1999 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 5.8 from North America


We like this vehicle, but are very unhappy with the "unfix able" problems.


Clunk in rear.

Noise in front suspension.

General Comments:

These problems have been with the car since we bought it. It has been back to dealer 5 times and they are now telling us it is a common problem called drive line lash. There telling us that this problem cannot be fixed.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2003

21st Oct 2003, 19:52

My 1999 Yukon Denali did the same thing not long after I purchased it new. After repeated complaints, the dealer finally called the factory and they determined that the transfer case had "sticky gears". To correct the problem they had to drain the transfer case and refill it (supposedly repeating the process several times).

It appeared to get rid of the problem for the past 3 years.

Now if I can only figure out why the ABS wants to engage only when going very very slowly. Yours might do the same soon.

1999 Chevrolet Tahoe 5.3 litre V-8 from North America


Unlike a rock! A gas guzzling, breakdown!


38900 miles: Engine would not turn over, on sporatically. Found that it was a security device in the ignition switch that kills the fuel to the injectors. This had malfunctioned.

41000 miles: Driver door actuator failed to lock the door with the key-less remote.

41500 miles: service engine soon light. Dealer claims it was part of the ignition switch problem. Reset it.

43500 miles: service engine soon light. Dealership says it is a sticking valve and requires an entire valve job. Already?

General Comments:

Like a Rock. I think a dirt clod has better reliability. Never will buy American again. You would think Chevy would know how to build trucks by now. I am currently back to driving my reliable 1987 Nissan Pathfinder with 175000 miles on it and no problems..

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Review Date: 10th September, 2003

26th Aug 2007, 15:40

It sounds as if people do not know how to take care of their truck. By getting things looked at and/or fixed early, they could have saved lots of time and money. My Tahoe has 130000 miles and has required only minor repairs, but I take great care of my truck.

27th Jul 2008, 20:16

First of all the Tahoe and the Vortec 5700 is a rock solid choice... go and try to repair a Japanese counterpart and see what that runs you...

The chevy does eat gas, but parts are cheap and you can actually get under the hood to do repairs...

Good luck with your foreign truck purchase.

1999 Chevrolet Tahoe LS 5.7 from North America


Very strong engine


So far we had the alternator go out at 101000 miles, and it already had a rebuilt one in it, so this is a concern.

General Comments:

After waiting 8 years for my first Tahoe and then needing to take it straight from the dealer on an emergency trip from California to Montana (3000 miles),we never had a problem. I am so impressed with it and it is so fast and strong.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2003

29th May 2004, 09:29

Update to this entry at one year later, still a great truck, replaced fuel pump, and that's about it. Still pinching myself over this Tahoe, it is by far the best truck/car I have ever had, all I can say is WOW! Wonder if it stays this great due to the mild weather here in California, seems a lot of problems in the other reviews were due to severe cold and wet climates?

22nd Jun 2008, 20:40

Hey, you think the 99' model is fast, just wait till you drive one of the new 07' or 08' Tahoe's, HANG ON TIGHT!!!

27th Jul 2008, 20:18

The new body styles suck and look like crap... compared to the 1999 and 2000...the curvy style by far is the best...

1999 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 3.57 from North America


The Good, the bad and the ugly..


Bought off auction Lot with 42,300 miles.

Key less remote - stopped working off and on. Took it into the dealer and was told that a switch was cracked on the mechanism that worked with the remote, did not replace cost $400.00.

Replaced tires at 50,000 miles.

June of 2003, 60,000 - Fuel pump went while driving, very costly $700.00.

Intake manifold was found to have a leak when replacing fuel pump. $400.00.

August of 2003, 64,400 - Reverse went out, then on way to dealer, Drive went out as I pulled into service area. Thought it was the transmission. Mechanic took apart transfer case, all fine there. Tried to add an encoder to transfer case and it solved the problem. My extended warranty (Nationwide Auto Dealers group - never purchase this) did not cover it. Cost $1,700.

August of 2003, 64,400 - While adding encoder noticed leak in rear differential.

August of 2003, 64,400 - back brake pads down to nothing, placed $170.

Dash light on radio not working, fuse good, must be internal light.

General Comments:

Being 6'8 this car is very roomy. Lots of head room and enough storage space for a weekend of camping or a hunting trip. The dog loves it too... One exception rear windows only go down 1/3 of the way so, my poor dog cannot stick his head out of the window.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2003

27th Aug 2003, 12:34

Sounds bitter needs to move on.

3rd Jan 2004, 21:19

Purchased a 99 Tahoe LT in November 99 with 71K miles. Dec99 with 74K miles intake is leaking coolant.$300.repair at a private shop. GM dealer wanted $475. to start. Jan 2 o4 rear brakes gone. $35.Auto Zone self change (saved $150.) and found rear shocks gone so I changed them also. Additionally light are burned out in the radio.