1992 Chevrolet Lumina Euro 3.1 V6 FI from North America


An attractive sporty sedan with nice clean lines and I love the wide tires great for freeway driving


Transmission blew a month after I purchased the vehicle, but I knew the trans was bad when I got it.

Needed new exhaust after purchase also, but it was the original exhaust system so I can't complain it did it's job.

Other than regular maintenance like oil and brake changes that's all that's needed done.

General Comments:

It is a nice looking car for its age and the 3.1 engine is as strong as ever.

Very good suspension it handles so well going around bends.

The car is unbelievably quiet while running and very little road noise.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2007

1992 Chevrolet Lumina EURO 3.1Litre MPFI V6 from North America


Lumina's are great


Normal Maintenence:

-Front and Rear Rotors and Brake Pads.

-Rear Calipers.

-Front Passenger side Wheel Bearing hub assy.

-Rear Exhaust Pipe.

-The transmission was replaced about 2 years ago and since then the speedometer has been off by 10mph. (ex. 45 is 55.) Not a big deal I'm used to it.

-The Battery gauge in my gauge cluster is constantly flickering, not a problem. IT is just annoying.

-The temp. gauge is sometimes inaccurate. It will fluctuate.

General Comments:

-The car is VERY reliable. This car ALWAYS starts up no matter what weather or temperature.

-Car is great in the snow.

-The "Euro" suspension handles especially well. (Shocks, struts, tie rods etc. were replaced before I bought it)

-The car does not lean very much so in turns, it is a very tight suspension. It does great on bumps and railroad tracks with no bouncing. If you want a really smooth pillow like ride this is not the car for you. But if you would like to hug the turns and such I strongly recommend the EURO.

-It is pretty powerful. If you need to go somewhere. You definately can.

-Gas mileage is so-so. I average 18-20 City, and 23-30 Highway. Big difference. That is my one complaint is that gas mileage could be better.

-My Lumina is Medium Grey Mettalic. After 14 happy years the paint still shines. THe only problem is that the red details in the moldings and such have faded.

-Car shifts very smooth.

-It is irritating that the car must be going at least 45 mph before it can shift into 4th gear. If this was different, odds are the gas mileage would be much better. It is also very easy.

-I have 16" Aluminum wheels, they look great.

-The interior is firm and comfortable, but not much lumbar support for long trips.

-I had keyless entry installed on this car it is a MUST have.

-This car has 163K miles on it. It could easily go 163K more.

-Great Car.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2006

1992 Chevrolet Lumina Euro from North America


Sucks really bad


Everything has gone wrong with the car.

Just to start; starter, fuel pump, fuel tank, trans, computer, none of the locks work, none of the windows work, steering off from the tire, timing belt, head gasket, and like 10 more things.

Definitely the worst car I have come across. Don't ever buy, ever.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2006

11th Feb 2006, 17:37

WOW. A 13 year old, 120,000 mile car that had needed mechanical repairs?


1992 Chevrolet Lumina Sedan 3.1 V6 from North America


An amazing car, especially for a teen


I got her into a bad accident in December '01. Hit a tree head on going 35 mph. She took some damage (actually, was legally totaled) but myself and the passenger, who wasn't wearing seat-belt, came out um-harmed.

Also, at 47000 miles, had to fix hole in radiator line.

At 56000 (now) power steering rack is going. Not worth the thousand it costs to fix, so looking for a new car. Probably a newer Lumina!

General Comments:

This car has been great for as long as I have had her. She has been thru one hell of an accident, but we paid to get her fixed, (stupidly.) any head on collision really isn't worth fixing, just for the record.

I would probably put the money into it to get the rack fixed, but after that tree it just isn't worth it. Little things here and there have already begun to go wrong. She's golden for her mileage, but that tree killed her slowly.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2005