8th Jan 2009, 18:35

My father purchased a 1995 Tahoe brand new and sold it to me with 140K miles on it in 2000. The car now has 297K miles on it and has overall been a great vehicle.

I have replaced the exhaust twice, tires, brakes, water pump, alternator, radiator, and now will replace the heater core.

If you take this vehicle to the dealer you will get killed on repairs.

Overall, this is a simple vehicle to work on. I replaced the alternator myself and will most likely replace the heater core myself as well.

It is a great truck. After 300K I will probably start looking for another one with under $150K on it. I usually have about one repair a year with a price tag between $100 and $500.

Overall, this is a great vehicle. I use it to tow my boat and carry dive gear. It is also a great ride to cart a bunch of friends around on Saturday night.

25th Mar 2009, 22:16

I have a 1999 Chevy Tahoe LS 4x4. We bought it in August of 1999, it now has 147,000 miles on it.

All in all it has been a good truck. Had a really good ride when I got it, not so good now.

A few years ago I had to replace the intake gasket just like everyone else did.

Had a ball joint re-welded on the front passenger side, and new shocks put on because I had vibration or shimmying when going above 55 mph.

My lights on my radio are also all out now. I lost the lights a few at a time until they were all gone.

I have a problem with my seat belt locking up on the second row driver side; it won't pull down at all.

A few months ago my right side blinker and brake light quit working. My husband replaced the whole assembly and it works fine.

A few months later, the left side went out. He replaced it too, but it worked for a few weeks, then he replaced it again. Now it works sometimes and not others. It may work and quit working in the middle of turn. Seems like when it is cold out it works more often, and as soon as it warms up it quits again. Just wondered if anyone else was experiencing these blinker and brake light issues? The tail light, reverse light works fine. No flasher, brake light or blinker on the left side at all.


Sikeston, MO.

9th Apr 2009, 09:26

My 1999 Tahoe (2-door 2WD) just hit 200k miles. Bought it in 2001 with 65k on it - put a cold air intake and throttle body spacer on it. I've done the fuel pump once. The alternator once. Doing the lower intake manifold this month. Aside from that, the engine still purrs. Good acceleration. These are good trucks if you maintain them. It's lived through many a Denver and Chicago winter, so I have faith in it. And you can't top the 2 door model as far as looks are concerned.

9th Apr 2009, 14:46

I bought my '99 Tahoe in 2003 with 84k on it. First thing I did was swap the ghetto rims out for the newer Tahoe wheels and put some beefy mud tires on it. Then a K&N intake, true dual Flowmaster exhaust, and transmission cooler (I haul my 8400lb camping trailer a lot).

It now has 174k on it and runs great. The only problems I've had with it are the water pump, clunk when engaging 4Lo (done this since I bought it, harmless), coolant leak, and now a leaking head gasket. The head gasket has been leaking for well over a year now, the only effect from this is constant steam from the tail pipe that is barely noticeable, and starting a week ago some bearing tick under load at low RPMs, due to the coolant eating away at them. No drop in mileage or power. When this motor finally goes, I'll swap another motor in, lift it, install lockers, put some custom winch bumpers on, roof rack, shocks, etc. and make it a wheeler. It's 4 wheel drive system is sufficient to get me through whatever I need to on the trails when hunting, and I have a built Jeep to do the trail runs.

I just bought a new truck to tow my trailer with so I don't need to focus this rig on towing anymore.

The Tahoe has plenty of power, sounds good, and with air bags in the back tows the trailer just fine. These are good, solid rigs to own. I've enjoyed the hell out of mine.

9th Apr 2009, 15:11

I purchased my 1999 Chevy Tahoe LT 4DR in 2003 with 39,000 miles on it.

Like most of you, I've had the fuel pump go out on me in 2005, which ran me up around $700.00 to replace... I don't have my repair bill in front of me, but it's somewhere in that neighborhood... I understand that there were no recalls for this issue as it is an occurring problem found in this vehicle. I've also had to replace the alternator, which was around the $150-170.00 to be replace, and the starter which was about $50.00.

Within the last six months I've had to have the water pump replaced, which was caused by natural wear and tear after the vehicle reached 100,000 miles. The repair cost I think was about $350.00. The intake manifold had to be replaced, which which also ran me in the neighborhood of $700.00 to have replace do to again wear and tear.. and just this week I paid $275.00 to repair a transmission leak.

All of this has been due to natural wear and tear of the vehicle.. honestly I love my truck and I'm not looking to trade it, donate, sale it no time soon. Honestly like the previous posting before, you just have to take care of your vehicle.. I'm not worried about tires, and brakes... again that's natural...

The only issues I currently have with my vehicle right now... the lights indicating what drive mode I'm in flickers in and out, but for the most part it stays on 2X wheel drive, and my day time lamps are not working even though the indicator on my dashboard says there are on, and my driver side mirror has leaked something like glue causing a double vision when I see vehicle in it, and last but not least, my hatchback leaks when it rains heavy... outside of that... it's a damn fine TRUCK.

Kelly B.


18th Apr 2009, 22:59

I also have a 99 Tahoe LS 4 wheel drive with 80K. Had it for about 1 year and a half. Bought it in Texas and no sooner than did I drive it off the lot than the radiator leaked ($400) and the fuel pump go out ($500). Then drove it to CO and the intake manifold started leaking. ($850)

Just took it in for a service check-up, and came find out ball joints need replacing, power steering gear box leaking, and oil cooler lines leaking.

In the time I've owned so far both inside door handles broke and replaced ($25 each). Outside drivers door handle cracked; still works but replaced that also ($25).

Have noticed a decrease in my braking power, even though I replaced brakes all the way around. Possible brake booster and or master cylinder.

The color of it is green, and oxidation is starting on the roof and the hood.