1985 Chevrolet Camaro Berlinetta 5.0 305 from North America


A luxury sports car with balls


The only things that have gone wrong with it, have been the transmission, due to abuse.

Engine burned oil after 140,000 miles, new engine is now in the car. Not to say that the old motor stopped running, it would have gone forever.

T-tops have a leak, driver's side window is a little off the track.

General Comments:

This car is my favorite, with all the miles it had and still ran great.

Sure it smelled sometimes after 140,000 miles, but the car still had balls.

After abusing the transmission a little too much, I replaced it with a brand new one, and figured while I'm at it replace the motor too. For two weeks it ran excellent, now it's in the shop needed a new carburetor, and the window and door handles are being fixed.

Other than that, the inside is great, it's always been comfortable, especially in the summer with the T-tops off.

The outside is beautiful, new royal metallic blue paint, and some little fog lights. Oh, and the digital dash, got to love that!

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2002

31st Jul 2002, 15:57

My Berlinetta is an awesome car, lots of power, actually it usually beats z28's and IROCS. Berlinetta all the way.

4th Jan 2003, 16:02

I bought my Berlinetta almost a year ago, paid $300.oo for it.

Runs great, no smoke or noise from engine compartment. Former owner didn't know what he had.

The car needs some TLC, but with some time and patience, this little jewel will be one BAD ride.

9th Aug 2003, 09:10

I just got my '85 Berlinetta a month ago, for 1500, and it was a steal. Even though it's high on miles now, it still runs better than most foreign cars I've had. I've started working on it, and can't wait until I'm done! Only negative thing I have to say on it is the fact that the digital speedometer stops tracking at 85.

23rd Sep 2004, 13:14

I bought a berlinetta 3 months ago for 600. it runs great just needs valve cover gaskets and some work on the digital dash. this car offers fun times I am proud to own it.

21st Nov 2005, 09:22

I have seen a SS camaro lose to a stock regular mustang. Any person knows that should of not happened the camaro should of spanked the mustang. but the driver has a lot to do with how fast he can get the car to go.;--Jason Lambert.

1985 Chevrolet Camaro Sport Coupe 2.8 V6 from North America


Piece of junk


How about, EVERYTHING!!! I got the car in August of 2001, it's now almost the middle of December and so far, I have replaced: starter, head gasket, shaved heads, oxygen sensor, speed sensor, and a stereo.

This car is the biggest piece of crap ever made, it's not even fast. Camaro's are supposed to be fast, hell, my old Dodge Shadow could whoop this car up and down the floor.

That's pretty bad. Never buy a used Camaro.

General Comments:

All I have to say is: LEMON!!

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Review Date: 8th December, 2001

9th Dec 2001, 12:59

Of course it isn't fast! You got the little V6. The H.O. V8's are the fast ones.

10th Dec 2001, 11:34

You bought the 2.8 V6 120 bhp (or so) car which is THAT heavy, and 15 years old (most cars don't have a life span that long unless it's a Volvo or a Mercedes) and you expect it to be fast and indestructible?

15th Dec 2001, 11:10

Do some more research before buying a car. V8's are a lot faster than V6's in any car. Who were the last owners? Think about it.

16th Jun 2002, 20:11

Harsh... are you sure it wasn't assembled on a monday?

29th Aug 2002, 22:14

Maybe you should research a better mechanic. This one is probably putting his kids through college on your car.

Old cars go. Did your Shadow last 15 years? Highly doubtful.

You didn't buy it off of your mechanic did you?

27th Apr 2004, 10:04

Why are the 4cyl VW Golf's faster than the V8's?

20th Sep 2004, 15:39

Volkswagens are not faster than V-8s.

24th Jul 2009, 13:32

You bought a 15 yr old 2.8L V6 that was one of the first non-carburated engines, and you thought it would be really fast???

I have the same car.. 2.8L V6... while it isn't super fast it is very dependable... the motor doesn't even leak any oil at all... ZERO mechanical problems.. just gotta be careful buying used... I'd put the GM 2.8L V6 against any motor in dependability.. only ones that might beat it are the 3.8L and 4.3L V6's by GM.