobile.

19th Aug 2010, 19:23

I know this was a while ago, but I have to say I feel your pain... am currently enduring your pain!

Less than 3 years with the car, 32000 miles and $10,000 in repairs. Was just in for 2 weeks, and they wanted another $2000.

Told the dealer no thank you, so took it home and the car will be donated. It is a total money pit.

20th Aug 2010, 17:30

Wow. That's even worse than the most unreliable car we ever were cursed with (a Honda)!! I might point out, however that in recent years VW has made huge strides in build quality and reliability, and are now on a par with Ford and GM, and way ahead of all Japanese cars. The new ones are very good cars.

2002 Volkswagen Passat SE 1.9 130 turbo diesel from British Virgin Islands


Great car.. would be greater if VW sorted out the minor problems


My fan belt snapped at 100'000, taking the alternator pulley with it.

A "barking" sound coming from the engine, which was the EGR valve.

Turbo pipes coming loose and having to check them every now and then.

Apart from the above, no major problems.

General Comments:

The ride of the car is very good, especially on long journeys.

The interior still looks like new, even at 125000 miles.

Great fuel economy.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2008