1988 Volvo 740 GLE non-turbo from North America


One of the best cars ever made


Sunroof motor failed at 235,000.

Dash cracks (notoriously bad with 740's).

Fuel pump rusted out at 260,000.

Minor surface rust (very, very little for its age).

Worn leather seats.

General Comments:

There really isn't much to complain about for the Volvo 740's... these highly dependable and incredibly safe cars are made to last a lifetime. My dealer services more than a few 740's with 500K+!! These cars are like the gift that keeps on giving... great on gas, only fractional maintenance, and unwavering dependability truly do make the Volvo 740 GLE one of the best cars ever made to date by any manufacturer. You won't ever be disappointed.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2006

9th Jun 2011, 09:39

I agree, the 740 Volvo is a great car. I have one that I bought in 1987 October. It ran flawlessly for 23 years, then all of a sudden, driving down the road, the engine died. It was put on a systems check, and there were no indications of problems. The car cranks, but will not start; the fuel pump does not activate. A new fuel pump, fuel pump regulator, radio suppression relay, coil, ERM, distributor; all of these were replaced, still no start. Any ideas?

6th Sep 2011, 19:17

Fuel distributor... check if there is fuel coming out from the injectors... Remove one of the injectors (easy to do) and try to crank and see if there is fuel injected out from the injectors...

Happened to me once; change fuel pump etc. but actually it's just a wiring problem... After 20 years my 740 GLE is still in great shape, but the wires under the car/engine compartment got loose or hardened because all the heat and dirt elements...

1988 Volvo 740 GL 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Fantastic, cheap, reliable tank


The roof lining is sagging at the rear of the car.

Drivers side electric window is sticking slightly.

Sunroof won't open.

General Comments:

I am so happy with this car, I wish that I had bought one of these years ago.

The car is in brilliant condition considering that it's 18 years old and has done 180,000 miles.

My car has a Full Volvo service history, but the these car are generally bomb proof anyway.

It is built like a tank, but is very easy to drive.

I would not call the car fast, but it does cater for most peoples needs.

The inside is huge, I have the estate version and the boot is massive (you could sleep in there if you wanted).

Best of all, I only paid £140 for mine through eBay. There are bargains out there, you just have to go and find them.

If you are thinking of buying one of these cars, with my experience I would say GO FOR IT!!

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Review Date: 18th July, 2006

1988 Volvo 740 2.3 turbo from North America


Worth restoring, they will last forever


Bought this car from a friend, was a little hesitant because of the high K's, have driven it for a week now and can't believe how great this car is.

I am fortunate to have service records, a rebuilt motor and it's trouble free mechanically.

The interior head liner, doors that won't open, cruise control and air conditioning do not function.

The car is worth fixing up, as it is in unbelievable condition. I'll give another update later as the kilometres rise.

General Comments:

Great on the highway.

It's like driving a customized jeep, a tough car, and it's a pleasure to drive.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2006

1988 Volvo 740 GLE 2.3L non-turbo from North America


A true luxury car, but with some electrical quirks


Headliner became unglued after so many years.

Heater core blew at 225,000 kilometers (a very expensive and time-consuming repair).

Trunk lift struts at 220,000 kilometers.

Door locks stopped working at 240,000 kilometers.

Rear power windows and power moon roof worked intermittently.

Trunk floor leaked slightly on one side.

Countless headlights and taillights (poorly sealed).

General Comments:

I feel sorry for this car, because it was so old when I purchased it and clearly neglected. There were a number of maintenance issues to be addressed before I purchased it.

Excellent brakes, handling, and visibility.

Loads of interior room and storage. Very comfortable seats, perfect for long trips.

I would still own this car now had several issues not popped up at the same time; the cost was becoming prohibitive as it turned 17. Too bad the last owner treated it so poorly! Still a testament to Volvo quality, as surely any other car would have died years before.

I won't hesitate to buy another Volvo, though definitely from another dealer (poor parts and service experiences).

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Review Date: 21st June, 2006