2001 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 2.4 from North America


Not a problem, buy one and see!!


Super car!!! Absolutely nothing has gone wrong!!!

General Comments:

I previously owned an 89' Cavalier. Loved it! Had over 200,000 on it when I sold it to a lady for $600.00 who had not a clue HOW to drive a manual!! Transmission went out within 2 weeks for her!! (Her fault!).

We then bought our Z24 in 2001 and I am nothing but happy with it! Great gas miles (32mpg on the highway), fun, cheap to purchase new, it will get up and go, excellent stereo and CD. I just love it and recommend it to all!!

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Review Date: 18th August, 2006

2001 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2L from North America


A Decent Car, If You Get It For A Decent Price


About a year ago the ABS light came on for 2 weeks, brought it back to the dealer, and they found it was a dirty, loose wire.

Brakes have been replaced twice. I hear Cavaliers are horrible on brakes.

My ABS system was very sensitive, needed to have that repaired a few weeks ago.

General Comments:

I have the sedan. It's a decent, basic car. I see a lot of them on the road here (Massachusetts)

The interior setup is decent and roomy, plenty of cupholders, and the factory stereo system AM/FM/CD is actually pretty good.

I bought it for $4,000 and I see them advertised for $8-$9,000 so it wasn't a bad buy at all.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2006

2001 Chevrolet Cavalier Base 2.2L from North America


Cheap transport, but be prepared for subpar quality and reliability


Started using oil @ 85,000kms.

Rear struts @ 95,000kms.

Front struts @ 100,000kms.

Drivers seat @ 90,000kms.

Rear hubs @ 95,000kms.

Wheel alignment (x2) @ 97,000kms.

Wind whistle and drivetrain vibration/wine @ 90,000kms.

General Comments:

This has been an alright car despite the list of faults. I bought it as a 'buy back' @ 81k as I needed a car for school and it was what I could afford. I knew from previous GM products experience I would be putting up with a high repair rate and subpar craftsmanship, but I still ruled to go with this 'deal'. Overall I guess the Cavalier has served its purpose of being basic transport with a few frills (mine has Air, Tilt, Cruise, AM/FM/CD, and powerlocks with keyless entry). The drivetrain is good, though a little trashy under acceleration, and I have bested a 46 mpg on a roadtrip last summer shortly after purchase (110km/h (68mph), +35*C, (approx. 95*F), A/C on medium or low, and all highway). That was before the problems ensued.

To be fair it was in a bad wreck where an SUV ran into the left side. Although it was repaired I'm still questioning if it should have gone for salvage. This may have attributed to the struts, wheel alignment and hubs, but its questionable. My GM experience has been they fall apart @ 100,000km (approx. 60,000 miles) and this car yet confirms it.

As far as ride and ergonaumics go this is my first car (I've owned several trucks), so I am quite impressed with the handling, power, and fuel mileage, but my pal's imports and Ford Focus' all kill this one relentlessly. The interior and such is nicer then some, but not as nice as most, and the seats are typical of economy cars. The build quality on the whole car as mentioned is subpar. Overall I have to say that this is an OK car for the money, and will likely do the trick as long as I need it, which is about another half dozen years.

Given the choice of another tomorrow though I would find a way to get an import, even if it meant losing years and gaining odometer mileage, and thus buy some reliability and longevity.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2006

15th Jul 2006, 23:00

Just an update: July 2006, After extensive time in the shop and around $2000 more, I have seemed to have defeated most of the problems mentioned above. This adds some engine work/ recalls, another wheel alignment, and finally two new rear hubs to account for the bill, along with lots of labor to accomplish all this said investment.

If I had less owing on the loan, I had have traded it by now, but couldn't afford the balance on the loan, hence prompting these repairs. Odometer mileage is now 114,000 approx. and it kinda drives like a car should with that mileage all accounted for. Thanks.

30th Mar 2007, 19:24

A final update: The Cavalier was sold off in Fall 2006 after less than 18 months ownership. This came at a great loss financially due to basically zero resale value and our local market flooded with such vehicles.

At the time of sale it had been basically repair free for 2 months since there was little left to rebuild. The biggest reason for selling was financial problems with school and the fact that I had recently inherited an older car: 1983 Mercury Marquis (the mid-size model on the fox chassis). This car had only 20,000 miles (35,000kms) or so at that point and has ran problem free despite the 18 year loss. It has also sold me personally on the mid- upper size 4 door market, likely an import or Ford product.

Despite this the experience of owning and driving the Cavalier was not all bad, although I've since had several complaints from friends and relatives with this same model and would have to highly recommend against buying one.