2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring Edition 2.4L 4 Cylinder from North America


Love it! Great fun to drive and feels well built


Nothing has gone wrong with the car.

But since I bought it used, it needs a couple of things repaired.

The power mirror switch won't move the mirrors up or to the right.

When started in the morning, the engine doesn't idle fast and slowly drop down like normal, and has stalled in the morning twice.

I asked a mechanic about that problem and he said it sounds like the idle control sensor. No big deal, the car runs fine and I will fix it in time.

The adjustable shelf in the rear seems useless... but I think it's because it's missing a part at the end of the fold up leg.

General Comments:

The car is the most comfortable car I have ever owned.

The stereo is awesome and the speakers compliment it very well. But I will eventually put my Pioneer in since I like the button layout on it better.

I enjoy having the outside temperature and compass display.

The layout of the dash is great and I love the fact that the instrument panel and place above the glove box match the exterior paint job color.

The ride is very comfortable, it corners well for its size, and the brakes are great. I feel confident about the brakes on this car.

I really like the window controls on the dash. It took a little getting used to though.

Though the rear adjustable shelf is useless to me, I can store it directly behind the rear seats and have full trunk space when I need it.

I love the fact the passenger side seat folds down flat. More storage!

Gas mileage surprises me! I get better gas mileage in my PT Cruiser than I did in my Ford Focus. And my PT Cruiser has a slightly bigger motor and the body is much bigger.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2005

16th Mar 2005, 02:07

I am the poster of this review.

I wanted to tell everyone who reads this how the PT Cruiser does in the mountains.

A couple of weeks ago me and a friend of mine drove to Yosemite National Park on 3/3/05. It is located about 5,000 plus feet above sea level and there is lots of climbing up and down on the hills of course.

The engine is gutless the higher you get and the steeper, but keep in mind if you have the 4 cylinder engine with no turbo, it's going to do that.

It helps a lot keeping the gear stick down in third instead of overdrive, it keeps the engine revving higher to keep up to speed, but a few times I needed to shift down to first gear as the hill was really steep and we were around 4,000 feet up. This was all done with the automatic transmission to all who may not be sure.

Yosemite has lots and lots and LOTS of twists and curves, my PT Cruiser didn't even break a sweat. There is definitely little body roll, cornering is very solid. To give you an idea how well it does, the curves have 25 MPH signs posted on them and I ended up doing 40 MPH around most of them since I wasn't used to driving up and down steep inclines.

I hope anyone and everyone who has or is looking for a PT Cruiser is helped out by my review and comment.

I enjoy every moment driving my PT Cruiser.

Buy one or two if you can!

2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser GT 2.4 turbo from North America


This is the best, most useful vehicle I have owned to date--also one of the fastest!


There have been absolutely no problems with this car.

General Comments:

The fit and finish of this car is far beyond what I expected. Solid, quiet, and useful.

Most importantly, the car is fast. I have upgraded the turbo to a "Stage I" level, and first gear can never be engaged at full throttle without spinning the tires wildly. Even second gear will spin the tires uselessly. Despite this, gas mileage is up an impressive 20%, so I usually get about 22-25 mpg with mixed driving.

Space is great for a family of four, with enough room for most hauling tasks (the easily removable seats take care of the larger jobs).

Any gripes? None.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2004

11th Dec 2004, 09:00

Does the turbo upgrade void your warranty?

19th Aug 2006, 20:34

Turbo upgrade is done by the factory so it doesn't void any warranty.