31st May 2011, 06:38

I will never buy another Epica. The things that went wrong with it are too many to mention, it is in the dealers right now. It is in for brake caliper. God knows what next.

15th Jun 2011, 09:15

In defence to Chevy, they bought the Epica off Daewoo. Suzuki bought the rest as the Verona is the exact same car. Now, as everyone has said, this car is nothing more than a money pit and completely unreliable. If I didn't need the car or the money I'd take it to a field and burn the piece of c#?p!

4th Jul 2011, 19:40

Three months of ownership, and I'm ready to put my 2004 Chevy Epica LT out to pasture. O2 sensor and plugs $750, tranny hose leaking $450, now full rear brake job, calipers and all, $800. And I thought I was getting a deal, paying $5,000 for this money pit. It's like marrying the prettiest girl in the room, only to find out she is a tramp. Time for a divorce.

16th Jul 2011, 19:34

I also bought a 2nd hand Chevy Epica 2004. I'd had it for 2 months when the ignition key wouldn't turn, and had it replaced for almost 400 dollars for everything including labor...

After some months the check engine light comes on... I took it to auto services and had it fixed for 400 dollars.. they said it was a misfiring ignition coil, then after 2 days it came on again. They checked it again for 100 dollars with nothing found at all, and the light turned off by itself...

After a week, my brakes started to make a funny noise. I took it back to the shop again and had it replaced for 680 dollars. Then 2 days ago, the check engine light is back again. I took it again to the shop and they could not find anything wrong with it... they advised me to change my air filter; I changed it and nothing changed. I've read the comments of the others here. I was in regret; I should have not have bought this car..

9th Jan 2012, 17:56

My 2004 Epica is in the garage again. The car is so bad I can't get 2-3 weeks use out of it before it's back to the garage for another problem. The issue now is the car won't start. It will crank over, but makes no effort to start. The mechanic is unable to find the problem. Is there anyone out there who has experienced this concern?

I believe the makers of this car and the dealers who sell this product to unsuspecting buyers have destroyed the confidence people have in the auto maker. Personally I will think long and hard before thinking of buying a car from this manufacturer, and will tell others the reason why. The misery with this car never ends...

Ron, NL.

15th Jan 2012, 17:50

The Epica isn't a true GM car, it's a GM name with all Korean parts... and a Daewoo engine. Not GM.

10th Feb 2012, 23:10

My 2004 Epica has cost nothing but money. The engine light stayed on for about a month, and changed the 02 sensor twice. Have been told it is probably the computer, and will cost $1800. Now the engine light finally went off with repairing the rear brakes only. Can't get the car air cared when the engine light is on, so hopefully it stays off.

Vancouver, British Columbia.

1st Mar 2012, 07:46

I have a 2004 Chevrolet Epica from Toronto, On. A true lemon here.

Since I bought it about 4 years ago, I've easily spent over $5000 in repairs on it. I just got a check engine light on, and it flashes sometimes with the car not being able to accelerate. I am fearful to take it into the shop, for how expensive the cost to fix will be.

Never again will I buy a GM vehicle. Everyone should get rid of this lemon as soon as possible.

14th Apr 2012, 16:47

Sounds like the same issue I just had with my car. It turned out to be a bad spark plug and coil; changed that and it's fine (ish) now.

I am still having issues with the engine light. Error codes P0174, P0171 & P0101. This is due to a vacuum leak.

I have just discovered two cracks in the air intake/breather hose.

18th Jun 2012, 05:23

If the engine stops while driving this mysterious car, use a piece of cloth and open the water tank to release the pressure.

Close the cap and restart the engine; it will take you home. HOW IT WORKS? I do not know.

17th Jul 2012, 14:06

Hey guys.

I bought my Epica in 2006 (when I graduated from high school) from a used car dealer with 74000 k on it. I'm now in 2012, and have not had one problem with it. The only repairs were tires and brakes.

When I insert my key into the ignition now, it doesn't turn the ignition to start it, give her a little tap and it starts right up... the ignition gets stuck apparently, and I've been doing that for over a year now LOL.

I read these comments, and I can't believe we are driving the same make of car. My Epica has been so reliable it's not even right, and I have a few ditch crashes from my girlfriend driving it, and no damage. I'm not sure what to say here, I change my oil every 4-5 thousand km, and maintain it, nothing special, and I've put over 125000 km on it while not performing any major fixes...

The first repair is going to be happening later today; my rear wheel bearings are gone, but I have ordered the bearings from Korea, and it's a 60 dollar fix. Anyways, guess it's hit and miss.

Good luck. I wouldn't let these comments discourage you from buying this car.

17th Jul 2012, 14:10

All you had to do was give the key a tap with your hand on the top of it, and it would have turned over; the ignition gets stuck, it's not broken.

28th Jul 2012, 18:31

I too have bought a 04 Epica, demo, thinking that they worked out any kinks.. but the kinks started after the 70.000 km... I have had one problem after another.

They say that it has a Mitsubishi engine in them. I think that the M engine is for the birds, and that there should be some recall on this car, as there are so many things wrong with it, or Chevrolet should give a fair trade in for it.

This gives Chevrolet a bad name for dealing with crap cars. Always was a Chevrolet buyer, but not any more. From buying all my cars from them, this one, which I must say was pushed to buy, takes the cake, and they do call it the Epidemic; that is what the Chevrolet dealers call it here in Manitoba.

Wow... we need to get some recalls on this car, as not only are their cars questionable, but so is the dealership. Not a good reputation for them at all.


29th Jul 2012, 19:43

The Epica is nothing but a rebadged Daewoo Magnus/Tosca, which accounts for the sorry experience most owners seem to have.

It does not have a Mitsubishi engine, but a transversely mounted in line six of in-house design. When it was launched, the ailing Daewoo Motors made the (false) claim that the Magnus was the first car in the world to feature this layout, ignoring the Leyland 1800/2200 and Princess and Volvo 850 six, all of which pioneered this layout before Daewoo.

Little wonder that the car is such a lemon, if the manufacturer either cannot acknowledge their lies, or fails to heed others who were there before they were.

And, by the way, in Australia and New Zealand, the Holden Epica (same car, different GM branding) is nicknamed Epicrap.