20th May 2008, 10:25

I purchased a 99 2dr Tahoe used about 2 years ago with 105K miles on it. For the first year it ran fine with no problems. That is not the case as of this last year. Within the last year I have had a new engine put in, a new fuel pump (twice), new master cylinder and brake booster, fixed a leaky radiator, replaced upper and lower ball joints, and now I'm gonna have to replace the rear differential. This truck has been a pain, but I can't bring myself to get rid of it because half the parts are new (but I am really close).

I did also have the problem with the speed not getting above 30-40 even with the pedal fully pressed. For this I had to change the gas pedal position sensor.

25th Jun 2008, 09:52

I have owned my 1999 Tahoe for about 4 years now and have had nothing but problems with it. Today it is in the shop because the fuel pump went out last night - $858.

Last month it started to overheat and when I took it in they found water in the oil. This was caused by the coolant eating away the manifold gasket - $780.

Earlier this year the driver's side window stopped going up and down. Had to replace the motor in the door - $300.

Last year at this time the water pump went out and had to have that replaced.

The windshield wipers have never worked properly, they will go wildly at times and other times will stop right in the middle of the windshield.

The passenger side door lock will sometimes not open all the way and then the door cannot be closed. I have to carry a screwdriver in the glove box to fix it.

I have had to replace the battery at least 4 times. I have not had it troubleshot to find out what is causing batteries to die on me.

The rear tail light went out and after weeks of troubleshooting I finally figured out it was the back-plane of the light where the bulbs plug into.

I really want to dump this car but it is paid off and it is still cheaper to fix it than it is to buy another car. Very, very frustrating!

3rd Oct 2008, 18:16

I had a 99 Tahoe and the alt went out while driving on the highway. That cost around $170 and was about 3 years ago. Ex-wife took it in the divorce. The fuel pump went out on her about 6 months ago. I loved the truck so much I bought a 99 Yukon in January 2007 with only 90k miles. Now it has 108k miles. My fuel pump went out about 3 months ago $200+. Had to have the door handle replaced. Rear window got broke out so had that replaced $500. The front locks work when they want with the clicker or the button. My Yukon is now making a clicking/rattling noise underneath now. Sounds like the exhaust almost but I can't find anything loose. Only makes the noise when I punch the gas or taking off from a stop. I use it work work and pull various trailers including a 8x16 cargo trailer full of construction tools. Had issues with the hood not opening. Also when I first bought it the starter went out but the dealership replaced it for free as I had only had it 2 days. Fuel filter replaced along with plugs and distributor cap. All new tires about 3k miles ago. I like the room as the newer Tahoes/Yukons are (or at least feel) smaller inside. Just wish it had the 3rd row seats.

11th Oct 2008, 14:23

I checked this site for the purpose researching coolant leaks and found the info very helpful. Interesting good-bad reviews of the Tahoe. I've had my 99 Tahoe LT since new and it now has almost 150K on it. It's been a great rig. The only major problems were a fuel pump, water pump and driver side radiator tank gasket going bad. I'm thinking my current coolant leak may be with the intake manifold, which I've read to be a common problem. I'd buy another Tahoe.

27th Oct 2008, 16:45

I bought a 99 Tahoe about 2 months ago. I have already had to replace the brakes and have had to put new tires on it. Just yesterday the "Service Engine Soon" light came on. I took it to a mechanic and was told that the intake gasket needed to be replaced because there was a coolant leak. I was given a quote of over $1000.00 to fix. This is utterly ridiculous. My truck only has 102,000 miles on it.

9th Nov 2008, 06:20

99 Tahoe 2dr purchased new. Has 125K miles now. Love this vehicle. Replaced brakes, u-joints, ABS sensors, slip-yoke, starter, heater blower.

25th Nov 2008, 15:04

I love my Tahoe, ('99 4 door LT) when it is running well. But it is honestly broke down at least once every two months. It is literally sitting broke down, at my house right now, with a bad fuel pump and a leaking intake manifold gasket. I have every record on this truck since it was new, and I have been meticulous with everything I have done to the truck. I've babied it, never raced or beat on it, towed anything, and it is stored in a garage year-round. But the truck keeps falling apart. I have put $6,000 in parts in it over the last few years, and MOST importantly, I don't trust the truck anymore. That's the worst feeling. I don't even want to take it on trips anymore, for fear of it breaking down...again!

9th Dec 2008, 14:03

I have owned a 99 Tahoe LS since it was new (Sept. 98).

It is actually been quite good on batteries, brakes and tires, and I haven't replaced the shocks or any exhaust parts (now at 115k).

I replaced the front light bulbs once.

I had to have the front end aligned, which is not a pleasant thing because of the way they align the vehicles in the factory.

Repairs have been as follows after ten years, both rear tail light modules, both front window motors, water pump, the main engine gasket, two starters which turned out to be a badly corroded battery cable (only cost me $100 deductible once), and last but not least, rebuilt the transmission at 105k... so much for that 100k power train warranty.

I had two small rust spots on the roof and a small one on the front; otherwise the body is in good condition.

I'm not getting rid of it anytime soon, as you can't beat the room, and as someone else said, it's cheaper to repair than buy a new one. The new Tahoe is not as roomy. Not sure why they put that huge center console in, but it pushes against my hip.

27th Dec 2008, 13:06

I have a '99 Tahoe 5.7, I noticed that a lot of you are posting that the fuel pump went bad; mine has 240K miles on it now and mine just went. I use synthetic oil in it and had it tuned up a little while ago at the dealership. I noticed when talking with the service man that unless you have an experienced mechanic working on your Tahoe, your results are gonna be frustrating. When he tuned it up, it ran like the thing was brand new.

I have replaced the transmission, but that was at 210K, and new tires twice, but then again I got the thing when it had 155K.

Yes I have had probably all the same problems that you guys listed, but as far as the windows not working, the lock switch if you hit it back and forth a few dozen times everything works...

I do grease all the fittings myself and change my own oil, and I visually inspect it at least once a month.. I have had no problems with it and use 93 octane no matter what the price is... I have had long trips with it and have no problems...

The ticking noise is also there, but like everything else it's the same as what everyone else is going through.. so the ticking, transmission, fuel pump, but I believe that's all wear and tear... especially tires... the cheaper brand tires do not work on such a big vehicle, you should get the all terrain truck tires and this way you may not have to worry about them for awhile...

Brakes and oil change, do it yourself... as far as the pump.. you guys should learn how to do it yourself.. there's a big difference (800-960) for a dealer to do the work with a 229-259 priced item... keep it clean and the weight off of it and you'll see a big difference in gas mileage. if your tires are inflated right and air and oil changed, all weight out, add a little acetone (pure - available in most beauty supplies shops) one ounce per 5 gallons and watch your mileage double...