21st Sep 2010, 21:05

I am a 99 Tahoe owner who was a Chevy fan for years. Not any more.

1st Oct 2010, 23:28

Actually, you should realize my last comment was a parody of those who complain to the n'th degree about their late '90's Tahoe rigs. My '99 Tahoe (which I bought new) has been awesome, in every respect, and cannot complain about one single thing. I find it hard to believe some of the posters have had such problems. Maybe they have had problems, especially when buying used, but my rig was as good as I could have ever expected. It has served me well, and I have owned a number of 4-wheel vehicles. Good job, Chevy, anyone who tells me otherwise is barking up the wrong tree :) Don't know about their newer models, but will always appreciate my '99 Tahoe, regardless of what any of you might say to run it down.

26th Dec 2010, 22:21

I agree with that last posting. I bought my '99 Chev Tahoe new and I still love my ride!! So dependable and comfortable. Have you all been faithful about changing your oil and regular maintenance? A little goes a long way!! Love my Tahoe!!!


13th Feb 2011, 07:26

I have a 99 Tahoe 5.7 LT. It has 270k. It is not 4Wheel like I would like, but it will go through anything!

The only thing I have ever had to replace on it was one fuel pump (and of course tires and general tune up parts). Door handle on passenger side is broken on the inside, and will not lock or unlock from the outside.

This is the best vehicle I have ever owned. Currently looking for another one!!!

27th Mar 2011, 19:41

I have a 1999 4x4 great truck 200,000 miles. I have put on a fuel pump, brakes, stocks and tires. It is still running good.

1st Apr 2011, 19:10

Yes, it is an issue with the 99 Tahoe LTS. I have had the chain in my transfer case on my Tahoe stretch 3 times. Shortly it goes back in for another repair on the transfer case. It really bugs me that GM has not found a solution to the problem. Last I knew, they were trying to find a solution back in 2002, but I have not heard anything else since than.

26th Oct 2011, 10:45

I traded my 2000 Durango (4.7) for a 99 Tahoe LT; replaced the fuel sender and gauge. I'm in the process of rebuilding the front end (doesn't need it).

Mine has 187,000 miles, and I love this vehicle, that's the reason I'm doing all of this routine maintenance.

I'm planning to keep it; lots of power and a smooth ride.

3rd Nov 2011, 20:22

I recommend a good preventive maintenance plan to all; spend the extra money on synthetic oils and additives. Lucas and Royal Purple products are outstanding. A fuel pump's life will depend on several factors; how often the filter is changed, and don't run the fuel down to empty. The pump relies on the fuel to cool it, and causes it to work harder. In warmer climates, increase maintenance intervals on the transmission and differentials. It's not difficult to do any of the work yourself. Buy a Chilton's manual; it will save you lots of money in the long run.

3rd Nov 2011, 20:30

65K on the fuel pump? They should be changed every other year, or more often, depending on conditions.

26th Nov 2011, 18:37

How many miles does the Tahoe have now?

14th Feb 2012, 23:51

The fuel pump is inside the fuel tank. The fuel in the tank cools the pump. When you run the tank low on fuel, the pump may run hot. This can be from never filling up all the way.

Also change the large fuel filter.

15th Feb 2012, 16:44

Fuel pump changed every other year? Huh? I have never changed a fuel pump ever on any car I have had. Now they are in the tank on many cars, and are very hard to get to. Why would I want to change this part if it still works?

15th May 2012, 22:03

To the single mother who replaced trans. 4/6? times and steering box more than once, please find a new and reputable mechanic. The steering gear box can be adjusted to tighten up the gear spacing to remove excessive play. That alone in my opinion indicates to me your mechanic is taking advantage of you, as he sees you are a woman who is probably not mechanically inclined, and therefore an easy target.

5th Dec 2012, 23:51

I just bought my 99 Tahoe with 196000 on it, and it runs beautiful. Have had to fix a brake switch, little stuff, but as far as performance goes, it's great.

15th Jan 2013, 17:34

Sounds like you have the electro-chromic auto dimming mirrors. My '99 LS has just the rearview one of those. It failed and was replaced with a 20 dollar one from a hardware store. The mirror oozed a goop like you mentioned. The price to replace the fancy mirror ranged from 375$ to 500$.

22nd Feb 2013, 16:48

The clanging noise is universal joint on the front drive shaft. I just replaced mine today, as I have the same problem.

26th May 2014, 03:04

Did you ever find out what it was?

14th Jul 2014, 17:17

Might be leaking out of a frost plug; had that problem once.

3rd Mar 2015, 21:18

There are 2 coolant seals in the back of the motor by the firewall. I had my mechanic pull the whole motor out and replace them for 450 bucks.