2002 Buick Rendezvous FWD 3.4 from North America


Best vehicle I've owned in 35 years


One repair in 8 years that was done at the dealer while the car was inspected. Most reliable vehicle I've had in 35 years.

General Comments:

This is a 4,000lbs very smooth quiet riding vehicle that gets a easy 26mpg on the highway.. I've gotten up to 28mpg in a vehicle that has 110 cubic ft of cargo space that has come in handy many times moving kids in collage.

The original brakes lasted 42000 miles.

The original tires lasted 58000 miles.

The front rotors lasted 75000 miles, and the rears are still on the car at 90000 miles.

This is in Pennsylvania. This is not normal.

I get 23 mpg going to work while a coworker who drives the same route in a Honda CRV 4cyl only is getting 21 mpg.

The brakes are all alloy.. no rust... changing the pads is very easy the bolts are no rust alloy... no killing yourself to get them lose.

The stainless steel exhaust isn't thinking about rusting, while the coworker who has the same year CRV came driving up the other day dragging his rusted out exhaust.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2009

14th Dec 2009, 09:42

It is refreshing to read a POSITIVE review! I am sure that there are a lot more satisfied vehicle owners out there, but it is human nature to want to vent when one experiences problems. A site such as this one gives the dissatisfied vehicle owner an opportunity to do just that - vent.

In any case, thank you for providing us readers with a positive and informative review. It is good to know that not everything is negative in the world of automobiles.

2002 Buick Rendezvous 3.4 from North America


An incredibly comfortable money pit


We bought this used from a very reliable dealer, who has fairly responded to our current complains. Hadn't had it long when things started getting expensive.

The tires were poor quality and needed replacing: however, the mechanic told us the wheel would need replacing, as the tire doesn't completely adhere - I don't "speak car" so I don't have the correct term for this problem, but it's not one we've fixed yet, but even with new tires I have to constantly re-inflate that wheel. Cost: 600 dollars.

The rear wiper never worked.

The computer console seems possessed and I don't even have a clue what "Security" means when it flashes. Is it commenting on the status of air bags or something?

The brakes went out at 65 thousand miles - first we had the pads etc. replaced by a friend of a friend: 400 dollars. Two weeks later the brake LINES went out (brake fluid all over the driveway). This happened in traffic - brakes working one minute and GONE the next. The fix-it-guy came over immediately and promised he wasn't responsible, and the shop mechanic confirmed that the brake lines do go quickly on that car (and we live in a snowy area, so...) Cost: 379.00.

Also had braking issues last year, and even with everything that could possibly be replaced IS replaced, it still sometimes feels as if I'm pressing down on rice crispies when I brake. The vehicle still doesn't always stop when I brake at slow speeds. I've learned to take curves and approach parking spaces VERY gingerly.

General Comments:

We've decided to not to throw any more dollars at this money pit. Our dealer has been very square with us, so it looks like we'll trade it in for an older Honda CRV. But still I will miss this car. The roomy interior, the aesthetic design of the console and the amazingly comfortable and the smooth ride - when the darned thing is working, it's by far the most comfortable, luxurious car I've ever had.

With all the sunk costs we're looking at, it really kills me to replace her (yes, I name my cars - we call her Moby: you know, big white whale...) but I don't have confidence that this round of repairs will be our last. My husband never did want the vehicle, always thought it a bad choice - I guess I'm lucky he's not the "I told you so!" type.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2009