1997 Chevrolet Cavalier LS 2.2L from North America


A great car and great price


My brake pads went out at 50000 miles.

It needed tuned up at 65000 miles, new spark plugs and wires.

My window washer fluid pump went out at 75000 miles.

The ignition switch was recalled by chevy, never had a problem to begin with.

The back struts had to be replaced at 80000 miles.

General Comments:

The car has been the best car I've ever owned. It is a great car for just about anything.

It gets great gas mileage, you can travel about 350 miles on a tank of gas.

It looks great and handles very well.

The back seat is very small, but the front seats have plenty of room.

I would recommend it to anyone.

Chevy makes a great car.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2002

1997 Chevrolet Cavalier sedan 4 cylinder from North America


An extremely reliable, great-looking car that fits nicely into an average family budget!


The only items I've had to replace on the vehicle are brake pads and wiper blades which are the result of normal wear and tear.

Front driver's side carpeting is wearing badly.

General Comments:

This vehicle has been extremely reliable for me and my family (which includes husband and two boys ages 9 and 14).

Car handles very well and is a joy to drive.

Interior is basic, but that's OK with me.

Paint is holding up great. Color is a candy-apple red, and there are times when I see my car from a distance before realizing it's mine and think "Wow, now that's a striking color!"

Body style is sporty and, again, there are times when I catch a glimpse of it before realizing it's my car and think that it's an impressive-looking vehicle.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2002

9th Feb 2003, 15:10

In reference to 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier. I think it is a car put together in a hurry with "used parts". My reason? Since I've had it, (2yrs), bought it used. I understand there is regular maintenance on a vehicle, but these things gone wrong on my car are not regular maintenance. Both headlight bulbs replaced and still don't work on drivers side. Maybe high/low beam switch, so I'm told. Timing chain replaced, waterpump replaced, two fuel injectors @ $200.00+ a pop replaced, two front door jamb switches replaced and interior light stays on after car is turned off???, rear struts and strut mounts replaced, head gasket replaced, alternator replaced. My point is I've had older cars with these kind of things never ever had to be replaced. They just don't make vehicles like they used to. I've always been a GM man, but my next purchase will be an IMPORT!!!

Any comments for me?

9th Feb 2003, 20:08

Buy a Chevy Impala. They are excellent! You won't be disappointed!!

1997 Chevrolet Cavalier RS 2.2 liter from North America


Little Car, Big Attitude


I had to replace all four spark plugs and all the wires as well at about 63,000 miles.

My wind shield wipers don't turn off all the time and instead stick straight up in the air when I try to turn them off.

The check engine light comes on frequently and stays on for a few days before mysteriously going off again.

The plastic cover on the driver's side seat belt cracked and fell off.

The tape player wouldn't play so I replaced it with a compact disc player.

Recently the ignition swith was recalled on my car because it was a fire hazard. It was replaced by a Chevrolet dealer for free, which was cool with me.

General Comments:

Despite all the things I've had to fix or replace, I love my little RS. It's sporty enough and has enough bite without the huge insurance payment, which I can't afford.

It takes turns so well that you don't even have to use the brakes most of the time.

It starts up well in cold weather and goes pretty well in snow.

The back seat is tiny and uncomfortable, but I usually don't have anything, but junk in the back seat anyway.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2002