Frontier Crew Cab 4X4 XE VG33E

Impressive, but some engine repairs require ambidexterity

206 words

Frontier SE 4 cylinder

This is the best truck I have ever owned!!

77 words, 1 comment

Frontier SE 3.3 V6

Average mid size truck, just a work truck/gets you from A to B, that's it

528 words

Frontier 3.3

Okay choice for a one vehicle family

50 words

Frontier EX 2.4


95 words

Frontier SE / XE 2.4

Best little truck you could ask for

175 words

Frontier Crew Cab V6

Not at all the long lasting quality I expected from of Nissan

53 words

Frontier SE 3.3L V6

Underpowered, but gets the job done

86 words

Frontier Crew Cab 4X4 3.3L

Nice looking truck, but very underpowered and plagued with problems

138 words, 1 comment

Frontier Base 2.4L

I now hate nissan, because of frontier.!!##!!

132 words, 2 comments

Frontier Desert Runner XE V6 3.3 SOHC V6 (vg33e)

Versatile, tough and well-priced

213 words, 8 comments

Frontier XE Crew Cab 3.3 V6

For sale: beautifully maintained, low mileage piece of dung!

400 words, 1 comment

Frontier SE Crew Cab V6 3.3L

Performs like a big V8 truck, but doesn't cost as much up front or in maintenance

203 words

Frontier Desert Runner XE 3.3 V6

A truck for people who like to drive

283 words

Frontier Desert Runner XE 3.3 V6

A great performing truck

74 words

Frontier Crew Cab 4x4 V6

A poorly made vehicle

84 words, 7 comments

Frontier Crew Cab 3.3L V6

Excellent 4X4 family truck. Super reliable

52 words

Frontier SE 3.3L V6

A great truck for town or country

127 words

Frontier Desert Runner XE 3.3 liter V6

A wonderful value if purchased as pre-owned vehicle

74 words

Frontier EX 3.3

Truck has not failed me yet so I would buy again

95 words

Frontier Desert Runner SE 3.3L V6

Great truck, good value

165 words, 1 comment

Frontier 4x4 Crewcab

Improvement needed

27 words, 4 comments

Frontier XE 4x4 Extracab 3.3 L V6

Good value for money, but slightly crude

103 words

Frontier Crew Cab 6 cylinder gas

Good utility vehicle

30 words, 4 comments