2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring 2.4zl from North America


Very Reliable and Fun so far


Nothing has gone wrong with the car. Since day one it has operated very smoothly.

Around 60k, the car would sometimes stall as I was downshifting slowing down to make a turn.

One day I had the air filter box off and wiggled the battey cable. It was loose on the '+' side.

So I tightened it and so far at 65k it has gone away. No more stalling.

The plastic from the steering column use to creak when the car was new. But after time the creak noise went away.

General Comments:

It has been reliable thus far. At 60,000 miles I did the following maintance:

1. New Tires - Falken 452, nice tread design

2. New Brakes - New shoes not as dusty

3. New Plug Wires - Should have replaced them sooner.

4. New Spark Plugs - Have to remove manifold. Paid an arm and a leg for a mechanic to do it. Check out the websites on self help.


1. KN air filter

2. Horn removed from inside the air filter box

3. Connected the air horn tube sticking out from side the air filter box to the hole in the fender. I took a plastic drink cup from McDonald's kid's meal, cut it in half, used that to connect the open space.

Miles per Gallon (MPG) I drive 100 miles per day in my daily commute. These results I get with the speed.

80mph - 26mpg

75mph - 27mpg

70mph - 28mpg

60-65mph - 30 mpg

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2007

2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2.4L from North America




Little things...

Brakes replaced within the first year.

All around wheel bearings within the first year. Hood release.

Sensors in the engine.

But on the upside, all this stuff was in the first year of having my car, and I drive a lot..

Farther than most.

General Comments:

I LOVE my car!

I used to hate Cruisers, then I test drove it and I fell in love.

The comfort is great, the most comfortable car I have ever had! I drive an hour and a half to work everyday... so comfort is a big plus!

It drives great, although the engine does seem to jump sometimes... it's kind of odd.

Otherwise this car is wonderful. I drive like a mad woman, and it has 100% kept up with me.

I love it!

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Review Date: 19th February, 2007

2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser base 2.4 from North America


Mine is a lemon, but it tastes a bit like lemonade


Black colored pillar covers on outside door windows have a constant haze on them. This is a coating issue which Chrysler knows about - it was suggested that I replace them with ones that are chromed.

My car has the black bumpers front and rear. They have lost their color and are now a two-toned gray.

The transmission fell apart internally just 50 miles past warranty coverage. The dealer replaced it under warranty!

Three batteries in 4 years.

Two sets of brakes.

Replaced the starter at 60000 miles.

Starter/gearshift interlock mechanism has seized up twice and was repaired under warranty. Both times required the car to be dragged onto a flatbed trailer because it was stuck in park.

Gearshift (automatic) is poor quality. Chrysler opted to use plastic to construct it. A piece of plastic broke off and allowed the shifter to change gears simply by bumping it. I had to visit 3 salvage yards to find one not showing similar - or worse - internal damage than mine. They should have used a cast alloy rather than plastic.

Steering wheel feels loose - the wheel itself moves slightly side-to-side. This is not a problem with the tilt.

General Comments:

Great concept - lots of room internally.

It was fun until it became a service nightmare.

Not meant for hauling anything.

On the highway it seldom exceeds 21 mpg.

Cabin air filter kit is available - but you have to dismantle the wipers and remove the wiper-fluid tank to reach the air inlet. It occurred to me much later that I didn't need to buy the dealer's modification kit, an off-the-shelf filter was easily found that fits the opening w/o modification.

Don't use the pockets on the front doors unless you want your speakers to vibrate.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2006

11th Oct 2006, 14:14

No offense, but if you never got over 21 mpg on the highway, well, something's seriously wrong.