2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4.8L from North America


Don't buy a Chevy; biggest mistake I ever made


Shoot, where do I start. Everybody please read this so you don't make the same mistake that I made in being patriotic and buying American.

1st off, it has electrical gremlins where the dome light would not turn off, and nor would one of the headlights. Took it to the dealer. Biggest waste of time ever. They couldn't find the problem and gave me the run around. Poor customer service for GM: 0/10.

The brake master cylinder went out a total of three times when I owned the truck. Couldn't believe it. What a piece of crap? 3 times! One at 40k, then at 70k ish, and then around at 98k.

Guess what, the auto transmission went out at 90k. That cost me $1500 to rebuild.

Finally around 108k, the engine started to make funny noises and idle erratically, I had enough of this. Then I sold the truck. "Like a rock" is right. It ain't going places.

Oh yeah, the shocks were shot around 90k also. I think that's too soon, but it could be normal wear and tear.

General Comments:

I bought this truck because I needed a full size truck for work, and Toyota at the time didn't have a true full size truck. Just got an 08 Tundra.

The truck ran smoothly for the time I had it despite its problems. But too many things started to go wrong, and I could not afford the downtime the Chevy was creating for me, so I got rid of it due to economic reasons.

Hope this helps. Please use my experience as your own learning experience. I recommend it.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2008

13th Jul 2008, 11:23

I think its obvious this guy likes Toyota. I had a Toyota pickup back in 1986 that cost me thousands in repair bills for engine, suspension. I will NEVER own another Toyota. I currently own a 2001 Chevy with 105,000 mile. I have not had ANY problems with it. I maintain my vehicles properly and they last a long time, Except not the Toyota.

2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LS 5.3 from North America


Couldn't have asked for a better vehicle


The plastic housing around the steering column has separated at the seam, by the ignition.

General Comments:

I have a 2001 C1500 with 103000 miles. It's a regular cab short bed with the side step. 5.3L V8 engine, auto trans. This truck has been GREAT!!! Besides regular maintenance I have done nothing to this truck. I have hauled uhauls, tandem axle flatbed trailers and cattle... from the rear bumper! With no more that some scratched up plastic moldings on the bumper itself. One winter I hydroplaned runnin about 60-65 mph (it was a bad area for that), across I-35 from the NB lane, through the center ditch, through the SB lane, through the next ditch, and on to the service road, truck was still running and drove it to the Chevy house to have the hood, fender, headlight and grille repaired.

I have driven it from TX to MI and back, twice and it got better gas mileage than my intrepid with 2.7 V6. I especially like sitting at stop lights and have one of those little rice burners pull up, 9.5 times out of 10 I blow their doors off.

Overall I will stick with Chevy for years to come, and if I encounter problems then so be it. Nothing is perfect. But I believe if you take care of your vehicle right, it will take care of you.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2006

2001 Chevrolet Silverado LS 4.8 V8 from North America


Excellent, Reliable, and Affordable Pre-Owned Truck


Oxygen Sensor replaced at 59150 miles; covered in warranty.

General Comments:

My Truck is the Extended Cab, and this truck was well worth the money paid for it. It was well maintained by the previous owner. Due to situations well beyond my control, I had to put an extra 2000+ miles on it right after I got it, and this truck proved extremely reliable. The push button 4WD is really simple and easy to use. Although it is a "push and go", I still stop the truck, put it in neutral before engaging and disengaging the 4wd as a precaution. Doing this will ensure many years of trouble free use of this feature. This is my 3rd truck in the last 10 years (1st two being Ford F150's), and this one is by far the best one that I have owned. It pulls very nicely and handles extremely well with trailer in tow, and is a very comfortable truck to ride in when traveling long distances. Gas mileage is average, but I didn't buy this truck for that reason. Visibility is pretty good, and the ride in this truck is very quiet. The extended cab back seat has a lot of legroom even for a full grown adult; my 8 year old son commented that it "feels like a Cadillac" in the back seat area. Equipped with a new Bestop Soft bed box top, this truck functions both as a family wagon, grocery getter, and an excellent over the road vehicle. Off Road capabilities are superior. Despite the mileage on this truck when I bought it, this truck functions like a brand new truck at half the price. I expect to still be driving this truck 10 years from now. Next to my 2000 Jeep Wrangler SE, this is definitely one of my better investments.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2006