1991 Chevrolet S-10 2.5 liter TBI from North America


I like this little truck a lot and would buy another one just like it


This truck has been pretty reliable, considering. Since I bought it I have replaced the computer, the starter, the heater core, lots of electronic parts including the distributor with cap, spark wires and plugs.

When I bought this truck it didn't really run all that well. Now I think it probably runs better than it has in it's life time. It could stand a paint job, but, at this moment that's pretty much it.

Recently I replaced the exhaust system, the tires and the radiator. But, there again, I did it all on the cheap so you won't hear me screaming too much.

If you are a good wrench you will love the little 1991 S10, 2.5, as a cheap kick around truck. If you don't know one end of a combination wrench from the other you best get a newer model truck. Personally, this truck is a second vehicle for me so I kinda enjoy wrenching on it and I have no stress over it. In other words it works for me.

General Comments:

Yes, I have replaced lots of stuff on this little truck. But, the parts are dirt cheap compared to my other cars. So, I don't get excited when something acts up. I merely head to the NAPA or the Auto Zone and get the part and put it on. I do all of the repairs on this truck myself and find it easy to work on. Keep in mind that my little S10 is a very basic truck and the only creature comforts above the basic stuff is air conditioning and an AM/FM/CD player I added.

I would like you to consider that in the lifetime of this truck, with all the repairs, I haven't spent as much as one trip to the SAAB dealer with my wife's car. So, it's all in the perspective.

The 2.5 S10 is no speed demon. In fact, it's pretty slow. But, it gets decent gas mileage and will works it's tail off all day.

My little truck is the non-power steering version. I like that. It keeps things under the hood simple and you don't need power steering on an S10. The way I see it, for a kick around truck, power steering is just something else to break down. I will never have a power steering problem.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2005

1991 Chevrolet S-10 Tahoe Pick Up 2.8L from North America


Buy an 91 S-10 and not a 98 Blazer!!


What a great truck! Let me start by saying that I bought this S-10 when I was 17 years old, and drove it out of the dealer show room. I have drove every one of the 165,000 miles on this vehicle. My only complaints are as follows:

Clutch - on my 3rd clutch. I did learn to drive a manual on the first clutch (replaced at about 40K miles)

Emergency brake lines - replaced about 4 times. These would always freeze up on me in the winter time due to moisture ingress. A few times I was stuck with the emergency brake on. I finally learned not to put the emergency brake on during winter months, and have not had a problem with them since.

The doors have started to sag because the bushings for the pins on the hinge come out. I have had these replaced once already, and they need to be replaced again.

Due to the door sagging, the door is very difficult to close.

General Comments:

The body on my S-10 is very rough, but can be expected as it has drove over literally millions of tons of road salt in Pittsburgh.

My only "design complaint" is that the cab is not long enough. I am only 5'9" but the cab could have been extended 4 or 5 inches which would have made the last 15 years of driving more comfortable.

This has been a great vehicle and has got me through those "financially difficult" years in college without a problem. Chevy could have used me for a commercial!

I was 100% sold on Chevy because of this vehicle and bought a 98 Blazer, only to find out that they have every defect under the sun.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2005