Cherokee SE 2.5

Spartan awesomeness

89 words

Cherokee 2 Door Sport 4.0L

Best vehicle I have ever owned

149 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Sport 4.0 6 cylinder

Strong, fun and reliable

160 words

Cherokee Sport 6 cylinder

My first SUV, so no complaints so far!

90 words


Worst purchase I have ever made.

282 words, 3 comments

Cherokee Sport inline 6

Basically solid and reliable, but lots of little irritations.

535 words

Cherokee Classic 4.0- 6 cylinder

It's been worth the trouble

80 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Sport 4.0L

A girls best friend!

196 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0L

A great Jeep, a memorable first vehicle. but too thirsty for a station car

366 words

Cherokee Classic 4.0 inline 6

A great 4X4 that lives up to it's "Classic" name

432 words

Cherokee Laredo 6.0

112 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0L

Well-loved by all who drive one!

310 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0


113 words, 1 comment

Cherokee classic 4.0 liter

All in all, a great vehicle; just not for me

52 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Laredo 4.0L

Junk Each and Every Part

148 words, 2 comments

Cherokee sport 4.0

Great car, great value

160 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0L 6 inline

It's a JEEP!!

136 words

Cherokee Classic 4.0 inline 6

Very capable 4x4

328 words, 4 comments

Cherokee Sport 4.0L.

The Jeep Cherokee Sport is worth buying

148 words

Cherokee Sport 4X4 4.0L I-6

Reliable and Fun. What more do you need???

702 words, 3 comments

Cherokee Sport 4.0

Reliable and fun to drive!

231 words, 3 comments


Poorly made, but very reliable

61 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Sport 4.0

I love my Cherokee

110 words

Cherokee Classic 4.0 V6

The Jeep Cherokee is the Best Value for your money

140 words

Cherokee Classic 4.0 straight 6

Overall an excellent vehicle

48 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Classic 4.0L

A great SUV for a low price

229 words

Cherokee Classic 4.0L V6

A very affordable and reliable SUV

58 words

Cherokee Sport 4WD, 4D 4.0

A fun, hot looking vehicle, but little more than that

290 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Sport 4.0L. Inline 6 cylinder.

A great vehicle for ALL weather and occasions

81 words

Cherokee SE 4.0L Straight Six

Incrediable SUV, An Absoulute Dream

308 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Sport 4.0

Chrysler turned the Cherokee into a crappy product

122 words

Cherokee 4.0 straight six

Not worth the money

154 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0L

Will never get another one

56 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Sport 4.0 Liter

71 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0 Power Tech I-6

A true go anywhere and through anything type of vehicle

138 words, 2 comments

Cherokee SE 4.0 6 cylinder.

A real SUV

52 words

Cherokee Classic 4x4 4.0L Inline 6

Classic Lines + Great Performance=Awesome

252 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Classic 4.0 inline six cylinder

An excellent low-cost well performing four wheel drive

245 words, 2 comments

Cherokee 4 litre

Works for me

13 words

Cherokee Sport 4 Door 4.0 Litre

262 words, 7 comments