28th Mar 2007, 18:55

The Radio!!! I bought my Tahoe used it's a 1999. I love the truck to death, it's my baby. But... When I bought it the battery was dead. The dealer put a new one in. Six months later it was dead again. I took it to a wiring person who traced it to the radio. He took the radio out and I replaced it with another original radio. Six months later I have a dead battery again. The charging system was checked. The problem was again traced to the radio. They tell me it is draining 8 volts instead of the 5. Now I am faced with replacing the radio again. I am afraid to put another factory radio in it. Has anyone else had radio problems??? Otherwise I love my truck.

9th Apr 2007, 13:56

I purchased a used 1999 tahoe last month at 140,000 miles, a month later it is making a knocking sound and 4 wheel drive doesn't work. What should I do?

21st May 2007, 11:32

If you buy a Tahoe looking for a big comfortable ride, you will get that for a while, BUT sooner or later, lack of use for its intentional purpose will bite you. You should not buy a Tahoe or a Yukon if you are simply looking for a big comfortable vehicle. Sure they come with the refinements of luxury sedans, but if that's what you're looking for buy a luxury sedan.

I bought my 99 Tahoe so that I can hook up a trailer and pull 4500 pounds with little effort and few worries about stopping the beast. Power windows and cruise control are great, but they don't get you from point A to point B. Granted, the 1500 SUV platform has issues with intake leaks, and radio lights -- but they don't leave the truck paralyzed. Those folks who run into bad fuel pumps should buy their fuel from a reputable establishment and keep an eye on the fuel filter, and refill at a quarter tank when possible... you get to the bottom of a tank and the sediment and debris down there make the pump work harder, (or a stopped up fuel filter) -- you make the pump work harder, it's life will be shorter.

Basically, pre 2000 Tahoes and Yukons were built to work: Think about it like a horse, if the horse works frequently, then it's up to the task when you need it. If that same horse just hangs out in the pasture most of the time, meandering around with no load at a leisurely pace, well then, you end up with a lazy horse that has all kinds of problems... If you don't need the "utility" of the full size SUV, then do yourself a favor and buy something else. All big SUV's that are truly "utility" will develop problems if you've bought it to replace the station wagon; expeditions, excursions, suburbans, yukons, and tahoes alike. If you just want space buy Japanese: pathfinders and four runners and their full size counterparts were designed in consideration of soccer parents and grocery getters...

99 Tahoe LT - needs a steering position sensor to make one of the "luxury" upgrades stop interfering with the operation of the truck. But no complaints -- it's a real work horse "with plenty of space to take the wife and kids with me" when I go to Lowe's -- which is not always a benefit.

5th Aug 2007, 19:06

I have owned a 99 tahoe for 5 years. Purchased it with 48k miles on it and it has been a reliable vehicle. I have done all the routine maintenence on the vehicle and have not had any major problems with the vehicle. The intake manifold leak just started at 110k miles and it is going in the shop this week. A few of the radio lights do not work, the door handles are cracked, but work fine, and the battery post has broken out of the battery twice. The vehicle runs great on the interstate and is a smooth ride. I think the engine is a workhorse and all the problems on this site that others are experiencing have eluded me so far.

30th Aug 2007, 17:58

Bought my 2 door Tahoe new in 99 with 18 miles on it. It now has 198000. No major problems except the fuel pump. Have replaced the door handle as well.

I abuse this car because I use it for what it was made for. Only thing to remember not to do to this SUV is don't go through a foot or so of water at 35 mph. The truck has decided to switch from 2H to 4H down to 4LO, back to 4H and then, just to annoy me, back down to 4LO in a parking lot with a screaming 2year old in the back seat. Going to try and change the thing that switches the gears (140.00) this weekend. If anybody thinks it's something different, please post so I can figure it out.

Lesson learned - Tahoe can go almost anywhere, just not as fast as she use to:)

31st Oct 2007, 16:49

I bought a '99 Tahoe 4x4 4 door about 4 years ago with 61k on it. I drove it 9k miles; the engine spun a rod bearing (installed a crate 5.7) evidently previous owner overheated it (probably due to intake or water pump failure. Now have 106k on vehicle. Have only done maintenance and other minor repairs. Transfer case noise solved by a simple change of fluid. No electrical problems whatsoever! Love this vehicle! Very comfortable on long trips, tows great, will keep until 200k barring any major problems! In spite of poor reviews maintenance should include more than oil changes! Get rid of orange (DEX) coolant as soon as possible! Install green and change every 3 years!

30th Apr 2008, 19:09

I have a 99 Tahoe LT. I bought it off a used car lot and it came with a 90 day warranty... first 90 days ran perfect.. since then I replaced the radiator $300... master cylinder $125.. front end work $300..

Now when I stop, and start to drive at low speed, the rear makes a clunk sound.. oil cooler lines are leaking.. just bought a new battery $125... truck was sluggish; full tune up $300..

My service engine soon light just came on, and 3 out of the 4 oxygen sensors are bad, $70 each..

I tried to do the right thing and stay American.... but in the future I don't think I will again.. every time I drive the truck I am waiting to see what goes next..

3rd May 2008, 17:20

I bought a 1999 Tahoe LT 4x4 4 dr with 125,000 miles on it last year in March. It has not given me any problems yet, just regular oil changes and I've had to replace the fuel filter twice.

I think the fuel pump is going out. My Tahoe now has 143,000 miles on it and just recently it has been acting up on me. I put the pedal to the floor and the rpm goes up to the 3 and it won't go any higher than that. Seems like it isn't getting enough gas or air or something, so if you know what the problem is just give me a shout.