11th Jun 2006, 13:55

I bought my 1999 Tahoe in 2003 with 53,000 miles. I had taken it to an oil change establishment at around 63,000 miles. Normally I do it myself. They failed to replace the rear differential plug causing a fluid leak and burned out the rear end while out of town. Had to replace the intake gasket at 83,000. Other than normal maintenance have had no problems. It gets 17-19 mpg. It is a great family vacation vehicle. I would buy another when this one wears out.

4th Sep 2006, 18:25

You're not supposed to go above 35mph in 4High!! and only for short distances, like 5 miles tops!! and 15mph in 4LOW! No wonder your transfer case failed! 4H and 4L are for navigating terrain that is steep, muddy, snowy, or sandy/gravel! Keep it in 2H and you won't have any problems, if you want extra traction then LOCK THE HUBS!! Unless it's AWD, then you already have awesome traction...

25th Oct 2006, 12:16

Have a 99 Tahoe, my mechanic has a 99 tahoe, both motors went between 88,000 and 93,000 (respectfully). Wondering if others are having problems. Worked fine one minute and then

4 hours later went back to leave, and squeaking noise heard.

Went to mechanic, then loud noise heard. New motor needed.

No idiot lights, no leaks as a warning.

26th Oct 2006, 18:00

I bought my 99' LS with 18K on it in October of 02'.

The selling point was the low miles.

I have had good luck until now November 06'with 41k.

There is a coolant leak and I can't find it to save my soul.

I jacked the truck up, crawled under it with a flashlight and looked for any evidence of liquid and couldn't find a drop anywhere.

Has anyone had the same problem and if so what was it and how much did it cost to fix?

I've been told the two most common problems are the heater diverter valve and the intake gasket. The latter being a 4-5 hour job. The leak is coming from the passenger side.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

1st Nov 2006, 12:33

I own a 1999 Chevy Tahoe. I purchased it used 4 years ago with 36000 on it and I know have 128000 on it. It has been a maintenance free vehicle until a couple of days ago. Heard this click, click, click when passing a wall with the window down and then the sound of the bottom of the truck falling out. Transfer case went bad along with the yoke and the u-joints to the tune of $2900.00. The truck has been maintenanced regularly and it appears that the transfer case seems to be a typical problem on a 4 wheel drive. I have found this to be a reliable vehicle and I have done quite a bit of traveling in it and can't complain about the mileage. I am still getting about 15-18 driving through TN and the hills. Any other problems Tahoe owners would like to fill me in on before I have another major repair bill?

12th Nov 2006, 08:47

I just bought a '99 Tahoe to pull my boat, it's great, however it only gets driven on the weekend so my question is, can anyone recomend any measures I should take to ensure that its lack of use doesn't end up affecting its performance?

18th Dec 2006, 06:12

I have a 99 Tahoe 4X4, that eats fuel pumps. Luckily the Mechanic I go to honors his warranty. Still can't figure out why the pump constantly goes out. Replaced the fuel injection "Poppets" awhile back at $1200.00, very bad design. I use it for Commuting and towing a small camper trailer. I love the vehicle, but can't afford to keep it.

10th Jan 2007, 17:11


I have a 1999 2 door Tahoe and I love it. I was really happy to read that someone else has the "tick, tick, tick" noise in the transfer case. I sounds like a bunch of those silver ball executive toys all ticking at different rates. So far she still locks into 4x4 without a problem.

I had brought it to the tranny shop for a look and they really did not know what it could be. Ironically, my fuel pump went while it was on the lift, $400. With the new pump, my truck actually runs better!

Also, the coolant leak is a very common problem on these 350's. The intake gasket has some kind of defect. Mine went after the 30 day warranty from the dealer, $500.

The front end needs work now, but the engine is still strong. The tranny was replaced last year at 113,000, $2300.

Even though the truck has given me grief, I plan on keeping this truck forever. I searched 5 months for a 2 door. They are hard to find.

12th Jan 2007, 10:30

It's funny reading some of these posts... I have a 99 4wd 4 dr Tahoe that has 189000 original miles, yes that's right 189000 - read on for the "amazing" part. The only replacement parts on it so far are brake pads, battery and the infamous intake gaskets - but at 189000 I am not complaining. Sometimes the pwr door lock actuators stick so I may replace them in the near future. It is an awesome piece of machinery.

-Charlie in Va.

20th Jan 2007, 17:55

I bought my 1999 2dr. five years ago with 19000 miles. I've had the fuel pump go out twice. The rear brakes grab, and the door handles and the E-brake have been replaced. It has 110,000 miles on it now and it still runs great. Sure would be nice if I could get that RT rear brake to stop grabbing.

7th Feb 2007, 18:04

I own a 1995 two door tahoe. I bought it with 68000 miles, it now has 130000. not many major problems, new starter, water pump, clutch with hydraulics, and u-joints. but for a 12 yr old vehicle its not bad. VERY RELIABLE, id buy another.

11th Feb 2007, 09:11

I bought a 1999 Tahoe Sport Z71 in 2001 with 50,000 miles on it. It was a lease return vehicle so I assumed it was well maintained. It now has 165,000 miles and has suffered most of the maladies that have been mentioned here already:

Fuel filter clogged/replaced-20 bucks or so.

Shortly after, fuel pump failed, $600.

U-joints. Replaced three times. 2 fronts and one rear. Get the greasable ones if you can.

Water leak on engine coming off the right bank. Couldn't find it. Finally a fitting on the intake above the right valve cover failed (corroded through). Fixed for $200. A/F ran along the valve cover aft and looked like a head gasket!

Brakes. I have done all of my own brake work and consider it routine maintenance.

Front tire wear. I finally found an expert alignment guy after an exhaustive search. I take it to him annually. I have no more issues with "pulling to the side" steering problems and I rotate my tires often. Alignment is critical on these Tahoes, people. I also grease the front end fittings religiously and have not had to replace a thing yet. If you off road much like I do, you need to grease often.

Transmission/transfer case. Trans has been flushed twice and recently, pan dropped, filter replaced and only findings were the normal clutch leavings. Transfer case fluid replaced also at same time. No issues noted. Front and rear differentials serviced (checked) often. No issues except for a seep from the front seal on the rear pumpkin.

I have not had the intake gasket leak yet. (Now, I have jinxed myself). I flushed out the cooling system of all factory coolant and have been running ethylene glycol since I bought it. Just might be why it hasn't failed yet. You can purchase corrosion inhibitors as an additive (highly recommended). Water pump still going strong too.

Alternator: replaced at 110,000 miles. It just failed. No big deal.

Battery: Post broke off and replaced at the same time when disconnecting the cable to replace the alt.

Engine: Bulletproof. Oil changed religiously @3,000 miles with the additive Rislone each time. (Thanks, Dad). Belt and tensioner replaced once. Air filter replaced annually.

Door handles: Both cracked, but not replaced. They still work OK.

Radio: Lights (LEDs) almost all not working. Shop says radio needs to be exchanged. No easy or cheap fix there. I have them all memorized and can still function in the dark! Overhead map light works good too if I forget! No big deal and not worth the money.

Although manufactured in Mexico, this truck has taken me to a lot of remote places and got me back. Some of the problems it has had were due to the punishment it gets from me. (Torn wire harness under a skid plate from ice shards on a frozen lake). I consider some of the issues it has had to be ridiculous because the model had a few years to be refined. But since I once owned an Oldsmobile diesel station wagon, none of this with the Tahoe chaps me too much.