1988 Volvo 740 GLE 2.3 from North America


A worthwhile investment... very reliable!



Exhaust from Cat.



All Belts.

General Comments:

I bought this car from a family that had owned it from the dealer. They took good care of it so far as I could tell. Other than taking care of all the general maintenance issues that a car needs... It runs great. I replaced the brakes, muffler, all belts, tires, and air conditioning system as I has no record of what had been done the past couple of years.

In the past 3 years I've owned it, it has never stranded me or let me down... it does have the usual problems... everything plastic in it is disintegrating... I just break or cut off whatever is poking me... the heated seats don't work... the trunk leaks... the sunroof leaks...

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Review Date: 7th July, 2004

14th Feb 2006, 11:07

I agree, I own a Volvo 740 myself, and the plastic parts get pretty flimsy. Hey well, after all we're talking about cars that are 80% recyclable.. :P.

1988 Volvo 740 Turbo Intercooler 4 cylinder. 2.3L from North America


A luxurious, high performance bargain


I got the car used for a great price, so I don't bother complaining about the absence of a headliner, or small blemishes on the exterior paint. Being sixteen, I feel lucky to have such a luxury vehicle with accessories that still function. I cannot, however, figure out why my service light won't go off- the car's been checked out and there are not any problems with it. Also, there is a small oil leak, but not a big deal. So far, no major complaints.

General Comments:

Sitting in this car feels as though you're driving in a leather recliner. I set my seat to be in a racing style bucket position, and love it. The car handles excellently on all surfaces with the exception of fresh snow (the rear wheel drive causes me to lose the back end around corners, but hey- that's fun) Acceleration is excellent after the initial turbo lag, and I feel safe in side all that thick metal. The thing's a tank!

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Review Date: 12th January, 2004

12th Jan 2004, 10:18


Glad you like the car. I really like mine too, as I have got a manual 1986 740 GLE estate. I am in the UK.

Your service light, as far as I am aware, it is normal, and comes on every five thousand miles as a reminder to service it. You have to use a pencil on a knob on the instrument cluster to push the button in to reset. On early models, you had to remove instrument cluster and press the reset button behind the cluster, or remove the cover above the pedals and look up behind the dash to locate and push the button.

Have a look at www.brickboard.com, click RWD 700 left hand side. Use the search button at bottom, and type in service light reset button. It will bring up results, or use the drop down menu at the top as well. You can also post a message when you have registered, which is free.

Good luck and safe motoring, James.

1988 Volvo 740 GLE 2.3 Injection from Norway


Comfort cruiser with personality


The car stopped the second day I had it. I first felt that the engine was vibrating a lot, and was trying to find a place to stop to check what was wrong. Then it stopped, luckily I could roll out of the road without getting assistance. After looking under the hood it appeared that the cap on one spark plug had come off. The most likely reason for it is that somebody looking at the car had taken it off and not put it properly back on.

It has not happened again.

General Comments:

This car seems very modern and looks very fresh for a car that is 15 years old and has almost 350.000 kilometers on the clock.

It is not a fast car, and is a bit clumsy in city traffic. But when you're cruising along on open roads, it feels like a much more expensive car.

The seats are very comfortable, they seem as good as new. Steering and gearbox are both tight and fine after all these years. And the engine just hums along on low revs.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2003

2nd Jan 2006, 03:41

Now that I've had the car for a bit over 2 years I can add some comments.

The car has now rolled 361.000 km, and is still rolling.

It's had a few repairs done. Timing belt has been changed, and brake pads changed once. Some exhaust parts as well. Nothing but normal wear and tear.

One time the car failed me, because of a slack belt to the generator resulting in no electricity. Managed to get off the road before the car stopped, and got help from passers by who had had the same car before.

I'd still recommend this car, especially as a first car, as it's so strong and trustworthy for very little money.

24th Aug 2007, 18:00

Bought my 1988 740 Gle 1999. Runs like a top... always starts on first crank. Had to replace some parts; motor mounts, timing belt, radiator, muffler, catalytic convertor. Some wear on leather seat on drivers side. Feel safe, quality car and comments on how good it looks; paint has held up well. People are surprised when I tell them how old it is because the inside looks like new. I will run it until the engine stops. Use same volvo mechanic; no one else touches the car.