27th Jul 2005, 14:07

Cadillac Deville 2001 DHS

Vibration problems at high speed when brakes applied, new rotors and pads applied with zero results still vibrates, took vehicle to dealer and was told its the left outer tie rod end and left hub bearing a $700.00 repair 56000 miles on vehicle.

11th Aug 2005, 13:44

I bought my 2000 De Ville at 48,000 miles and now that is has 75,000 I just noticed the shaking starting at exactly 65mph. (I usually drive below this speed) It seems really dangerous. Has anything ever happened to anyone while driving at over this speed? It seems everyone has gotten so many different things fixed and some help and some don't. I don't know if I should even take my car to get fixed.

5th Nov 2005, 08:34

I bought my 2001 DE VILLE in early 2004 from a second-hand dealer at a modest price. Has every extra including the cloth top, minus the sunroof. What a great deal, or so I thought. They let me take it to the Cad dealer before I purchased it. I was told I had a small leak, but it was nothing serious. I also felt vibrations as I drove it there, but they also told me that was no problem, and I just might have to replace the Vogue tires with new as they tend to go out of balance when worn down (they looked fine to me). I went ahead and bought it, but then vibrations became unbearable, which lead to tires, rotors, pads and tie rod ends replaced. That leak is now draining a quart of oil every other day or three. Yesterday, the 4th of November, I heard a noise what sounded like a fan motor going out, and had the Cad serviceman drive with me. He said it's the vibration of the wheel hub bearing going out, which would be $600.00 or so.

I've always driven the DE VILLE since I learned to drive, renting them constantly for Vegas trips and such, and finally bought this one. I know I won't sound right saying this, but I'm buying another Platinum under black '06. No more used ones. If this one gives me problems, I'll just drive one of my other cars until it's fixed. I'm just stuck on the DE VILLE.

28th Nov 2005, 09:02

Glad I came across this site, have 2002 Deville that started the vibrations at 40K after I put new Bridgestones on. Three sets later and 2 trips to Cadillac they pulled a factory set of Michelins off of a 2003 Deville on the lot. Vibrartion gone. Put 4 new Michelins on got vibration back, Cadillac says tires bad. Cadillac must know of a problem, too many people complaining.

30th Nov 2005, 20:59

2002 Deville vibration problem. Tell dealer about TSB 000310007A&E,1312011 and 3249. All relate to problem. Car is very sensative to out of balance tires. Replaced my Michelein Symmetry's with Bridstone and my problems started. Cadillac requires an almost perfect tire to get rid of vibration, plus you need a tire with a somewhat stiff side wall. Put new Symmetry's back on car with 35lbs of air pressure, got rid of 90% of vibration, TSB 000310007E took care of rest. Downside to stiff sidewall, some vibration under braking, but this is better than the vibration at 60 to 70.


1st Dec 2005, 18:43

We bought a 2000 DHS and can't wait to drive it on another trip. We have had none of the problems mentioned above. At 57000 miles the check engine light came on, something about a transmission solenoid. It seems to be healing up on it's own.

18th Dec 2005, 17:17

Hello Forum, I am a huge Cadillac fan. I am working on trying to purchase my first used Cadillac. Currently, I own a 2002 Toyota Solara. My previous vehicle was a 1998 Toyota 4Runner. I have never had a problem with either vehicle. As a fan, I am considering trading it in for a 2001 or 2002 Cadillac DTS. These particular years because I heard that is not wise to purchase a vehicle during its first model year which in this case is 2000. Today, I read an advertisement for a 2000 DHS that I am considering. I like the DTS because of the bodystyle, interior, 17" rims, and 300HP Northstar engine. I am really looking for a DTS with the Night Vision system and the navigation system. I came across a 2000 DHS with NightVision and 2001 DTS with Night Vision and Navigation. The comments in this forum have been very helpful. I am almost considering keeping my Toyota. It seems like the shaking is bad, but I need to test drive it for myself. Is anyone having these problems with the Vogue Tires? For me, these tires are a must to have on a white Cadillac. Are there other problems that I should be aware of besides the shaking? Are standard De Ville owners having the same problems as the DHS and DTS owners?

For those that have the Night Vision, do you use it and if so, do you personally find it useful?

For those that have the Navigation system, do you have problems viewing the small screen from the driver's seat?

I am appreciative of every comment or advise received. Feel free to contact me personally via email. I am anxious to hear from 2000, 2001, and 2002 DTS, DHS, and standard De Ville owners.



17th Apr 2006, 20:52

I have a 2000 Deville with all of 60,000 km (37,000 miles) on the clock, an haven't noticed any vibrations in it. Routinely cruise Interstates in excess of 75 mph and she just rolls down the road solid as ever.

Battery failed last month and the dealership replaced it under warranty at no charge, which I wasn't expecting on a 6 year old car.

3rd Jun 2006, 21:20

We have a 2001 Deville DHS, 1st 50,000 miles, it was smooth as you would expect a cadillac to be. Then we put new tires on it. Replaced with OEM Michelin Symmetry. Vibration started shortly thereafter. Very bad and heavy. 55-70 plus. We tried a number of times to have the tires force balanced, they replaced a broken motor mount, rear stabilizer somethings, new front rotors, even went as far as to put new tires and wheels on from a new car on the lot (At least that is what they told us) and the vibration continued. They replaced 7 tires totally without affecting the vibration at all. They said it was the road, the car people said it was the tires, the tire people said it was the car. The service writer told us that Michelin was the only tire to use on the Deville as the Goodyears vibrated heavily and had to be taken off of the new cars. At 125,000 we finally decided that we needed new tires again and would try Goodyear as we have always had good luck with them. We put on a set of Goodyear Assurance Comfortread and the ride is beautiful again. A small vibration which feels like a wheel only slightly out of balance. We will take it in and have them "tweak it". So that is our story, we finally have our Caddy back. With the lack of support from the Company we will probably buy a Chrysler 300 next time.