1998 Audi A4 Avant 2.8 from North America


A comfortable, great handling money pit with hideous service



6 Instrument panels: #1 was replaced (blown light bulb). #2 was replaced because of erratic ambient temperature readings. #3 was so dim I couldn't read the display. #4 was almost as bad as #3. #5 solved the lighting problem, but it was discovered that #2-5 were the wrong IP. (Keyes blamed Rusnak Pasadena on making the mistake and they repeated it 3 times). #6 didn't solve the original problem ($800 to not solve the problem)

Climate control computer was replaced to solve erratic temperature display. $700 and it didn't solve the problem, but it did make the A/C inoperative.

Engine computer.

Cam shaft tensioner seals (I was told that all 2.8's need these replaced, but most fail under warranty) $900.

Steering rack sprung a leak. $900.


2 speakers.

Catalytic converter.

Coolant temperature sensor.

Coolant reservoir.

Fuel guage sending unit.

Turn signal stalk.

Tiptronic switch.

Turn signal flasher.

2 passenger side CV boots.

Passenger seat bushings.

Sunroof kept popping open (generally at the car wash)

General Comments:

Car's handling and comfort are great.

$5,700 in repairs during year 5 of ownership.

Car is so complicated even Audi dealers can't fix it. A great independent A/C repair shop refuses to touch an Audi, but they will work on any other car.

After Rusnak Pasadena tore the oil filler cap gasket the car's mileage and power went down dramatically. Numerous complaints to both Rusnak and Keyes resulted in my being told, each time, that the performance is normal for a '98. Unfortunately the car only got 23MPG on the freeway and I had no way of proving that it used to get 28. The old 28 returned when the check engine light was on. Keyes said that's not possible even when I proved it. They said if there was something wrong, the car would tell them. "There's nothing else we can do." I bought a Lexus.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2003

27th Jul 2007, 11:33

This is the same owner and writer of the review titled: I enjoyed every mile driving the car in for service. We get it, you had issues with the car!

1998 Audi A4 Quattro 2.8 from North America


Great performance, fit and finish, but prepare for very high maintenance costs


The display/info screen has faded beyond recognition. A common Audi problem.

The alternator pulley sheared off at 55,000 miles. An easy fix, but not acceptable. The part was made in France!!

The coolant temperature sensor went at 60,000 miles. An easy fix. Acceptable.

The secondary air intake system went at 75,000 miles. This is does not have to be fixed. The car will run properly. You just have to live with a perpetual check engine light.

Multiple suspension parts went at around 85,000 miles. Acceptable, but the many parts are expensive and really add up. Acceptable.

Both rear wheel bearings went at 92,000 miles. Acceptable. Because it is a quattro, the repair is difficult and can't be done by the home mechanic. $450 each side if done by Audi.

The moon-roof opens upward by itself occasionally due to a short. I can live with this if it's not raining.

General Comments:

Great fit and finish.

The quattro is a superior handling car.

The Bose stereo system is excellent.

Stay away from the dealer as much as possible for repairs.

Get a repair manual and order discount parts on-line. I've done 95% of the repairs myself and I'm no mechanic.

I've put a lot of hard miles and have been fairly pleased with the car.

Basically it is an excellent car, but you must pay for this excellence. It's a trade off.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2003

9th Jul 2004, 11:24

Replace the timing belt and tensioner NOW!! Mine broke at

80K and scrapped the head.

26th Jan 2006, 00:00

I just bought my first Audi an I must say It was worth every penny. I don't understand people who say its expensive to fix... It's a high end vehicle... If you want cheap mechanic build then buy a ford Taurus. Great in the corners, plenty of pop off the line, and an interior that makes me feel like a P.I.M.P.