X-Trail Bonavista 2.5 litre DOHC 16v 4

Love it!

37 words

X-Trail XE AWD 2.5L

I trust it

55 words, 2 comments

X-Trail Bona Vista 2.5 litre DOHC 16v 4 cylinder


33 words, 2 comments

X-Trail XE 2.5 Gas

Good buy, but has some issues.

40 words, 2 comments

X-Trail 2.5L Gas

This was a good buy, but there are a couple annoying issues, like fuel economy

91 words, 7 comments


X-Trail SE 2.5L

Good looking and reliable family vehicle

121 words


Reliable and fun to drive

89 words

X-Trail LE 2.5 gas

A dependable and fun vehicle to own

128 words

X-Trail Gas 4 cylinder

Great SUV with multi purpose use

155 words, 3 comments

X-Trail LE 2.5L gas

69 words

X-Trail XE

Very disappointed

131 words, 1 comment

X-Trail XE 2.5 liter

The car so far is good except for the wheel bearing problem.

57 words, 1 comment

X-Trail SE AWD 2.5L Gas

Great car for the money

84 words

X-Trail SE 2.5

Best car I purchased

6 words, 1 comment

X-Trail SE 2.5

I can't enjoy the car due to the excessive vibrations

41 words, 6 comments

X-Trail SE Gasoline

We like the car very much except for the vibration

29 words, 1 comment

X-Trail SE

I love this vehicle!

105 words, 2 comments

X-Trail XE (All-Wheel Drive) 2.4 Litre (4-cylinder)

My family will be buying another X-Trail within the next two years

320 words

X-Trail SE 2.5L

Very good if not the rattles

283 words, 3 comments

X-Trail SE 2.5


44 words, 4 comments


X-Trail SE AWD 2.5 gasoline


134 words, 1 comment