9th Aug 2010, 07:27

How anyone can generalize that an entire product line is bad is beyond me. If you have owned 2 models, maybe say you had bad luck with make, model, year. I have had great luck with mine. I do over maintain and garage them. Maybe if you have suspension issues, avoid potholes, rotate and keep alignments up. A lot of people put gas in and just point a car somewhere.

9th Aug 2010, 22:44

Commenter 07:27 makes a very good point. It takes ownership of lots of vehicles to make an objective assessment of the vehicles quality and reliability. Over the past 40 years, my family and extended family have owned well over 50 domestic vehicles and 12 imports. Not one of the imports have survived 100,000 miles without pretty major issues. Not one of the domestics has ever had a problem before 100,000 miles. That's why all our cars are now domestics.

10th Aug 2010, 19:55

Our experience? Exactly the opposite of yours. We've owned more domestics than imports for one reason: The domestics died quickly and needed to be replaced more often. The imports just kept going and going. I can't tell you EXACTLY how many domestics and imports we've had (sorry, my memory isn't THAT good) but I can tell you we've always had better luck with imports. The only domestic we've owned to make 100,000 miles was a Ford Focus. It lasted 143,000 with the only problem being frequent need of brake pads (about every 25,000 miles). No I wasn't ripped off by some dealer or repair shop, I'm a mechanic and I service my own vehicles.

Our imports always made 200,000 miles before needing any repairs, at that point something small would come up (a CV joint, a ball-joint, etc.) something that was to be expected at 200,000 miles. We did have one import go 500,000 miles before being traded-in (it was a '76 Honda Civic that had a cracked engine block due to a friend of mine washing off the engine with cold water RIGHT AFTER driving it for a long distance on the highway. That was when it had about 300,000 miles, it went the next 200,000 with that cracked block).

10th Aug 2010, 21:22

We started with new Accords. Later new Legends and TLs, probably a dozen cars over the years. Now we drive new GMs. The quality dropped on ours.

11th Aug 2010, 08:23

At just over 100000 miles, I routinely had major repairs with both Honda and Nissans. Besides timing belts, air conditioner failures, power sunroof failure on one, expensive front end work, heater cores leaking and stinking on the interior floorboards, later I had transmission issues at as little as 28,000 miles.

I dumped as soon as the warranty expired. I have found import repairs expensive as well as parts. I also owned 2 Mercedes later, and repairs were horrendous, although they rode nice.

After a car gets over 150,000 miles, the resale value drops, and is it worth it to pay $4k for a 3-4k value car with engine/trans issues? I prefer GM and Ford V8s now, and no issues, and better warranty as well.

11th Aug 2010, 11:03

Keeping up routine maintenance is a major factor in how long a car lasts. However, with that said, our imports never lasted as long as our domestics even with attention to the maintenance.

13th Aug 2010, 15:40

"How anyone can generalize that an entire product line is bad is beyond me."

Well since I've had really bad luck with Olds, Chevy and even a Chevy based Isuzu, I'd say I can generalize enough to say GM is junk! I won't even go into all the friends and family that have had horrific experiences with GM products.

13th Aug 2010, 15:44

You sure you weren't ripped off?? LOL!! Funny how domestic fans think everyone is ripped off because their cars need so much work. Seems they are all mechanics that do their own work... I guess they have to be in order to keep buying domestics though now don't they?

I totally agree with you. Imports are far superior to ANY brand of domestic, unless of course it is a rebadged import. 25 years on the road doesn't lie to me. Imports all the way...

13th Aug 2010, 15:58

Your friend has what a 1992 RAV with 400K miles on it? Mine is a Sport V-6 and it is super quiet at speed. It is so smooth while idling, that you can't hear it running. Try that with your Ford... NOT! It rides a bit truck like, but it is an SUV with 4 wheel drive, so what do you expect it to ride like? And real car savvy individuals know Toyotas are wayyyyy better than anything domestic. I should know, I just traded a crappy Trailblazer in for my RAV 4, and the two are worlds apart in all aspects of quality... in favor of the Toyota obviously.

Mine is already getting in the mid 20's for mileage on the highway, and it is brand new!! Once broken in, I am sure it will be closer to 30 mpg on trips.

Also, the 269 HP V6 is so wicked fast, it is amazing to drive. It's like a little sports car with 4 wheel drive.

The stereo is awesome, and sounds as good as anything I've ever heard in a Ford.

As far as the accelerator sticking... I don't have to floor it to get it to move like your whisper quiet Ford, so I won't worry about it sticking ever... Not that it would, now that they have rectified that issue.

13th Aug 2010, 21:35

Again, someone is greatly exaggerating their claims of inferiority of Toyotas. I have driven and ridden in both V6 and 4 cylinder RAV 4's, and there is NO WAY they are as loud as you say where you can't make a cell phone call. The V6 version is smooth and quiet sound wise, and you can only hear it is running when you step on it. They both have a truck like ride, but they are shorter base 4X4's, so they are what they are.

The old and tired sticking accelerator statement is worn out. Obviously, Toyota has rectified this issue, yet every one continues to dwell on it. Let me do some research, and I'll come on here and quote every last issue Chevy or Ford has had on recalled vehicles, as some argument that they are inferior. Give me a break!

14th Aug 2010, 09:36

Who's going to tell this person that the fantastic Shaker 500 system is more than likely a Japanese sound system? As a matter of fact, all of the electronics were probably manufactured in Japan or China... even that fabulous SYNC system... which has failed twice on my Ford now.

14th Aug 2010, 13:06

Since WHEN?? MILLIONS of these cars are STILL on recall lists, plus millions more for braking, steering, transmission, electrical, fuel system and many other issues.

14th Aug 2010, 14:23

My thoughts are someone started with an old domestic hand me downs, and they buy a new Toyota. If you bought 40k plus domestics new with a 100000 mile warranty, what's the issue?

I bought new Acuras, and they were deplorable. For the same money I get a nicer domestic V8 vehicle, longer warranty, and have had no issues. I wonder how many old used cars get a bad review or were neglected, and then a new basic Toyota is bought. All cars are pretty good brand new.

When my first Honda trans went at 28000 miles, I started planning a move to a better warranty and no issue GM. We have 3 late model GMs at our home now, and one remaining 2004 Honda, which is likely the last as well. It's going to be sold, not traded privately, and we will have absolutely zero imports.

We did well by Honda for a long long time; bought many, but no more. What happened to the former quality? I liked the VTEC 6 and options, but way too many issues.