2000 Cadillac DeVille from North America


It is a nightmare


Vibration (put new tires & alignment).

Service engine soon light more than 5 times.

Check electrical system.

4 window motors, replaced 2 of them.

Oil leaks 3 times.

Engine ground cable.

Coolant leak.

Hard hitting (replaced struts; now leaking again).

Air conditioning.

Brakes (front & rear pads/rotors).

Crankshaft sensor, wheel hub, stalled when driving, but no-one could duplicate it, so no fixed it.

Brake lamp switch.

CV boot.

Engine mounts.

My dash is coming up.

Always in a garage.

Newest problem, I am not sure of what it is, but I can't drive it. If we jack the car up, the driver's side tire slants. Whatever that means. Makes a very loud clanging noise.

None of these problems are fixed. Still leaks oil.

I have owned Cadillacs for over 25 years. This is the first NorthStar I have owned. I will never buy a Cadillac again, especially with the NorthStar engine.

General Comments:

1. I will never buy a Cadillac again.

2. It is the worst car I have ever owned.

3. It has cost me more than what it is worth.

4. It rides like a tank.

5. Makes noises like popcorn machine.

6. Can't trust it to go anywhere.

7. It's falling apart for the mileage it has.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2010

1st Dec 2010, 22:08

Check your ball joints. And for God's sake, get rid of it before the Northstar blows its head gasket.

2000 Cadillac DeVille from North America


Good when it was new


My A/C compressor doesn't work.

My gas light or meter doesn't work, and that tells me I have to change the fuel pump to fix it.

I also have the vibration, and the right rear window don't work.

My check coolant light is on, and the gas mileage is terrible.

Now time for the good part. Every 2 weeks my check oil light comes on like clock work. I have to add 2 quart of oils, it's not leaking, but do not know where it is going. And I can crank it, and it runs for 5 minutes and cuts off, but it does start again.

General Comments:

It looks good.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2010

28th Feb 2010, 21:31

Check your head gasket and the cylinder seals. Your oil is leaking into the combustion champers. Tell tale sign is dirty spark plugs. It would probably save you on gas and improve performance once you fix that.

2000 Cadillac DeVille DTS 4.6L Northstar from North America


Luxury and refinement, wonderful technology


Having head gasket issues. Under heavy acceleration or long trips/ uphills, the head gasket is allowing air into the cooling system and causing it to over heat.

Service stability light comes on after going over bumps.

Check coolant light comes on and it's full.

Drivers heated seat doesn't work.. blown fuse?

General Comments:

I LOVE the looks of the car. Waited a long time to buy one that looked like the 2000 models. I bought the car in July and discovered on my way home it had the head gasket issue. Bought it "as is" so the dealer will not help me. Before purchase, asked the salesman if a compression test was done. he said yes, in fact it was not. Reported them to the BBB.

I continue to drive the car everyday, and it goes very well as long as I don't drive it too long. Low speed and short distance, and it's great.

It is very comfortable, and I love the DTS package. I love all the bells and whistles of the Cadillac. I have heated seats, front and rear, massaging seats in the front, memory seating that is recalled with my keyless entry remote, etc...

I love this car other than the fact that it has the typical head gasket issue. Cadillac now has fixed the problem with the head gasket issue starting in 03. I can't wait to buy a new DTS.

I'm very surprised the motor is still going. I have personally overheated this car on my way home from a friends house. It was so bad that it cut off my accelerator and couldn't go anywhere. Took some rags and opened the overflow cap and fluid was flying everywhere. I then drove it home about 5 miles and let it rest. Filled it back up with coolant and have been driving it ever since. Any other motor and it would be dead. The Northstar motor is amazing!!!

I know that the up keep cost might be expensive, but I haven't had anything done to it since the motor is bad. New motor is $7,000. I'll save my money for my new one.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2009