18th Feb 2004, 09:07

You are depressing me I just bought a '99 Tahoe LT w/65,000 miles. No problems yet just a little corrosion on battery terminals.

30th Mar 2004, 15:45

I own a 1999 LT tahoe 4x4 4door and I've had the computer replaced, lights in radio go out, door acuator on driver side malfunctions, and it seems to move side to side on the highway. It also has had brake problems with ABS which was the cause for my vehicle to weave in and out on the road. Chevy needs to get some brains in there engineering dept.

6th Oct 2004, 11:54

Bought a 99' Chevy Tahoe; worst car I have ever owned. Everything that could go wrong with a car did with this one. Fuel Pump went out, radio goes in and out, no known cause. Axel had to be replaced right away. Brakes were replaced one year after purchase. Cracked engine in 2003. Windshield wipers broke. The car came with a piece that was not a Chevy product so makes a humming sound and is too expensive to replace. My view is to stay away from Chevy all together. This car has been nothing but a nightmare which a single mom of two really doesn't need right now.

10th Oct 2004, 23:00

Fortunately, I read this site before I went out and bought my 1999 2 Door Tahoe Sport. I was prepared and agreed only to buy it with a reduced cost on the GM Maintenance agreement since the truck has 64,000 miles and from what I see on here, that is where my trouble will begin.

Just took the Tahoe over to my buddy who owned one previously cause it felt like it was all over the road and also like it won't stop. While doing this, he looks under the hood and sees the coolant leak from the Intake Manifold.

Now you see why I bought the warranty. All of the things I've read here are happening to me.

Anyone have any more input on the braking and steering? Would love to hear it.

28th Oct 2004, 17:46

I have a 1999 LT 4X4. My keyless remote intermittently fails to work. My fuel pump went out while I was driving and the car completely died in on the road. The weather stripping seal on the rear doors failed and rain entered. These are known problems and there are TSB's (Technical Service Bulletins) out on some of these problems. My "Check Engine Soon" was coming on intermittently, generally on an incline, so I took it in. They replaced a seal on the rear of the Intake Manifold and I haven't had the problem since. I think the incline caused the fluid to leak enough to trigger a sensor. Aside from the the car dying on me the problems have been somewhat minor and more of a nuisance... luckily I purchased the extended warranty. You can check out what some of the TSB's involve by searching the internet.

20th Oct 2005, 13:44

I purchased a 1999 Tahoe one year ago. It was for my family. Since my purchase, I have had nothing, but problems. First it was the engine. Both the intake and exhaust manifold gaskets needed replaced. Next the water pump went bad. After that, I noticed the ABS wasn't working in the snow. As a result, I took it to the dealer for repairs. After that, the left rear brake blew apart causing my spouse to almost have an accident. Now the brakes grab and no one can seem to fix it. When they grab, the left rear tire locks up causing the ABS to function. In addition to the brakes, the steering would loose all resistance at times while turning. After almost having an accident myself, I took it to the dealer to have a sensor replaced on the steering. Also, every time I pull out, it sounds like I have a broken trans mount. I was told there is a problem with the drive shaft and a 350 dollar part will fix it. Additionally, the front drive axle leaks, and the vehicle is hard to keep on the road over 65 mph, the alternator was replaced, the tail shaft on the transfer case has been replaced twice, a transmission line has broken, and the transfer case mount has been replaced. Now, one year later, the vehicle has 60k on it. I can't believe this many things could have gone bad at such a low mileage. Plus, how can this be considered safe?

26th Oct 2005, 00:12

I have a 99 tahoe with 130,000 miles. Have owned it for quite some time and have only had the common intake gasket problem with it, other than that it has been a great vehicle.

13th Nov 2005, 19:46

I have a 1999 Tahoe LT with over 131,000 miles. I have had two problems: the intake manifold leak and the cheap AC-Delco battery's post broke off.. but that's fine, I like Diehard Batteries battery. However, those depressed, do not! This car is great and anyone who is complaining about brakes and tires having to being replaced...WALK. Tires are meant to wear out between 50-65k miles. Brakes are meant to wear out. If you don't want to pay for these repairs, don't buy a car!

9th Dec 2005, 12:36

1999 Tahoe LS - 69,000.

Two scary incidences; the first was a bad batter cable. My wife was driving on the freeway & the cable lost its connection. The car computer triggered a total shutdown, including power steering. She barely got it over to the side of the road - probably bad luck. The second was the fuel pump. at 65,000 miles, it went out on the freeway - again, the car computer triggered a total shutdown. Again, barely got to the side of the freeway. Not too happy with the total shutdown-on-the-freeway-thing.

Now, at 69,000, I have coolant leaking - just had an estimate for $800 to replace the intake manifold & suggested the water pump would be the next to go. Both would run $1,100 if done together. Water pump alone is $500.

Spoke to a friend who had similar issues. He was told the 100,000 mile anti-freeze in the 1999 & 2000 models eats away at the engine. Chevy has since changed the chemical make-up, but the damage is probably done. Engine is next to go...

Love the truck, but it seems the repairs between 60 & 80k are too many for coincidence.

18th Mar 2006, 01:40

I have a 99 Tahoe LS 4WD, 125,000 miles, second set of tires, intake manifold replacement. Regular service. Runs good, 17 mpg. Runs great. Feels good at 80 mph on freeways.

Brother-in-law with same experience.

31st Mar 2006, 00:44

I purchased a 1999 Tahoe with 122,000 miles. on it. Love it. 6,000 miles later though, my transfer case is making a horrible grinding noise. I had driven in 4 hi for 12 miles at 65 MPH. Then another 12 miles at the same speed. Did I do something wrong? Is that considered high speed for long distance? I am looking at a repair bill of $500-$1500. Ouch.

I am wondering if this is a problem in Chevy Tahoe's or just the way I drive and the high mileage.

31st Mar 2006, 21:13

I am happy with my ’99 Tahoe LT 2-door 4x4, which I bought new. I have put 135,000 miles on it, mostly 75 mph highway. About 10% of the miles were in 4wd, through horrible winters and I tow my boat in the summer. The fuel pump had to be replaced 2-years ago, and just today the typical water leak from the intake manifold gasket was repaired. Because of normal “wear and tear,” I have also replaced the front brakes, battery, serpentine belt, both u-joints and air/oil filters. Not all of the radio’s dash lights work any more. Aside from that, everything else is original, even the spark plugs, wires, and trans fluid. I have abused this truck, and it has not let me down.