13th Aug 2010, 01:04

I bought the 2004 Epica in May 2009. I neglected to read up on line on customer results. It was quite a shock to read all the problems that people were having. I went back to the GM dealer a week after I purchased the car, and got a 2 year warranty for $1500.

It is 15 months of waiting for something to happen. Nothing to date other than one engine light came on after I had the car in for collision repairs on a side door.

Whenever the car is gassed up, we turn the cap until it clicks at least 2 times. My wife is not strong enough to tighten the cap, so I have to take her car out to fill it up, so that the cap gets tightened, so the light does not come on.

I have not had any of the problems that have been documented by other posters. We live in the BC Okanagan, so we do not have wet weather or cold winters with a lot of snow. I am hoping that we may have gotten one of the none lemons, and that I continue to avoid all the posted problems.

The car is very comfortable as compared to many other compact type vehicles. For a small car, it is very zippy and well appointed.

16th Aug 2010, 23:53

My father bought our brand new Epica LS in 2004 and now it has 111000 km on it. My father mostly drives the car and I seldom drive like when I go to school. We got the same problem of the engine light being turned on sometimes. We just ignored the problem because the car ran very nicely and we have not seen the problem for 2 years. Thus I guess it was automatically fixed.

Other than that, it has never had any other problem.

I love our Epica. People say that it offers a very smooth and quiet driving performance because it has a L6 engine (not V6).

I wish fun and safe driving with Epica without any problems!

From Calgary.

11th Oct 2010, 17:53

I purchased my 2004 Epica LT in Dec. '09, and it has been good and reliable vehicle for most of the time. Some issues did arise during the warranty coverage (re-programming of the computer, sensor issues, etc.), but I did not pay much attention to it, as it was all covered by warranty.

Last year though, while driving in the city, a loud thump came about as if I had driven over a pothole. I looked in the rear view mirror, but did not see any obstructions on the road. All of a sudden, my car was hesitating and shaking while emitting some weird smell. This was my coil #2 going kaput. This was replaced at a $300 cost, however, shortly after my ABS light came on and the ABS would kick in even while I was driving without me even touching the brakes (annoying and concerned for safety). The dealership could not figure out what it was, despite reading the computer. After a lengthy guessing game, it turns out one of my joints leaked some water into the compartment where the ABS sensor was, and over time corroded the area, making the ABS sensor dysfunctional. There was another $300.

Couple of months ago, my check engine light came on as well (oh yeah! Good times!). No one in this world seems to know WTF. So far, I have replaced all coils, wiring harness, plugs AND the on-board computer (still trying to suppress my memory of how much I have paid for it, but am pretty sure could have paid for a very nice vacation for me and my family). If you have guessed that the check engine came back on, you are right.

I will be bringing the car back into the shop tomorrow for them to figure out what is wrong with the new computer (according to them) that I have paid $1500.00 for, and will get the rental as the replaced item is under warranty.

Anyways, as soon as it is fixed, it is going on the market as I am buying a non-GM vehicle. Just don't trust them.

13th Nov 2010, 16:20

Hello, I bought my 2004 Epica with approx. 65000km over a year ago. Of course that means that the warranty on the vehicle had expired, and that after 4-5 years there would be general maintenance. But not knowing that the parts are soo expensive, you think that it is a Chevy, and that you can find some parts at Canadian tire, but they've got nothing. I paid about $6000 for it, and must have spent about $2000-2500 in one year.

I too have problems with the check engine light. One day it an O2 sensor or a misfire in one of my cylinders, catalytic converter. The mech at GM had to bring it to Suzuki for the O2 sensors. Changed the complete brake system, front shocks, rack & pinion. After filling up at the gas station and then going home about 30km, a quarter of a tank of gas was gone. No point selling the car now, it's almost brand new again. Hopefully nothing else happens, but who knows?

Joe, Montreal, Qc.

21st Nov 2010, 22:04

I have a 2004 Epica and I have no park lights or dash lights.

Has anyone seen this problem before?

23rd Nov 2010, 16:45

I also own a 2004 Epica, and same problems as mentioned above. Have had it for a year now, and nothing but trouble. First it was the DRL issue, then the idle, and have had sensors and throttle body replaced. Then brakes and rotors (which is normal) and now the key won't turn. This car has cost me a fortune in repairs. I am sure this ignition problem is not gonna be a cheap fix. I hate this car. This is the first GM car I have ever had problems with. I would definitely buy another Chevy, but not this one.

2nd Dec 2010, 10:26

I refer to my 2004 Epica as "the car from hell". My Epica has been nothing but trouble after trouble from day one. Engine light on, rear wheel knuckles, struts, rotors, you name it the list goes on. The only thing the designers of this car did well was the electrical system. Why is it this car with all its other problems just won't burn. Too bad!

Ron, Nl.

13th Dec 2010, 16:38

Have suffered most of these problems, and agree with most of the negative sentiments given above. Trade-in is the option. We use our 13 year old Sentra instead!

25th Jan 2011, 19:04

I purchased a used 2005 Epica with 11,000 km. Currently has just over 50k. A number of issues have started to develop similar to previous posts. First off, my low beam head lights stopped working, the fog lights and daytime lights still work. Have not resolved this yet. The second issue is the ABS/TCS lights come on, but only after the ABS starts working even on dry pavement. Once the light comes on, at least the brakes feel normal. Does anyone have ideas as to the root cause of failure from your own experience?

12th Apr 2011, 21:34

I know what you mean about the heat situation. As soon as my warranty ran out, the heat from in the dash cooked my stereo! Everything happens when the warranty runs out I've noticed.