4th Jul 2010, 00:20

Warranties don't really vary to much these days. Honda's 5-year/60,000 mile warranty is the exact same thing as GM's 5-year/100,000 mile warranty (only way that extra 40,000 mile will help you is if you drive 20,000 miles a year. The majority of car buyers only drive 12,000 miles a year, and that's what Honda's warranty accounts for). Both Toyota and Ford use the same 5-year/60,000 mile warranty as Honda. The extra 40,000 miles on GM's warranty is really nothing more than a sales ploy.

Hyundai is the leader in the factory warranty department with its 10-year/100,000 mile warranty. As for me, my Honda came with a lifetime warranty.

8th Dec 2011, 11:16

Have 2002 Trailblazer LT Ext, and the same fan clutch roaring problems. Garage replaced the part, but the engine light does not go out. Garage says all is okay, and have to pay a GM dealer to reset the computer code. Light just keeps coming back on. Is the replaced fan clutch defective? The Trailblazer has been a money pit for numerous other repairs.

8th Dec 2011, 15:24

Trade it before you go broke. I had the jet roaring sound from mine too, but it was a transmission part that had failed, and not the fan clutch. It also had a long list of other stuff that failed on it. There is no fix but to trade it in and never buy another one. It worked for me, and I've never been happier!

8th Dec 2011, 15:49

A good way to reset your error codes is to disconnect the battery and leave it off for several minutes. If the code is cleared, then the light should go off when the battery is re-connected. If it doesn't, I would make the garage fix the problem correctly.

8th Dec 2011, 22:47

To 11:16: Our GMC Envoy (same vehicle as the Trailblazer) has had the "check engine" light on since 2006. It codes as "EVAP system". This is a catch-all code that can mean almost anything or nothing at all. Most people don't realize that a lighted "check engine" light can generally be totally ignored. They were created to generate revenue to dealers and shops by scaring people into bringing them in. If the car runs smoothly, doesn't overheat or start using more fuel you can pretty much ignore the light. If you go two weeks with no symptoms you can usually just forget it. Don't fall for scare stories that your car will blow up or leave you stranded. Not likely. Go to Auto Zone and they will be happy to scan the code for free. Then you can either fix it if it really is a problem, or just ignore it.

My other car has had a lighted check engine light for over two years. It codes as "engine running too cool". Big deal!! I live in an area where 100-degree days are common. I'm not remotely concerned if my engine is running 5-10 degrees cooler than the default setting. It actually reduces stress on the engine and prolongs the life of the oil.

You can actually order devices that will disable the codes and keep the check engine light from coming on. I'm ordering one. You can also reset the light by unhooking the battery for about an hour, but the light will just come back on in a week or so.

I've been a mechanic and car enthusiast for years, and I am angered by the scare tactics and chicanery used to get money from hard-working car owners. 90% of all repairs are totally unnecessary. People need to inform themselves about their cars. It could save them a lot of money.

9th Dec 2011, 11:45

Was this the Chevy or the Isuzu?

9th Dec 2011, 13:09

Where did I ever say the engine light was on? Mine never was, but it sounded like a jet on takeoff every time it was started. I researched it, and found two problems that might exist, and mine was the more expensive transmission part. I took it in, and lo and behold, I never heard the noise again. Funny how people think GM defects are imaginary, and every GM shop is out there to rip you off, or the owners are just idiots that get taken by dishonest shops for unneeded repairs.

Please, I did thorough research and found every single problem I had was well documented, and scores of other owners were having the exact same issues. This made it easy to solve the problems, and find the right parts at the right prices to fix everything that went wrong. There were no unscrupulous dealers involved here.

I traded mine in because I opted to put the $1,800 it needed in repairs when I traded it, into a down payment for a better vehicle. I'd had enough. GM's greatest gift to the public was discontinuing these horrifically bad, problem plagued vehicles.

Seems there are a couple of people posting on this site that have had no issues with theirs. I never would say that is impossible, but I and everyone I have known with TB's and Envoy's, had major issues with them. Seems that if you have a bad experience with GM, it is mostly your fault though according to others posting here. Funny how I never seem to have problems with other brands though, and I've never been "duped" by any other dealer for unnecessary repairs. Hmmmmm...

Also, I know many really good mechanics, and none of them has ever said to just drive with any lights on. Yes, they are there to get you into the dealer, but they also do detect serious flaws in performance, so suggesting that anyone should just ignore them is not too helpful. Just find a good shop where you know they are honest and get it fixed properly. I would never drive around with a light on. I also have never been whacked for a large repair bill for any engine light being on. 99% of the time, the gas cap was popped.

10th Dec 2011, 15:32

I think the comment reply was for 11:16, but thanks for sharing your experience with us once again.

10th Dec 2011, 16:59

There is no doubt that an overwhelming percentage of repair shops, and especially dealer service departments, are dishonest. If you don't know a screw driver from a lug wrench, you WILL get taken... BIG TIME. Have you ever known anyone who had a shop check their brakes who was told "They're good for another year"? The sad fact is the average car owner has no idea whether a shop is lying or not. The "free check up" deals run by brake shops is a perfect example of taking advantage of the public. They will always give the car owner a laundry list of things that need fixing such as new calipers (seldom ever required), new rotors (only needed if the old ones are warped) or rotor or drum turning (virtually NEVER needed).

11th Dec 2011, 12:19

Yeah, true anyone who doesn't know anything will get taken by everyone for everything. I, however, do know enough about cars not to be taken, and like I've said too many times now (but it doesn't seem to sink in to the GM fanatics), I thoroughly researched my issues and diagnosed every last problem through multiple online forums of dissatisfied GM owners, with the same vehicles and problems I was experiencing. I found every last part down to the penny, and figured my repair costs at the going labor rates. Everything added up exactly as it should have. Why is that so hard for you to accept? GM vehicles are not perfect.

And again, if the GM network of dealers is so dishonest that they are taking people for every dime, then it makes even less sense for me to support them! Toyota, Honda and Subaru dealers seem really honest to me, in comparison, based on your thoughts. Of course, I have never had any of them sounding like a jet on take off, stalling in intersections, smelling like burning transmission fluid, etc. etc., so I guess I really don't know if they would be dishonest. Funny how I never seem to get into the situation where I'd have to deal with any dishonesty when I drive an import, but with GM the deception and lies are everywhere, and you still claim they are so great.

Seriously, I don't spend money on repairs anymore. It is what it is, and nothing you say is going to negate that fact. You aren't proving that GM is good either way, so to go on about dishonesty is just as weak an argument as GM is the perfect vehicle, and I am out of my mind for claiming I had trouble with multiple GM vehicles.

Since you keep following me around the threads on this site, I will go back to updating my imports with more good news that I've reached new mileage milestones, with yet another clear maintenance record and no repairs needed. It has been a refreshing change. Even my "recalled" Toyota has never needed anything fixed or replaced on it.

Good luck with the government subsidized GM. They've been such a great company over the years. Uh huh. And before you post back on this, please read it a few times. Seems some of the details I include get lost by the posts you type back about how uninformed I am and how taken I was etc., etc. Oh, and let's not forget...I am not the one who wrote either this review or the other horrific 2004 TB review, so obviously I am not the only one regretting the purchase of these vehicles.