2000 Cadillac DeVille DHS NorthStar from North America


It's a love-hate relationship


The car's interior is very small. A large car should have more leg room for a larger body. My husband is 6'5", and he actually looks like he is folded up around the steering wheel. His leg hits the center console, and he can't move it because of the steering wheel. He hates the car, and refuses to drive it because it is so uncomfortable.


Tie rods.

Boots. Installed by the dealership. Never lubed. I found out 8 months later when the tires were changed. They were completely dry and already wearing out.


Brakes... many, many, many brakes.

Service stability light is always on and off.

Lots and lots and lots of oil.

Angle of the front windshield is a magnet for rock chips and breaks. On its second windshield, but need a third.

Dash edges rolling... the car originated in South Dakota, was driven there 6 years with one side rolled, and then in California where the other side rolled.

Key fob frequently locks and then quickly unlocks the car when you hit lock.

Check oil light has been on for a couple years. We had it checked at the dealership, and they couldn't find anything, so we left it alone. Oil magically disappears at least 1.5 quarts every 3000. This sometimes happens immediately after a change.

Originally all the air conditioning would come through only the driver's side. I put a pen cap into one of the vents in the middle of the car to hold it open, and air would come out there, and not on the driver's side any more. Good for passengers, not so great for the driver. Oh well. Last summer the air conditioning compressor went out. Heat still worked until this weekend Now no air flow at all. Bad for California weather.

Driver's window regulator went out. Lived with it for several months, then got it fixed. Well over $400. Immediately the passenger side broke. We struggled with it for a while, and then the rear passenger side broke. Another $1000+. We were told the rear regulator costs more than the front.

Rear seat heaters never worked. Then the front passenger and then the driver's side went out.

Vibrating passenger seat quit a few years ago. Now the driver's side quit.

The car cuts out frequently after driving. Sometimes while driving and sometimes at a stop light. Annoying! This has been happening for years. You have to take it out of gear, turn the key off... on and back in gear... embarrassing and very dangerous when driving down the road.

Now, we have a new problem. Felt a vibration in the gas pedal, and told my hubby that was weird... and instantly the SES light was flashing and the car was cutting out. I pulled over and checked the fluids, and everything was topped up and nothing low. Checked the tranny fluid; all clean and OK. Chugging type feel and sound up to 60, and then it instantly smooths out and the SES light goes from flashing to solid. Slow down and it goes back to chugging and flashing. This car has never been overheated that we know of, and we are the third owners.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. As for someone saying we drive our car incorrectly... my husband is a senior citizen and I am disabled.

Never leaks any fluids... solid there.

The car looks gorgeous. Thank God we have another vehicle... a FORD.

General Comments:

The car is pretty, the paint has held up nicely and feels really solid. Very comfortable and smooth ride for me at 5'8".

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Review Date: 5th March, 2012

2000 Cadillac DeVille from North America


Sweet misery


The torque converter clutch has gone bad at 80k. It's pretty much unnoticeable. I drive 80mph a lot on open highways, and now get 23-24 mpg instead of 25-26 mpg.

I also have the shrinking dash syndrome.

General Comments:

I have had an absolutely trouble free, 7 years and 70k miles with this car. No vibrations, greatly improved handling since installing Michelin X tires. I have never even had the front end aligned, and it still tracks perfectly straight and steering is tight. I still fall in love with this thing every time I get in it.

PROBLEM: It will cost $2500-3000 to fix the TCC, an entire new rebuilt trans installed. The car is only worth $3000. These things are next to impossible to sell, even in good running condition. I would just run it, but it won't pass smog with the SES light on. I am a former stock car racer, I used to have the engine out of my car in 30 minutes. These cars are miserable to work on. I have an aftermarket service manual and under transmission removal it says "take it to dealership". Does anyone know if the 2006 DTS has the same issues?

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Review Date: 28th February, 2011