1985 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 305 Tuned Port Injection from North America


Cheap, reliable performance and nice lines.


I had a miss caused by fuel injector problems. Got some used on e-bay for $50 and replaced the fuel pump and it runs great now. It has leaky valve seals, which is common in that vintage GM engine, but it causes no performance problems--only a puff of smoke once in a while after start-up. I perform all my own service and repair, and most parts are cheap. I installed a Dynomax cat-back exhaust which makes it sound very nice. Not too loud, but still a muscular-sounding mellow rumble. T-Roofs leak like a sieve, and replacement weatherstripping is not cheap. The Tuned Port Injection made it about the fastest car available that year besides the Corvette.

General Comments:

I never had a performance car when I was young. I was 38 when I bought it freshly painted, have had it 6 years and have been very pleased with its performance. I wanted an IROC, but couldn't find one in decent shape. My Z-28 only has 15" wheels, but that reduces tire cost and improves ride. It still handles great though. It was stolen one day from my workplace, but we found it the next day sans stereo equipment, usable steering column and everything loose inside. I was glad to get it back on the road a few hundred dollars later.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2003

1985 Chevrolet Camaro Sport Coupe 5.0 305ci V8 LG4 from North America


Just because it doesn't say (SS, Z-28, or IROC-Z) it makes the Sport Coupe a sleeper to the ignorant


Drivers side seat tilts to the left, and doesn't sit up all the way.

Steering can be tricky at higher speeds on a windy day.

Suspension seems to be very loose, and as a result you you seem to feel every bump. It's almost like your bouncing down the road. Speedometer seems to bounce and is hard to keep at a steady speed.

Automatic Transmission shifts hard, and doesn't kick in when it should at lower speeds. Gas pedal may be contributing to this.

Seat belts don't always re track all so smoothly.

All in all most of these things can be easily fixed with a little bit of time and money.

...oh yeah my insurance is ridiculous, but I find it completely worth it.

General Comments:

My 1985 Camaro Sport Couple handles and will give you a nice rush when you step on the gas pedal. I have many plans in store for this car in the near future. Best thing is that it is so easy to find affordable used parts that are in great shape.

I am truly proud to say that this is my very first car that I Owen and I pay for. It gives me just a little bit more motivation to keep working long hours and putting everything I have left after all the payments and gas money into making this great car even better!

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Review Date: 15th October, 2002

1985 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 V8 from North America


The Intimidator isn't just a Monte Carlo!


Engine belts are going.

Plastic seatbelt holder pulled out of seat on driver's side.

Where seatbelt meets ceiling/T-top on passenger side, cloth/ceiling is falling off.

Passenger seatbelt either sticks or pops off when driven over slight bumps.

Previous owner did a new paint job and had to install a new stereo system.

General Comments:

Overall the best car I've owned. Can't complain about above problems as all are expected in an 18 year old car.

Bought it off a friend for $800, the best spent money yet.

Definitely not a car of safety features, after all it's an '85 sports car with rear-wheel drive, front heavy and wide tire width (Radial TA's = poor tread)

I love this car. It looks bitchin' and has big balls. T-top has been a blast (I've gotten sunburn already!!), am dreading the winter when I can't drive it.

Beat a brand-new sassed up Audi at a light in Westchester with the biggest smile on my face even though its in dire need of a tuneup.

A breeze to maintain. Was dreading a huge repair after I got it, but knock on wood this car is holding strong and all parts so far have been cheap.

Only problem: No one believes that it's owned, driven, maintained & cherished by a 'girl'. Jaws drop when I leave men in the dust at the light:)

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Review Date: 29th August, 2002

21st Jun 2008, 12:49

That's cool that a girl can drive and appreciate a car like this.