2001 Hyundai XG300 L 3.0 V-6


Near-luxury and good performance in very reasonably priced sedan


No faults apparent at this time (3000 miles).

General Comments:

This car is a fantastic value, and continues to provide great pleasure every day I own it.

This car should be considered by anyone thinking about spending $22,000 plus on a sedan. I believe that it compares favorably to cars costing many thousands of dollars more. Smooth drive train and excellent braking top off a really polished interior. Exterior styling is very attractive, although some may find it "conservative".

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Review Date: 30th June, 2001

7th Feb 2002, 10:51

Thank you for your comments as I am seriously considering the purchase of a 2002 XG350 L and your input is helpful. I was impressed with the car during my test drive; but, I'm concerned with reliability/quality in spite of the warranty promise.

Your review will help me.

Thanks, Dick.

2000 Hyundai XG300 Base 3.0 V6


The brakes on this car were slightly warped and required replacement, this is being taken care by the dealer.

General Comments:

The XG300 is a true luxury car with a great price and a killer warranty.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2001

2001 Hyundai XG300 Base 3.0 V6


One word: WOW!


Nothing at all!!

This car is awesome!

Hyundai has definitely come through the years with great cars!

General Comments:

I used to drive a Hyundai years ago (1987 Excel GLS) and I vowed never to buy a Hyundai again. Then, I saw my friend's 2001 Sonata GLS with Leather and I was amazed! He directed me to the Hyundai dealer and we both went and looked. We saw a few Sonatas, and a couple Santa Fes (I didn't want to buy another SUV - not after my 1992 Ford Explorer).

Then, I saw it. A black XG300 base model. It was perfect! I first thought it was a Lexus. I looked at the window sticker price. $23,590!! That was a real bargain, considering what I paid for my Accord V6...! Anyway, I arranged a test drive and I loved the car! I used the Shiftronic mode on the transmission (the dealer guy told me to see how I like it). I loved that, too! That is only a feature found on LEXUS and higher-end Acuras and Hondas (the Santa Fe had the Shiftronic, too).

I picked a payment and traded my Accord in (which still held its value - close to $18,000 and it had 19,000 miles on it). I paid the car off within two months and I love it! My parents were amazed at the car also. I think they might be considering it. If you got the G's, buy it!

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2001

9th Aug 2001, 12:43

I was about to buy one of these, until I saw some fuzz from the carpet on my socks. Out of pure curiosity, I bent down to pick it up, and it came right off into my hand!

I have NEVER seen ANY car at this price range do this. It's shoddy details like this that make this car dissapointing.

17th Mar 2004, 11:45

The shiftronic has been in Mazda Protege's (ES) since 2002 as well (I have one and it's great).

25th May 2006, 21:54

Shiftronic is just a name used for their version of a manumatic transmission. Chrysler introduced it on the 1996 Eagle Vision.

2nd Jun 2007, 14:08

The XG300 is one of the best cars I have ever owned. It is luxurious and sporty, but still have a high end conservative flair to it. I would by another in a heart beat.

2001 Hyundai XG300 L


It is a great car and wonderful value that simply cannot be equaled


I haven't had any new car problems.

General Comments:

This car is everything that I wanted.

It's quick, luxurious, and loaded with many cool features.

It rides great and handles good.

It always looks very stylish and classy.

The interior is very roomy, as I'm a 6'2" big guy.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2001

2001 Hyundai XG300 3.0L V-6


The most pleasing new car I have ever bought



General Comments:

This is the most pleasing new car I have ever owned.

Fit and finish is excellent, what one would expect to find on cars costing thousands more.

Yes, with only 500 miles on the clock it should be almost perfect, so I will continue to post updates as the car ages.

The only negative thing about this car is that there is no interior light for the back seat.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2001

15th May 2001, 13:23

Keep at eye on depreciation levels. Could be a problem for a Korean executive / luxury car. Otherwise, the XG30 looks like one of the best cars Korea builds.

18th May 2001, 18:23

XG300 Purchase 4-13-2001 Major computer problems with car. It is a very nice ride and I love it except for this problem that hasn't been fixed yet.