10th Jun 2010, 22:15

Hi there, this big Chevy, I just bought a 1998 4x4 Silverado about a month ago. The truck has been running fine up until three days ago. I would be driving down the road or highway, and the truck would shut off as if I turned it off. The motor had no hesitation, it turned off smooth. Then I would try and turn if back on, and all it would do was turn over and over. Then eventually crank back up. And once it cranked back up, I could drive it for a little while and it would shut off smooth again. I have checked the fuel pump, filter, cap and rotor, plugs and wired, but can't seem to find out why it is doing this? So if anyone can help me, please do. Thanks.

19th Aug 2010, 20:15

I have a 1998 Chevy 1500 5.0L (305). Most were 5.7L, but some were 5.0L.

My truck has been pretty good until a few weeks ago. The only thing I have done is just replaced a tension pulley, (1) alternator and (1) fuel pump.

I have had the truck for 4 years, and bought it when it had 130,000 miles. It now has 244,000.

I was having brake problems (spongy) I had the calipers replaced, drums, rotors and all new brakes and an alignment. I drove off $1000.00 later, and brakes are still spongy, replaced brake booster, still spongy, and now the ABS light comes on.

After that, I had a heater core leak, and on the day I was taking it to the mechanic to fix, I had a misfire in #4, which the valve was stuck open. A full tune-up, new radiator, machined heads, fuel and water pump, and manifold gasket later, the truck sounds beautiful, but has no power on acceleration like before. I feel like I am driving an electric moped... what was the $2100.00 for?


28th Aug 2010, 08:03

I have a 1998 Silverado with 137000 miles, I bought the truck with 25000 miles on it in 1999. Since then I have had the fuel pump replaced 6 times (bought the lifetime warranty the first time, so GM pays for it and the wrecker to tow it to the shop). Replaced the wiper board once, and the door handles are hanging on by a thread. The front rotors have warped twice, but all in all, I am very happy with my Silverado. Thinking of buying another one and letting my teenage son drive this one.

2nd Sep 2010, 00:12

I've had my 98 1500 with 5.7 L motor since 01. It had 20K miles.

30k replaced stock filter with K/N kit - love it.

70K replaced wiper motor (from Napa) - has worked great ever since.

~75k replaced rear brake light circuit boards - used redesigned boards $30.

80k replaced water pump & thermostat.

~85k rebuilt rear end, all the oil leaked out (my fault, didn't address it when I first noticed the leak).

90k tune up -plugs, wires, rotor, distributor cap (cheap cap) will upgrade soon.

~90k rebuilt transmission hesitating (got worst with time) when shifting to second gear, sunshell went bad $510.

95k replaced cheap heater hose connection to block - with Earls AN fitting it will never leak again!

100k manifold leak (seal eroded normally by thermostat) - resealed $400 and replaced head gasket.

Also replaced timing chain; it was loose & cracked the cover.

100k driver side exterior door handle - replaced with dealer part.

113k replaced fuel pump, but now the gas gauge is not accurate.

120k replaced interior driver side door handle - $10 Autozone.

125k turned front rotors - still works good.

~125k replaced shot up stock speakers - Polk audio with amp work great.

Currently at ~140k, next on the list:

Replace O2 sensors and cat. converter - Magnaflow cats.

Install Doug Throlleys headers

Figure out the up hill service light condition, and on & off again rough idle.

Still runs strong despite the problems (rolling til the wheels fall off)!

11th Oct 2010, 21:20

Owned My Z71 Silverado 5.7 L V8 Ext Cab for 10 years. Everything mentioned has happened to this truck. Most recently now complete brake failure. Drum brakes now leaking, along with rotted out brake lines. Front brakes; the anti locks started to do the shudder, so I removed the antilock fuse until I could have the sensors checked.

I live in the North East, and I power wash the undercarriage on this vehicle constantly. Does not help; rust is now everywhere, and I see it starting under the door panels.

I am looking at a new GMC CK2500 HD, wondering if I will see the same problems. I have owned a Ford F150 before, and never again.

Not sure which American truck is better. I wish Japanese market made 6.0L or 6.6L, then I would have a purchasing option.

10th Nov 2010, 10:02

I have a 99 Silverado 1500 with 4.8 V8 (new body style). I bought it new. Overall it's been a good truck. But...

ABS went out at about 50k after warranty. Cost about 800.

Fuel gauge went out soon after warranty expired. I use the trip odometer as my gas gauge. If my fuel pump ever quits, I'll fix it and the gas gauge at the same time.

At about 120, my oil pan plug leaked, resulting in replacement of the aluminum oil pan costing over 400.

New tranny at about 150 k, cost about 2000.

New shocks at 150K cost $500.

Rear brakes at about 170 k, original fronts still good.

Water pump at 185.

Miscellaneous other repairs, belts, gaskets, batteries, etc.

I know have about 185 on the truck.

21st Nov 2010, 21:08

I purchased my 1998 K-1500 in 2000 with 40,000 miles on it. It now has 152,000 miles and overall has been a very good truck.

I have replaced the alternator, axle shaft (self induced break), 1 fuel pump and the radio. I had an extended warranty on it so the fuel pump and radio were covered.

Right now it leaks coolant and I'm going to look into the intake manifold. Also I'm pretty sure it needs a new fuel pump because it loses pressure when I shut it off and recently the fuel gauge has begun to vibrate.

I also have the blower motor clicking that many people talk about and a backlight to the radio and dash is out. I'm going to put some money into these repairs and then hope it runs well for another 25,000 miles.

I'm amazed at how consistent the problems are...

26th Dec 2010, 22:13

I've owned my 1998 C1500 extended cab since 2000. It had 32,000 on the odometer. It came with the 5.7 Vortec motor.

Replaced the alternator once, master cylinder once, intake manifold gasket once (although it started to leak again), fuel pump went out at 127,000, they usually go out at 130,000 (it owes me 7,000).

Front brake rotors.

Belt tensioner and idler pulley.

Suspension parts here and there (California roads are not the best).

All in all, it has been one of the most reliable vehicles I've owned. It gets regular oil changes and the transmission serviced once a year. Yes, the door handles break, the window motors break too. But, it's expected. Mechanical parts do fail.

The important parts, like the drive train and the brakes always work.

Best vehicle I've owned to date. And it's still easy to work on. 152,000 miles, and still going strong as a daily driver.

Going to get a paint job soon. Saved the money for the eventual engine and transmission failure. It will cost me 2500 for both. It happens even to the "reliable" car makers. Still cheaper than a car payment.

Like I said, all in all, the best and most reliable vehicle I've owned. Nothing but love for my Chevy.