1995 Chevrolet Blazer LE 4.3 4 WD from North America


The leather makes it worth while


I just bought a 95 Blazer from my clueless manager. The interior and body are in perfect condition. He replaced the alternator, battery, starter, ignition switch, tires and brakes in the last year. The damned thing won't reverse.

I got it today for $900, I was just offered $1500. Should I sell now, or fix the transmission and sell for a bigger return (cross my fingers)?

If you have input give me a shout.


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Review Date: 7th September, 2007

1995 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3 Vortec gas from North America


Blazers are the illist trucks around; blow Explorers away


Basically I ran into no problems; the only thing was the rear driver window stopped working. I tapped the motor with a big wrench and it worked.

Yhe truck was given to me from a friend for free and had a few minor problems.

OK, it was given to me with:

Driver window didn't work (same as rear, had to hit it a little more and a lot harder).

Blinkers didn't work; changed the relay inside the dash.

Rear window motor is stripped; just grinds when turned on.

Windshield sprayers didn't work (hose was disconnected).

O2 sensor.

Front hubs don't engage when 4x4 is switched in. Everything else works fine (I believe it is a vacuum leak because they engage with a vacuum diaphram)

And has a high idle; I have no clue why, but it idles at 2,000 rpm after reaching operating temperature. I'm still in the process of discovery.

And the handle in the driver's seat to tilt the back broke off; I adjust it with a vise grip.

General Comments:

Blazers are amazing trucks.

My mom has a 98 Jimmy (identical to a Blazer) and it runs like a top with 160000 miles.

My dad has a 93 Blazer, and I'll tell you what, that truck is a trooper, teetering on the edge of 300000 miles. It's at 295000 now, and just won't die. The tranny was replaced like 8000 miles ago; it was slipping really bad in o/d, but otherwise it was mint.

The engine was replaced due to operator error; ie falling asleep with your foot on the gas will do it in well, but the original ran mint at 200,000, and the replacement is running mint with almost 100k on it.

The truck is a rocket ship.

It is comfortable.

And fun to drive; it handles like no other.

The only thing is that the trucks with the rear drum stop for crap, and the self adjusters don't self adjust.

And it's a small tank in 4 low.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2007

1995 Chevrolet Blazer 4.3L from North America


A bust - typical unreliable American Junk


Exhaust lines, muffler, alternator, EGR Valve, fuel pump and filter, spider type fuel injector.

General Comments:

I purchased this car with only 50000 miles on it from the original owners, who were an older couple. They only drove the car to and from their son's school, and their son drove it when he was home from college. They had all maintenance records showing regular oil changes and upkeep.

The car drove like a dream and had no problems until the mileage hit 90,000. It is as if GM purposely designs their cars to disintegrate once they reach 100,000 miles!! That is when everything started breaking down, one by one.

First the window motor, alternator, EGR valve, fuel pump; then the spider injector died and they still didn't fix the fuel filter!!!

I cannot totally blame the mechanic, because mine is a very reputable and honest guy (I know - a rare thing these days). But he was honest with me, and told me these cars are notorious for the problems I had.

I have since fixed the fuel pump, and have decided this will be the LAST AMERICAN CAR I WILL EVER OWN. My friend drives a '97 Honda Accord with 164,000 miles on it, and aside from normal wear and tear, he has never had major issues with his car.

This just goes to show how American manufacturers continue to skimp on quality, and then wonder why consumers don't choose them anymore.

Sayonara American cars; my next will be a Honda.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2007

1st Jul 2007, 16:42

Yeah, American cars are terrible, and the Blazer is one of the worst, which for GM is saying a LOT. My sister, who has two young kids, bought one new and got rid of it already at 40,000 miles because it was completely falling apart, drivetrain and body. They're terrible.