1992 Chevrolet Lumina Z34 3.4L twin dual cam from North America


A joy to drive and loves rice!!


Only major repair ever was at 105,000 miles; the alternator failed, but the car still got me home.

General Comments:

My Z34 is one of my babies, she's very quick with the mods I've added to her. Fuel mileage is average for a 17 year old car, and comfort is great for trips or just cruising around town.

I bought her from a private owner who didn't seem to have the right people working on it. So she required plenty of TLC to get her back into factory form. This was somewhat costly, however she has more than paid me back the cost of a mild restoration.

After returning her to order, I did however find that the after market is limited for 3.4 dual twin cam engine. So if you don't have the cash to fix her up, I'd recommend only doing what's going to keep her running as it is.

Because it's a Chevy, most stock parts are relatively inexpensive, however if you have a shop do the repairs, be prepared to shell out some loot! Because of the tight engine compartment, she can be labor intensive ie (the right front axle needs to be removed to replace the alternator).

I enjoy working on my own vehicles, so it doesn't bother me at all to do the work myself.

Now if you are willing and have some extra time and money, the Z34 is a great project car, and responds very well to custom add ons. The power gains are noticeable at you right foot and the back of the drivers seat!

I started with the most common add on, the cold air induction, which I built custom because of the large diameter size of the plenum opening, and added a cone shaped racing filter for the look and better air flow. There was a small noticeable difference in power, but the engine clearly breaths much better and mpg did improve by about 2 mpg.

Next, I added a good power chip and computer, and gained an additional 20 hp. Which is 20 more than stock automatic trans, and 10 more than the 5 spd manual. Then I custom built a Z28 style exhaust at 2.75in. diameter with a real high flow catalytic converter at 3in. diameter and a single inlet dual outlet z28 muffler. I also gained another 30 hp. Also added a performance fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator. Delco Iridium spark plugs and high level wires.

The power gain just from these things is enough that she will sometimes break traction at 30 mph. The torque steer effect was heightened though and my wife has since become scared of it. So hang on to that wheel!

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Review Date: 11th February, 2009

1992 Chevrolet Lumina Z32 3.4 dual twin cam from North America


Runs fine after some TLC


Timing belt was halfway gone before it showed any problems with running. The only clue was when I put my ear near the belt, I heard a soft rubbing sound. I thought it was a pulley on the belt rubbing with the wheelwell. So I took the belt off, and the computer, the coolant and the intake off. IT TAKES TIME. And overall cost me 350 dollars, and I need another car for about 2 weeks.

All this is to say; if you are going to buy a 3.4 Lumina, you never want to change the timing belt, EVER!

General Comments:

I have had this car for 3 months now and it is a good car. The one I got was in GREAT condition, the original owner (that's right, only one other owner) never took it out in the winter! The body might as well be new! And the shocks are still in great condition.

Only problem I have ever had with the car is the timing belt, and after that I never want another one to come up.

The motor is just too big for the bay, and it's crazy hard to change my back 3 spark pugs.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2008