2nd Aug 2010, 18:28

I bought both of mine used and low mileage, and no issues.

My Vette C5 is my favorite to drive and is bulletproof also. The runflats run around 2200 a set. Fuel mileage is 30 mph on long stretches of the interstate.

The Trailblazer SS is better than a bland Toyota to drive. I have had no repair issues on mine.

Why not enjoy high quality rides in either, and not be dealing with the quality control issues Toyota has been having? I would rather spend on upgrades vs import repairs. The only serious cost is tires, but they far exceed having mechanical and drivetrain issues we had, especially after owning Acuras prior

2nd Aug 2010, 19:11

Guess you don't see or hear of many accidents then. I get cut off by people driving SUV's everyday. I've had many SUV drivers throw themselves into my lane without even using a turn signal. Most of them are on the phone.

So far I've avoided every stupid SUV driver thrown at me. I pay attention when I'm driving, and I don't put all my confidence into my smaller, better handling car, but into my own driving ability (which I can put to use without fear of rolling over). Then again, I also don't believe I'd be any safer by driving a 6,000 LB, gas-guzzling, useless behemoth. You are GUARANTEED to be in an accident if you're driving an SUV, because you'll either plow straight through something or roll over trying to avoid it.

3rd Aug 2010, 19:35

Please, the only quality issues I have had to deal with are on GM vehicles. If anything, it is the best time to buy a Toyota as they are doing what they can to right themselves and fix any potential problems. GM, on the other hand, still uses old designs that tend to fall apart well before their time. Their SUV's are the worst and are very underdesigned. It's like they put Impala parts under there and expect them to hold up under twice the weight. Never again for me. I have had two completely fall apart suspension and drivetrain wise. One of them only had 30K miles on it when it was deemed unsafe to drive. Normally I would have thought they were just trying to take me for something, but you could feel every bump completely shake the steering wheel. I won't go back for a third try in a GM SUV... or even any of their cars.

Ford is the only American brand I would buy anymore, except for the Challenger RT.

3rd Aug 2010, 19:52

"The Trailblazer SS is better than a bland Toyota to drive."

The SS is a cool truck, but I'd get tired of the rumbling exhaust and 14 mpg pretty quick.

The Toyota Highlander is anything but bland. It has a silky smooth V-6 that really gets up and goes... but you don't have to hear it screaming for it to do so. It also handles like a car and has a nice quiet supple ride. The Highlander is more of an everyday SUV that does it all and does it well. The SS is too niche, and really has little use other than going fast. They aren't even good in the winter unless you swap the wheels and tires out.

Of course, a couple of years of salt driving will tank your resale, so you'd be better off parking it from December to April really.

4th Aug 2010, 15:46

I have 4 GMs and all are smooth even with performance upgrades. Set on cruise, they all cruise effortlessly on the interstate. Even my Silverado rides very well. It has Borla exhaust; a bit more aggressive than the recent Magnaflows on my C5. Ever ride in a late model Corvette? They are very comfortable on long trips and easy to drive. So is our SUV.

I have had great luck with Chevrolet's LS engines; no issues. Maybe I have more variety to drive, but I really like all of mine. I have an older Vette, late model drivetrain and suspension upgrades. My C3 has 400 hp. It is hard to pick my favorite to drive. I have had no repair issues, and if I had room, I would add a new GM high top conversion van as yet another vehicle I would like to add.

4th Aug 2010, 18:26

"The Toyota Highlander is anything but bland"

It's also anything but SAFE in our opinion. The brand new one we test drove had defective brakes and interior trim pieces literally falling off. With all Toyota's safety violations, I hardly think I'd want my family in one of these things. We bought a reliable and solid GM SUV, and have not regretted our decision.

5th Aug 2010, 06:28

There's no reason you could not drive a nice SUV in the winter. I go to White Glove every week immediately after bad weather and have no issues. It has to be horoughly cleaned and the undercarriage washed, always. Plus my SUV is garaged.

Like any vehicle if you just turn the key and point it somewhere the finish will be affected. This issue is also affected in good weather with acid rain, sap, bird droppings etc. Buy a book of car wash tips and use them.

I keep my cars waxed and use quick detailer in between. You don't buy SUVs for gas mileage. It's great with family, more room and if you can have some fun with a better performer it's great.

5th Aug 2010, 10:50

GM is the most unreliable car maker out there period! What is solid about failing tie rods at 30K miles? What is solid about transmission problems before 75K miles? The Highlander I test drove was perfect and the brakes felt fine. Maybe the one you drove was dropped off a transporter in transit to the dealer. I find it hard to believe any Toyota dealer would let people test drive new cars with pieces coming off. The RAV 4 I bought has no pieces falling off and it is much quieter, smoother and more powerful than any GM I've ever driven, and definitely ever owned.

7th Aug 2010, 12:36

What planet did you buy it on? The ones made on Earth are harsh, noisy and very poorly built. I went on a trip in a friend's RAV 4 recently and received a phone call on my cell phone. The person calling me said "Are you in some kind of factory or something? I can't hear you for all the noise?" I just replied "No, I'm in a friend's Toyota". Being a car-savvy person he just said "oh". He immediately understood.

In addition, when we stopped for gas, the car got a whopping NINETEEN MILES PER GALLON (on the HIGHWAY!!) My friend (the driver) said that was the best he ever got.

I can get cell phone calls in my whisper-quiet Ford, and the only way the caller can tell if I'm in my car is if I am listening to my fantastic Shaker 500 stereo system. I also get a consistent 34 mpg on the highway. Oh, and my accelerator doesn't stick either!!

8th Aug 2010, 21:07

Maybe my suspensions are far superior on more than a base 6 Trailblazer. I have composite tie rods on my Vettes.

8th Aug 2010, 21:31

My friend's RAV4 has been in 2 accidents (one serious enough to crumple the trunk door in so much it couldn't be opened. He drove it around like that for a few weeks before having it repaired) and to this day doesn't have a single rattle. I've ridden in it (and driven it a few times) and found it to be an excellent vehicle. He has the 4-cylinder model and usually gets around 25 MPG. I get the same MPG in my Honda CR-V, however I've noticed the RAV4 does have a bit more power. He loves his RAV4. It was certainly a major improvement over his previous vehicle, a Ford Ranger. I was constantly giving him a ride because it was in the shop again!