3rd Jul 2011, 01:27

Sir, can I ask much the modification will cost?

8th Dec 2012, 08:34

I am interested in your modification. Thanks for the tips. Can you tell me how much you spent on your modification, and what car shop did it?

6th Apr 2013, 06:21

Good day! How much is the cost of the distributor from a newer 4k? And how much is the cost of removing the fan blade and putting in an auxiliary fan, and where is the shop where you had it done? Thanks.

11th Nov 2013, 23:31

Hi, do you still have your LiteAce with you? I am very impressed with the mods you have done with your unit. I've made some of the changes, but not as many as you have done.

May I ask if you could help me make the modifications you've made?

Thank you.


18th Aug 2014, 02:36

I will write you an email, but maybe for the sake of others here, let us know where to buy a 90 amp alternator for the LiteAce.

Also I assume my 95 LiteAce GXL is a 5k motor gas, but people here talk about a 4k motor also. I get confused. Did they come with both a 5k and 4k motor?

I want to convert mine to a solid state distributor. I read you used a 4k late model one. That is part of my confusion of the 4k and 5k engine question.

Just a comment on the overheat questions. I had to have my head gasket done twice to stop the overheating problems. Once done "right", I never had any more problems, and the water remains full and the gauge shows normal all the time, regardless of the weather and steep roads. Air con raises it a little, but not much.

My gas mileage is in the tank also.

6th Sep 2018, 21:59

Sir, how did you convert the alternator?