2000 Chevrolet Silverado LT 6.0 from North America


Never again!


I would not recommend buying one of these trucks to anyone. Chevy trucks seem to have a lot of problems, from all the research I've done on the internet. Most notably, they have a hard shifting problem, which mine is going into the shop tomorrow for. After driving approx. 20 miles on the highway, and then exiting and coming to a stop, the truck shifts EXTREMELY hard from 1st to 2nd gear. The rest of the gear shifts are hard, as well, but not as hard as 1st to 2nd. It almost feel like the truck is going to rip itself in half. There is a TSB concerning this (01-07-30-023B). From what I've read from others, Chevy dealers will give you the run around. I would recommend taking it to a reputable independent mechanic. Also, there are other minor problems on this truck, ie, door seals falling off, etc.

General Comments:

I can't understand why it is that Chevy knows about these problems and chooses to ignore them. Luckily, this is a work truck, and I don't pay out of pocket for any work on this truck. I personally do not and will not EVER own a domestic vehicle. The engineering and quality control on domestic vehicles is terrible. Unfortunately, there isn't a choice for individuals who need a large truck for towing. A Toyota Tundra is a great vehicle, but it just doesn't have the towing/hauling capacities that Chevy/Ford/Dodge offer. Hopefully, Japanese automaker will realize a market exists for these trucks to compete with terrible American engineering.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2003

9th Jan 2009, 09:01

I own a 2008 Toyota Tundra. It is the worst truck I have ever owned. At 600 miles the bumper fell; it is all plastic and the list goes on and on.

I am going back to the Dodge diesels; 310 miles on my last one, very few problems, I loved it...

2000 Chevrolet Silverado LT 5.3L from North America


Typical American made full size truck


Constant recalls causing me to take time off work to get them fixed (dealers in the area do not open on weekends)

Uncomfortable seats.

Expensive normal maintenance costs.

Bad gas mileage.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2003

26th Apr 2003, 13:35

What were you expecting, the costs of a Honda. Can that little rice rocket pull a boat to the lake, or take on an offroad trail? NO! If you were expecting the mileage of the Honda you should have done a little more research before your purchase.

25th Oct 2003, 19:56

I agree with the first comment response, the chevy full size trucks have a pretty good fuel economy compared to dodge.

21st Dec 2003, 02:14

I once owned a 1993 Toyota pickup (4x4),and I only got about 18 miles per gallon and it had to be 93 octane or I had constant valve chatter. I now own a Silverado with a 5.3 and get about 16 miles per gallon and pass just about whatever I want to, and everything I need to!

2000 Chevrolet Silverado LT 5.3L gasoline from North America


As good as one could hope for in a daily driver pickup which can also handle some serious work.


Fuel pressure regulator went bad at about 36,000 miles.

General Comments:

Very responsive engine with almost no problems.

Shift on the fly 4 wheel drive is very handy.

Extremely happy with the Chevy, and I will definatly stay with the brand.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2002

22nd Jan 2003, 10:54

This is the best truck I have ever bought. This a recommendation for anyone looking for a very good, dependable truck. It is luxury, and a worker!

9th Jul 2003, 14:08

Fuel pressure regulator went bad at 33,000 miles, six months after warranty for a cost near $175 to repair.

2000 Chevrolet Silverado LS 5.3 from North America


Leader of the pack!


At 18000 miles a cold start clatter was noticed. The problem was fixed by local dealership. The cold start clatter started again less than 1800 miles after service was performed. This problem is a common and GM has no known fix at this time. A service bulletin has been issued to all Chevrolet dealerships on this problem. I have also noticed rust on the rear door hinges. Some wind noise is also a problem in the windshield area.

General Comments:

Even with the problems I have had with Chevrolet. I still love my 4-door Z-71 LS Silverado.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2002