1995 Honda Accord LX 2.2L


It is a great car!!


The radio caught on fire in the dash... frying all the wires!

I have replaced the radiator, the battery twice, water pump, all the pulleys, exhaust from manifold, fuel filter.

All the speakers blew, it leaks clutch fluid, fan motors, and what really chaps my ass is that at only 180 thousand miles, the stock starter went out... Is it too much to ask for some quality!!

General Comments:

I love the piece of crap!!

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Review Date: 11th January, 2008

1995 Honda Accord EX 2.2 VTEC


Reliable/persistent engine - but not overall not a trouble-free car


Starter and Clutch Plate had to be replaced at about 140K. I have spent the most money on brakes for this car. Brakes, brakes and more brakes. This has really frustrated me. Just yesterday I had to get new rotors and a master cylinder. I have spent more money on brakes for this car than anything else. I expected more from a Honda. ABS and SRS sensors replaced; Power lock motor/switch replaced; Temperature dial replaced. The interior of the car rattles, which makes it feel really cheap.

General Comments:

For me, this car has been more expensive to maintain that I thought it would be when I bought it 7 years ago; especially the brakes.

The engine in this car will last forever, I think that is the most reliable component of Hondas because I've had lots of repair done in other areas that I would have normally had with any other brand.

Impressively and Surprisingly enough, this car's engine runs strong and I drive it hard and always keep the pedal to the metal. The expressways of Atlanta are like Nascar races. I drive this car at 80 mph (at least) every time I get on the highway. My commute to work is 27 miles one way. I am always thrilled by how stable it drives at highway speeds.

I must admit, I did not think this car would be able to withstand my driving habits and I have certainly tested it's endurance. I find myself searching for reasons to buy a new car because my Accord is nearly 13 years old with high miles; but each time I get into the drivers seat, Becky (my Accord) just shuts me up.

I like the new accord coupe that will be out in October '08. I'm tempted.

If you want car with an engine that is trouble-free and will last forever, buy a Honda. Other areas are not as reliable as I thought, but the engine will never fail you.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2007

7th Mar 2010, 14:50

I started to wonder why you had to replace the brakes so often when I first read your post. Then you basically stated that you drive like a bat out of hell. I don't feel sorry for you, not one bit. Try driving any vehicle like that and your wallet should suffer!

1995 Honda Accord LS 2.0i


Cheap for a first car, but get rid of it soon!


The drivers side window regulator destroyed itself one morning. There was no evidence leading up to it either. While putting up the window (they are electric) the back end suddenly started rising while the front part of the window dropped. Took off the door panel and all the metal supporting the window was destroyed and completely unrepairable.

The passengers interior door handle broke off one day, a small problem, but a very distressing one as there is no way out of that door now.

Drivers side door sensor went one day and I have gone through 3 of them the past 2 months. Checked clearance from the sensor to the door and is within allowable limits.

General Comments:

Overall it's not a bad car, just don't want to stick around and see what happens later with it.

It's not very quick, but it'll cruise on the highway and a single gear down-shift is sufficient for overtaking, unless your on a 2 lane road.

Seats are nice for short trips. After you hit the 2 hour mark you start getting sore and loose feeling in your back... it's that bad!

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Review Date: 21st June, 2007

21st Jun 2007, 22:42

I inherited one of these cars, a '94 to be exact with 200,000 miles when I was 18 years old. I never had any problems at all. We replaced the timing belt and hydraulic clutch pumps, tires, etc. (We keep our cars reliable: not crap like some people do). I drove that thing like crazy, ie 90 degree turns on dry pavement with the e brake on, got it stuck in a 3 foot hole in a gravel road and drove it out eventually, I usually drove it over 85 miles per hour. Just a few months after I turned 20 I found a deal on a newer Civic and could not pass it up. I traded my little gold car with 258,000 miles and it ran perfect still. A few days earlier I had hit 110 miles per hour on the Minnesota and Wisconsin boarder and did it for a full mile. Nothing happened to the engine like many other cars might have had problems. This car had its original clutch, etc and gave us good service. Obviously you live in California or something where a car probably belongs to hundreds of people in Bakersfield because it is stolen every other night. Well that is not Honda's fault, but your own.

22nd Jun 2007, 08:25

The power window broke, an annoying light that says your door is open and the passengers door handle? how is the head gasket, ball joints suspension brakes, does it burn any oil, have you replaced the radiator? a comment like get rid of it soon implies that you are having expensive mechanical problems, that's what I was expecting to read. maybe you will have better luck with a VW or dodge. Better yet you should have bought a 95 grand am, you would only be on your second engine and tranny. Nobody said honda builds perfect vehicles that require no maintenance for 200,000 miles. I think 12 years and 133k is good for a power window, do your research on other cars and thank your lucky stars you went with an accord.