Raider 3.0 V6

Nice car, I would buy it again

30 words

Raider Short Body V6

Great little 4x4, cheap to run

261 words

Raider 3.0

No better SUV ever built

59 words, 3 comments

Raider 3.0 V6

The Raider is a great, reliable vehicle

609 words, 2 comments

Raider 3.0


31 words

Raider 3.0 V6

A truly awesome truck that you will never want to give up

404 words

Raider 3.0 V6

I'm looking to BUY another RAIDER

105 words

Raider V6


58 words

Raider 6 cylinder

This is the most reliable, dependable, vehicle that I have ever owned. What a classic!

74 words, 2 comments

Raider 3.0 V6

Very tough truck that is great off-road!

388 words, 21 comments

Raider V6

Great classic-style 4x4!

61 words, 1 comment

Raider 2.6

The Best I have ever seen in it's class!!

128 words


A real work horse!!

91 words, 1 comment

Raider 3.0 Liter V6

An outstanding rig, second to none.

137 words

Raider 3.0 V6

I wouldn't drive anything else - a great rig!!

183 words

Raider 3.0 Liter

A reliable, rugged vehicle

117 words

Raider 3.0 V6

The Raider is a classic looking SUV that can last you a long time

286 words, 1 comment

Raider 3.0L

This thing sucks

121 words, 43 comments

Raider 3.0 6 cylinder

The best car I've ever owned

174 words, 6 comments

Raider 3.0 V6

The best automobile I've ever owned

30 words, 2 comments

Raider V6 3.0 V6

20 words


Raider 2.4 Litre 4

Super fun and reliable REAL SUV

307 words, 3 comments

Raider SUV 2.6

A mule

65 words

Raider 2.6L

Really a great car

41 words, 1 comment

Raider 2.6L

Off Road Beast

41 words


It's A Great Sporty, Reliable, Fun Vehicle

220 words

Raider 2.0 I4

A great deal for the money invested

95 words

Raider SUV 2.6L 4 cylinder

Nearly impossible to kill

206 words

Raider 3.0 V6


81 words

Raider 2.6 4 cylinder

4x4 wise, it's a tank. Good fix up project

116 words, 4 comments

Raider 4x4 2.6 5 cylinder

No better off road vehicle for its size

26 words

Raider SUV 2.6

A tough offroad beast that nothing can stop

99 words

Raider 2.6 gasoline

I love it!

37 words

Raider 2.6 liter Inline 4 cylinder

A tough rock-climber, not at home on the highway

523 words, 1 comment

Raider 2.6 L I4

A really good off-road vehicle, sluggish on the road, but that's to be expected

59 words

Raider 2.6 L

This car is a tank!

37 words


A very good snow runner

57 words


Nice truck, but expensive to keep

213 words, 3 comments


Piece of crap!!!!

154 words, 15 comments

Raider 440

It is a great car to have if you want power and safety

10 words


39 words, 1 comment


Raider 2.6L

Awesome car. It's one tough champ!!!

99 words

Raider 2.6

So far, I love my Raider

83 words, 1 comment

Raider 1.6 litre I4

The best 4 wheeler

99 words


Love it. Wish I could figure out the carb problems

143 words, 5 comments

Raider 2.4 liter

Great vehicle, if you can do your own work!

186 words, 1 comment

Raider 4 speed

The Dodge Raider is the best used vehicle I have ever purchased!

66 words


This is an awesome vehicle for daily use or recreation

68 words, 3 comments



26 words, 1 comment

Raider 2 Door 2.6L I4

Excellent through anything you or mother nature can throw at it

148 words

Raider 2.6 Liter 4 cylinder.

Kick Ass

104 words


112 words, 4 comments

Raider 2.6

Worth repairing every time

195 words, 3 comments

Raider 4 cylinder

Reliable on any terrain

185 words

Raider 2.6 liter

91 words, 1 comment

Raider 2.6L Gas

Good all-around off road vehicle. Best going

87 words

Raider 3.0 V6

A great Sport Utility Vehicle

93 words

Raider 2.6L

Look out Blazer, here comes the Raider and it can't be stopped

59 words

Raider 2.6 L

The Raider rules!!!

130 words, 1 comment

Raider 2.6 litre

Been the best vehicle I've ever owned

52 words, 5 comments