24th May 2003, 11:53

I recently drove a '02 DTS I am considering for purchase, but it only had 10k miles on it. Although I noticed no vibrations I am concerned they may develop. The trend seems to be in the 15-16k range. Has anyone else tried the engine stabiliser bars bushing fix besides Osman? He claims that this fixed the problem. He seems to be the only one.

30th May 2003, 14:35

After reading various commentaries on the De Ville vibration problems, I must say I am a bit relieved to understand that mine is not a rare case. The problem of vibration appeared about 2 years ago and since that time, the tires have been changed/balanced and/or rotated at least six times. New tie rods seemed to help for a few thousand miles, but the vibration just keeps getting worse.

"Service ride control" intermittently appears on the dash more "on" than "off". Also the "traction disabled" message is on more times than not. The "anti-lock" light is on most times as is the customary "check engine soon"

This is my 5th Cadillac, will I buy another? Not with my American dollars.


2nd Jun 2003, 11:52

Funny. I purchased a 2000 DTS less than a month ago, and it also vibrates at those speeds. Now, a day ago, 800 miles before my scheduled oil change, I had to add a little over a quart of oil. There is no oil on the ground. I also hear that knocking sound that someone else has mentioned. I have heard several knocks before, and know the sound too well for someone to tell me that it is normal. I am brining the car back to the dealer tomorrow. They are going to need to rectify this or I guess it will be considered a lemon.

2nd Jun 2003, 12:13

I have another problem that has to do with the Automatic Windshield wiper system for the 2000 Deville DTS. I think it works really well, but I never leave it on because it does one swipe every time you start the car. I love the smeared bugs, and pollen when that happens! Do they all do this or is mine not functioning properly?

16th Jun 2003, 15:07

My 2001 STS has 31,000 miles and vibration problems. The dealer performed a load balance for my front tires (charged me $70). The problem still exist, I also have a problem with the ride in general, I clinch my teeth whenever I ride over a sewer lid, small potholes or uneven road surfaces, I wish I had my BMW back.

2nd Jul 2003, 22:32

We bought our new 2002 DeVille May 6, 2002. As we drove away from the dealership we felt a vibration. Subsequent driving revealed this vibration was worse at 69 to 73 mph. The steering wheel and seats would vibrate. The tires were replaced. The front rotors were replaced and the tires were load force balanced several times. After nine trips to the dealership I filed under the lemon law. GM agreed to replace the car and let me drive a new 2003 DeVille for three days to see if I was satisfied. We picked the car up at the dealership Monday June 30, 2003. After driving 50 miles I speeded up to 75 mph and the whole car shook. Immediately we returned the car to the dealership and they took the car to an independent tire shop where a total of six tires were replaced. Today July 2,2003 we drove the car on a 200 mile trip and at speeds of 68 to 73mph the steering wheel vibrated badly. We returned the 2003 DeVille to the dealership and picked up our 2002 DeVille. We await GM decision.

7th Jul 2003, 18:16

WOW! Glad I read these! I was looking at a 2002 DV DTS with 6400 miles at the dealership being sold "as new". Looked great, but this vibration would DRIVE ME NUTS!! I'm coming from a '98 Taurus SHO with a similar problem with the struts that is VERY subtle, but being a car guy I can her it and it is very annoying...wouldn't want another annoying trait in my next car. Thanks for the comments!!! Good luck fixing your Caddies! Cheers, Eric Z in Detroit.

18th Jul 2003, 18:43

The vibrations are gone now.

I have bought a Deville DHS (2001 model) with 48.000 miles just a couple of days ago and felt the same symptoms as described. Especially between 65 and 75 miles, the vibrations were very strong and could be felt through the whole car.

However, it is fixed now!

The dealership installed a new set of Michelin Symmetry tires on my vehicle. The tires were "broken down" and mounted in MB4 A2000 mount.

The vibrations are gone.

The only thing you now feel is the direct suspension. But that has to be expected in newer generation cars anyhow.

I really have to complement my car dealership for that.

24th Jul 2003, 21:28

We recently purchased a 2000 DeVille DHS from our dealer, with 45,000 miles, and did experience a slight vibration at speeds approaching 70 mph. I mentioned it to my father before ever coming across this bulletin board, originally thinking that perhaps the tires were out of alignment. It seemed to me, as basically an amateur to car repairs, that the back tires felt out of alignment. I didn't experience any steering wheel shaking, but just seated on a long car trip allows one to feel the vibration through the seats. It's not as severe as some people have already mentioned, but something isn't quite right.

Just today, we had a sensor connected with the optional StabiliTrak replaced after repeated messages saying, "service stabilizer...". Perhaps the StabiliTrak system in some cars is malfunctioning, considering that this system appears to use strategic braking control when trying to maneuver skids. My mother even commented that maybe something is wrong, when she said she was just trying to switch lanes, and experienced a lot of "sway." We sometimes feel a great "pull" just to move right or left at 65-70 mph on a great number of occasions.

One question I do have, not regarding vibrations though, for anyone reading, is, do you have improperly installed front fenders? On the driver's side of our car, the fender covering from the front of the car, over the wheel, abutting the driver's side door, appears NOT to have been "pushed in" enough at the seam touching the driver's side door. It sticks out about.5 to.75 inches (not flush with the driver's side door when closed.) On the passenger side, everything is flush. Does anyone else have something like this? We have seen a great number or 2000 to present Devilles, all models, with such fender problems. Our dealer even acknowledged it.

26th Jul 2003, 07:02

July 26, 2003.

Don't get me started! Our 2000 De Ville sits at the dealership as I write this, waiting for a new transmission from Pontiac, MI and I live in CA. We purchased our car new and it has been in the dealership a minimum of 16 times. Aside from the many computer problems and recalls our major problem has been a recurring noise (sort of like honking) and a pulling when the car is being driven in 85-100 degree weather at 70-80 mph. It has been in 3 times for this problem, let's see if a new transmission solves the problem. Our hearts have been broken.