1999 Chevrolet Malibu 2.4 from North America




Replace ignition switch at 43000 miles.

Rear window needs repaired.

A/C goes on and off.

Plug wires needed repaired at 44000.

Brakes squeal constantly.

Check engine light comes on constantly unless my husband is driving it :)

General Comments:

This car is the biggest hunk of dung I have ever owned. I am constantly wondering what is next. I am afraid to even drive it anywhere. We just put $133 dollars in it last week and it's check engine light is on yet again. I hate this car. I would recommend taking the bus before I would tell someone to buy this heap.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2003

25th May 2004, 12:52

I still own this vehicle. Joy of joys it's still running. LOL. It now has a little over 47,000 miles. New stuff that's wrong: The headlights (and interior lights) flicker on and off when it rains, noises galore.

One sound happens when you start the car. It seems to originate in the dash board and sounds like someone injured a farm animal. Today the anti theft system light is on again. We had that repaired last year (253 dollah... made us hollah) I stand around hoping this car will make it another day.

We owe 7900 on it and it books for about 3500. So we'll be buying stock in Vasoline pretty soon. I'd take it back to the dealer, but he closed shop and skipped town after the bank came in and took all the cars on his lot. Sigh.

12th Nov 2004, 10:52

It's now November and we still own this bad boy. It's got 49,255 miles on it now and has just begun giving me grief again. I use this car only to drive my kids to and from school and if I HAVE to go somewhere.

I just can't rely on it to start. We had the ignition switch replaced in 03 and now it's beginning to give us problems again. I go to start the car, and it won't start. The anti theft system light just blinks for about 12 minutes until it quits and I'm able to start the car. This helps a bunch when you're in a hurry. LOL.

Now we owe 6400 on the car. I've been paying extra on it so we don't take a total bite in the butt when we trade it. Some days I find myself longing for it to blow up. Then I'd have NO choice. LOL.

1999 Chevrolet Malibu LS 3.1 V6 from North America


What did I do to deserve this?


Had leaking intake manifold gaskets at 42,000 miles, allowing radiator coolant to mix with engine oil. This cost me nearly $900 to fix, including changing coolant and oil.

Alternator failed at 42,000 miles, leaving me stranded while on vacation. This cost nearly $300 to fix, including replacing the serpentine belt.

Front driver side strut mounts and bushings at 39,000 miles. This problem manifested itself as an irritating creaking sound while the car was being driven. $180 to repair.

Air conditioning control head failed at 20,000 miles. AC would not work. Replaced at no charge.

Front brake rotors needed replaced at 28,000 miles. $250, including new brake pads.

Circuit board that controls brake and tail-lights. Fixed at no charge.

General Comments:

Let me make one thing clear: I drive this car like an old man. I rarely push the engine to more than 2,500 RPM. I am easy on the brakes, often coasting long distances to avoid using them.

I loved this car for the first 3 years of ownership. I would still love it if it were more reliable. Frankly, I am afraid to drive it for fear of incurring more repair bills!

These cars appear to cursed with brake, AC, alternator, and intake manifold gasket problems. They hold virtually none of their value, even with low mileage.

That said, the car is nice to look at. It is comfortable for long trips. It handles good, and I get a full 30 MPG on the highway, even with the AC running. There is ample storage room in the trunk.

Sadly, after being stranded by this car, I no longer feel safe taking it on trips out of town. After reading about GM's lack of concern for Malibu owners, I don't dare by another vehicle from them.

Don't by a 1999 Malibu. You've been warned!

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Review Date: 26th July, 2003

14th Nov 2003, 15:51

I first loved this 1999 Malibu, BUT!I have had the brake rotors and pads changed three times and its needing them changed again. The airconditioner control panel failed shortly after I purchased this car, it was also fixed under warranty. Now the intake manifold gasket is leaking.I'm actually sorry I bought this car. The first three brake problems it was under warranty. The car has 32000 miles on it and the warranty is out, now I'm stuck with the gasket bill and what ever other problem it has. Thanks Bill.

23rd Dec 2003, 08:18

We have a 1999 Malibu with under 41,000 miles on it and it appears that our intake manifold gasket needs to be replaced also. One of the spark plugs is also misfiring. We are getting a second opinion today, but the first place we took it estimated that it would be around $1200 to fix. A car with only 41000 miles shouldn't need this kind of extensive repairs.

12th Jan 2004, 10:13

I also own '99 Malibu. The car is about 56,000 miles and I've replaced the alternator twice (one time was free) and one of the spark plugs misfiring. When the mechanic took them out, they were in different gaping patterns so I had to buy new ones. The battery also dead at around 20,000 miles. I change oil almost every 3,500 miles at Jiffy Lube where they check everything. I don't expect it to give me such headaches when I follow the maintenance schedule. I never use the brakes that hard, but I had to replace the rotors at about 1 month after the spark plugs problem.