11th Dec 2011, 12:27

You know, I just thought to look at all of the TB reviews on this site. I never have done that for some reason. Seems there are many many dishonest dealers out there, by the number of horrifically bad reviews there are of them. Seems many have sworn off American vehicles do to the TB... huh, who would have thought?

12th Dec 2011, 10:52

Here we go again, with the same comment and experience, over and over and over again. The same individual who thinks every person who buys GM is creating a mortal sin, and everybody whom has a good GM vehicle is a liar or they are lucky, and let's not forget imports are sooo perfect, they never have problems, and the ones that do are blown waaaay out of proportion. Sounds like a broken record "huh?"

Please, this is getting so old now, let what you call "domestic lovers" enjoy their vehicles, instead of acting like they are doing something wrong.

Also, if you want to talk about reviews on this site, there are just as many unsatisfied Yota and Honda owners on here.

12th Dec 2011, 20:51

When are you going to accept the fact that there are multi-GM owners that have not had the horrific situations that you have had?

Sorry, but the whole world of GM experiences does not revolve around yours, but you sure act like it does, and that's what starts these back and forth arguments.

Whether you know it or not, when you insult a person's vehicle, you are insulting the owner as well.

Personally I'm not a fan of imports, never owned one, but other family members of mine have, and had trouble with 2 Toyotas (YES, THEY WERE MAINTAINED PROPERLY!); call it a claim if you will. But yet I don't go on import threads and criticize people who own them, why? Because I truly don't give a rat's ass about what others drive, people who I don't even know.

Domestics have served me well for over 18 years now, GM and Ford, guess I should play the lottery seeing how I'm so lucky, and before you reply to this comment, which I know you will, take notes that I have not stated that domestics are better than imports. In this day and age, every manufacturer has problems and is cutting corners. There is a reason why you here so much jive about Nissan, Toyota, and Honda; the truth is the quality has gone down, plain and simple.

12th Dec 2011, 23:12

GM returned the government loan money ten-fold. It was the best bargain taxpayers ever got. For their modest investment to help their fellow citizens, taxpayers have watched as GM has opened a number of new U.S. plants employing tens of thousands of Americans. The tax revenues alone that have been generated is equal to ten times the amount of the loan (which, incidentally was repaid months ago).

12th Dec 2011, 23:29

How can you smell the transmission fluid burning when an automatic transmission is a sealed unit? There is no way you could smell fluid unless you have a leak somewhere. Believe me, I have seen transmissions with 200,000 miles on them from GM (yes, GM), and the fluid is blacker than the ace of spades, and you can't smell anything at all, and they still functioned like new.

13th Dec 2011, 12:54

And once again, anyone making any sort of argument that they "Don't like Imports" needs to more carefully weigh and calculate exactly what IS an import. Why? Because as mentioned repeatedly, it's impossible to state that one car versus another is imported versus domestic. Almost ALL cars these days are either built on platforms that were developed for a car that was originally developed overseas, or uses various components from global sources. There are countless domestic and imported brand cars that are either heavily American or heavily foreign produced. The top best-selling cars, as in the Accord and Camry, are both over 80% domestically produced - as in over 80% of the parts and stuff in them are actually made in the USA, and in many cases by American companies who source parts not only for import brands, but domestic brands as well.

So whenever I hear someone say that they just generically don't like imports, then that statement really doesn't mean all that much, other than stating you simply don't like a brand because its corporate headquarters is overseas. In turn, that doesn't mean that much in the grand picture if the products they make are in some cases more "American" than some of their domestic counterparts. Either way, this is a tired, old, exhausted topic that won't go away. Drive what you want.

13th Dec 2011, 15:18

Its very simple. Import or domestic is where the corporate headquarters are, and where the largest percentage of profits are sent to. It would be quite confusing if you saw a Toyota with an American flag in the grille. Or a Ford with a Japan flag integrated into the grille. So it's to simple know where the manufacturer's main offices and ownership are.

13th Dec 2011, 16:22

Because it WAS leaking. I traded the truck in with a totally dry front differential that had a failed seal, and the tranny was next to fail, as it was leaking as well.

13th Dec 2011, 16:22

I have heard this argument time and time again, and honestly I think the people who try to claim that buying an Accord or Camry is patriotic, are just trying to justify themselves. I will hand it to you that there is no doubt that the Japanese models built here in these United States helps the local and national economies. However, don't try to make false statements like they do more for the US than GM or Ford. Honda and Toyota both have headquarters in Japan, bottom line. Do you know where Ford and GM headquarters are?? A little place called Detroit, MI, right here in the US.

13th Dec 2011, 16:24

The government still owns a stake in GM. They returned money they borrowed by taking out more government loans. Essentially they paid themselves back. They still make essentially the same large SUV's and trucks they made before the recession, but magically they are so much better all of the sudden. You will see GM fail again if gas hits 4 per gallon. Nothing has changed with them.

13th Dec 2011, 16:37

Okay... nowhere have I ever said that there weren't people who have had good luck with their GM products. I only re posted the same story over and over because people don't seem to get the point. My point is that I used to need hefty repairs, and now I don't because I don't own anything GM anymore. That is it, plain and simple. Do I care what your experience is? Not really. Am I angry in anyway about GM or anyone that owns one? Absolutely not!! It is a free country.

But what I get from you... over and over... is that everyone who has issues and expensive repairs with GM products is getting taken and ripped off. That is what annoys me. What a major assumption. It is you that keeps claiming GM is so perfect that they have no issues, and not so much me that says they are all bad and no one ever has a good experience with one.

At the end of the day, I could find hundreds of people with bad Trailblazer experiences. Look at the reviews on this site for starters. I guess you could find hundreds of import owners with the same bad experiences. So what does it prove? I guess it is luck of the draw overall, and you are lucky with GM and I am lucky with imports and Fords.

We can just agree to disagree and go on about our lives, but stop assuming everyone who has bad experiences with GM products are inept and incapable of anything car related. Peace to you and good luck!