2005 Chevrolet Aveo SVM from North America


Its better than I thought it would be



General Comments:

I bought this car recommended from a friend that sells Chevrolet. I needed it to drive to work, which is 46 miles, one way. With todays gas prices, it is the only thing I can do to afford going to work. I do like the gas mileage, and it is a lot more comfortable than may other work car. And it will go freeway speeds +, with the 5th gear, than my other car. My wife thinks it is a cute car, and so do I.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2005

2005 Chevrolet Aveo SVM 1.7 E-Tec II from North America


Awesome little car!!!


Clock module was replaced (clock kept resetting itself upon starting the car), and faulty door trim was replaced, all at no cost to me. Other than that, nothing. I am still completely satisfied with my Aveo.

General Comments:

This car cost me $8700 after my GM discount and rebates. I was always skeptical of the Aveo, that is, until I drove it. It doesn't have the seemingly endless amount of torque and horsepower that my Intrigue has, but it's to be expected. It is a pretty spunky little car, given it's an economy car with a 4 cylinder. I've really been enjoying it, it cruises back and forth on the expressway at 65-85 mph. with absolutely no complaint. Gas mileage is awsome, it seems to be getting better the more I drive it. When I first got it, I was averaging about 28 mpg., but I now am averaging about 33 mpg. It probably has to do with the new engine "break-in". I have gotten numerous compliments on my Aveo, because it is unique looking, and very functional. The interior materials seem to be of great quality, and the craftsmanship is the best I have ever encountered. Even somewhat better than my Intrigue. I would recommend this car to anyone.

It takes off like a little pocket rocket when you really need it to. The exterior is stylish, as well as the interior, and it is very comfortable to drive---and I am 6'5!! It really is surprisingly roomy on the inside! And it costs me about $20 to fill from empty, with gas prices being the way they are.

I really do recommend this car, as it is stylish, affordable, comfortable, and practical. And did I mention it got a five-star crash test rating? Yep, that's right. It really is incredible. We still have our Intrigue, which averages 17 mpg., and we still love it, but we are really starting to fall in love with this Aveo. Take a look at one, you really will be surprised at how nicely they ride.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2005

4th May 2005, 05:03

Running costs is supposed to be 10/10. Sorry about that...

14th May 2005, 17:58

A car this small with a 1.6L engine should get in the high 30's mpg if not low 40's. If they can make an Impala get 31mpg with it's huge engine. This car should get a lot more.

17th Aug 2005, 21:21

Your point is well taken about the relatively low gas mileage; but in the end, the Aveo is what it is: an entry level Korean car with the sophistication of a 10-15 year old Japanese care. This is not a criticism. It's what you get for $8000. The ultimate consideration in the success or failure of the Aveo is whether the General's dealers will take care of their Aveo customers. The owner's comments about the Aveo being put together better than his or her Intrigue says tons about GMs attitudes and abilities. As every successful car company learns quickly, their success relies primarily on three things: superior service at a reasonable cost, a good supply of well made, reasonably priced spare parts, and customers who feel like part of the family. Unfortunately, most successful car companies forget these lessons all too soon. Note GMs treatment of Saturn.

10th Sep 2005, 22:33

As far as gas mileage goes, if you look on the Web, you can see the US version has a 1.6L engine and gets 28-36mpg or so. The international version has a 1.4L engine and gets 47mpg (the UK uses imperial gallons, which are 1.2 US gallons, so this would be 36 US mpg combined). I've also seen a 1.2L mentioned. It will be interesting to see if Chevy starts offering the 1.4L or 1.2L engine here in the US. Gas is supposed to keep going up, to possible $6/gallon by 2010. We might see it.

8th Apr 2006, 14:30

:-) Just a comment about the gas mileage.

Most cars will really under perform their listed City/Highway ratings. Read Consumer Reports if you disbelieve. 30-35 ave mileage is good for any car if considering all-around driving. The Prius gets in the low 40's, the Honda Hybrid in the mid to high 30's all-around.

Most full-size cars test in the upper teens to the low 20's overall. Don't be mislead by hwy mileage. Again, Read Consumer Reports.

8th Apr 2006, 19:54

Plus, the EPA is revising their mileage testing DOWNWARDS this coming year since the tests they use are really from the 1970s and weren't even accurate then.