2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2.4 litre from North America


Great, fast and comfortable


Head gasket replaced at 400.000 kilometres. There were no other repairs with the exception of brakes.

The 2.4 litre engine is the best engine I have ever owned. That's why I bought my PT Cruiser - it has the same engine as my Plymouth Breeze, which I consider is the best car I have ever owned.

I recently gave my daughter the Breeze and it passed emissions with no problems. The car is going to probably exceed 6 to 7 hundred thousand kilometres. It would not surprise me to see the car exceed a million kilometres. Chrysler has shown everybody that they are back to number 1 when it comes to manufacturing an excellent product.


D Tomlinson.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2006

2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring Edition 2.4L from North America


I love my PT Cruiser!


Not a thing!

However, the rear brakes squeak the first few times they are used every day. Not a problem, just a bit embarrassing.

General Comments:

I love my PT Cruiser! Very versatile, very comfortable, and really cool looking!

Some of the car magazines moan that non-Turbo PTs are sluggish and underpowered. Perhaps if you're an aggressive, lead-footed driver that's true, but I've found that the "base" PT Cruiser has plenty of pep, and is plenty quick and nimble for normal, day to day driving.

Plenty of room for four normal adults; five in a pinch. Lots of cargo room with the clever "fold, tumble, remove" seats. Infrequently, I wish the cargo area was 48" wide, instead of 40", but that's just not possible in a car this size.

My only complaint is the gas mileage. I average 20 mpg, and my best is 24 mpg with a long highway trip. My clunky, old 1986 Toyota Corolla got around 30 mpg!

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Review Date: 25th March, 2005

6th Apr 2005, 01:22

I have a PT Cruiser Touring Edition and I love it. I have had it for around 2 months so far.

My brakes would squeak very badly also the first few times used every day... they were especially worse after a good rain.

I found a way to make the rear brakes stop squeaking. I got this idea one night driving home from work. I was on a nearly deserted road and nearing a stop sign I pulled the parking brake on a little and let it slow the car down, then I'd pull it up more to slow down a bit more and once I was satisfied I cleaned the brakes out a bit I let the parking brake off.

I noticed a major difference the next day after my PT Cruiser sat overnight. The brakes didn't squeal the next day!! I was so happy.

Every time the brakes start squealing again, which isn't so often now, I repeat what I did and they stop.

It seems the brakes are prone to getting dirty.

I had a Dodge Intrepid that did the same thing, but it was the front brakes that would squeak.

I hope this will help solve your squeaky brakes.

30th Apr 2006, 02:50

OK. To everyone who has squeaky rear brakes on your PT Cruisers!

Hi, I own an '03 PT Cruiser.

I got tired of my breaks squeaking, so I went to Big O tires and had them look at my brakes. I thought my brake pads were worn out, but my brake pads were fine all around. They said the problem with the squeaking is caused by excessive break dust in the drums. They told me this is common with drum brakes.

All they did was take the rear drums off and tap them on the ground to get the dust off and put the drum back on then put the wheels back on.

My breaks didn't shriek or squeak for a good month, then they started again.

I watched the guy as he checked the brakes. So I did what he did.

I took the rear wheel off and then the drum. It comes off very easily. Then you clean it off or tap it out. I'm going to try some brake parts cleaner next time, but this worked for me on my own and it's simple.

So instead of just dealing with the squeak, you can majorly reduce it or stop it completely by cleaning the drums out every once in awhile.

I hope I help you out. I now don't have to be embarrassed by the squeak anymore.