20th Jan 2004, 18:42

To all concerned DeVille owners with a vibration between65 & 75 miles per hr. Inflate your tires to 35 or 36 lbs. cold

Drive your cars at the speeds you are expierencing vibration, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. The problem of vibration has all been eliminated on my 2000 DeVille. I also installed Michlen Symetry tires on this car first before changing air pressures. The recommended air pressures the manufacture has given doesn't seem to work on these Michlen tires, Good luck Fred C.

21st Jan 2004, 16:03

Just purchased 2000 De Ville with 39000 miles, seems to me the ride is not as smooth as my 93 De Ville. While in the shop for bearing repair, (had vibration) and motor mount, my loaner was a 2004 DeVille. After driving the new one, I totally think the my struts are not right on the 2000. I have owned this car for approx 3 weeks, and am not happy with anything so far, but the way it looks. No vibration as of yet, but after all the comments, I'm a little worried. Anybody else feel that the bumps or imperfections on the road are almost loud when the front tires roll over them? Almost feels Trucky, like I'm in a SUV. I just hope it holds up until I'm finished paying for it!! T BONE.

15th Apr 2004, 17:56

I have purchased a 2000 DeVille with 54000 miles. There is no vibration (thank goodness) but I have a thumping noise when I turn, it feels like it is in the steering column itself. Please advise if you have had this problem, too, and what you were able to do about it!



2nd Jun 2004, 19:41

I bought my 2000 DHS on March 27th 2004. while test driving it, I told the salesman that it vibrated too much. he claimed it may be from sitting in the lot too long or it needs balancing. They Power balanced the tires and the vibration went away slightly. I drove the car for a month thinking I would get used to it. It drove me crazy. When I took it in May they advised that two tires were 80 percent worn and I was more sensitive to the ride than others. I wasn't satisfied with the answer and talked to the manager. He definitely noticed the vibration and promised that he would do anything in his power to fix the problem. I bought new tires and NOTHING. He says it is the tires and he has been in the business for a lot of years and it is certainly the tires. Well it is back in the shop. I told them I don't want it back until it is fixed. The tension thickens. I will let you know what happens.

22nd Jul 2004, 16:31

Bought a 2002 STS in May. Noted the vibration at once. Unfortunately not before I bought it. They balanced the wheels. Has been in shop now for 3 days after it beat me to death on a vacation from Kansas to Mount Rushmore. I call the thing old shaky and my little girl refers to it as the poop car. Found this site. Probably will trade it if this fix doesn't work. The car is driving me crazy.

28th Oct 2004, 16:05

I see I'm not alone!

My 2000 DHS has now been at the Cadillac dealer for EIGHT days with the exact same vibration problem that I'm reading here. After several new tire changes, road force checks, tie rod replacement they still can't figure out what the problem is! I told them I'm not picking up the car until they fix it. One of the side effects of my problem is the fact that I'm now driving a rental car at $30.00 a day, the dealer has agreed to pay for two of those days, big deal, what about the other six days and not to mention the fact that my car is STILL at the dealer. The rental car has no vibration problems, perhaps I'll trade the Caddy in on the rental car and never buy another Caddy.

I have printed several of the comments made here and will give them to the service manager tomorrow, I can't believe he is unaware of this inherent problem!


3rd Nov 2004, 09:59

My 2001 DHS (aka: Cimeron) has the same highway speed vibration. I am on second set of tires and second set of rims. Balanced 8 times. GM says the tire is spinning on the rim, or that I am too aggressive a driver, or that driving on roads in Detroit is too harsh for the Cadillac. Not getting anywhere with GM for the past 6 months. Had a broken motor mount and 2 worn outer tie rods replaced. Helped a bit. Trying to find out how much the Lexus dealer will give me for a trade up.

10th Dec 2004, 21:38

Found this on: http://consumerguideauto.howstuffworks.com/2000-to-2005-cadillac-deville.htm

Brakes: When warm, the front brake pads may cause the front end and steering wheel to vibrate and shake. Countermeasure pads are available. (2000)

2nd Feb 2005, 13:47

Well, I have a 2002 Deville DHS. I haven't had the vibration problem, but it seems like everything else has gone wrong: 1. They have replaced 2 computer modules. 2. It took 3 times to the dealer to finally fix the rear sun shade. 3. They had to replace the dash trim. 4. Then the sterring sensor went bad. 5. And now it's in for steering noise and brakes. At 35000 miles it seems like it shouldn't need new brakes. I have had 2 other new Cadillacs with no trouble at all. I am not new at driving or owning new vehicles. So it amazes me to find out the brakes aren't covered under warranty. This car goes in for regular service at the Cadillac dealer and they haven't told me it needed brakes. It was 2 weeks ago when the service stability message came on and they changed the steering sensor. Also I have had to add 2 quarts of oil between my last oil change. I am definately not happy with Cadillac. 10 times to get repairs in 3 years!!!

7th Mar 2005, 08:18

The same goes for me as well. I Purchased a 2001 Deville last Year with only 20000 miles on it. I have the same vibration as described by everyone else in this forum. I have spent the last 15000 miles trying to fix this problem, including two new sets of tires. I have changed the rotors and no change. At lower speeds, it rides perfect. In the 60 to 75 range it seems unsafe. I wish I had known about this problem before I purchased the vehicle. Thankfully I don't have the electrical problems most people have had, at least not yet. I should have kept my 95 Eldorado. That was a quality automobile, this deville is a piece of junk. Next time I think I'll buy European. Thanks Cadillac for wasting my hard earned money.

27th Mar 2005, 19:29

I was considering the purchase of a 2000 DeVille DHS; however, I have been having second and third thoughts. Now, after reading all of the above comments, I would not get involved with the car on a bet. It was supposed to be a certified vehicle having had over a 100 point inspection by the dealer. I asked the salesman to see the inspection report because I had observed a lot of things wrong with the car, viz., mismatched tires (now I know why), heated seats which didn't, a retracting steering wheel which didn't, chrome wheel which wasn't, and on and on. It was a decent car basically, a little dirty, etc. But it sure wasn't up to the old Cadillac standards which I knew about as a kid. I'll just keep my Toyota Avalon for a while longer. GM had better wake up and smell the green tea; the Chinese cars are coming...the Chinese cars are coming...