1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible JXi Limited 2.5 from North America


An overall best-buy


Nothing has gone wrong with my car so far, the only thing that I will be worried about in the later future is the start up. When you start the car up it gives a few cranks and then catches the igniter and starts up.

General Comments:

I love the car. The very first day I bought it I put the top down and received several comments in parking lots when parking. It has a nice appeal, it's sharp and with the Limited package you receive the gold accents and the wood grained dash. It's a beauty.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2001

1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible JXi Limited V-6 gasoline from North America


Love the ride, the looks, and the compliments I get from others. Very popular car


So far, nothing at all, and I've had it 6 months. Bought it used at a Chrysler dealership, previous owner had it from July 1997 till early 2000 and only put 10,000 miles on it.

General Comments:

Could use more power, but not by much. Acceleration and cruising range are comfortable, but I'm happy; if I'd wanted a V-8 I would have bought one. I'm 35 years old and have gone past my "need for speed".

Only 2 things I would improve on future designs are the location of the cupholders, and would reduce the thickness of the center of the instrument panel which presses slightly on your right knee (on left-hand drive American versions).

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Review Date: 15th September, 2000

9th Jan 2001, 10:10

After hearing good and bad things, I don't know if I want to buy a Sebring, how can you prove to me I will have a dependable car?

18th Jan 2001, 17:41

I bought my beautiful Sebring JXi Feb 2000. A 1999, used with 19k miles. I needed only to drive this car to fall immediately in love. Granted... there surely ARE better cars, but my car is classy, sporty, beautiful, fun and I love to drive it! I'm 40 something and this is the best car I've ever had. I'm in love and nothing anyone could say can change that.

If you need to be CONVINCED... then this car just isn't for you! Good luck and I hope you DON'T buy a Sebring... cos' then mine will be that much more unique on the road! ;-)



13th Mar 2001, 12:53

I'm the one who posted the original comments regarding the 98 JXi. The first respondent says he's not sure whether to buy, since he's read good and bad things about the Sebring. Let me point out that the Sebring Convertible is built wholly by Chrysler, the hardtop built at a Mitsubishi Galant plant as a joint venture. The convertible and the hardtop only share the same name, everything else is different. From what I've seen, it is the hardtop about which people complain the most. In the past, I suggested to the webmaster to please differentiate between the convertible and the hardtop, but my suggestion was unfortunately disregarded.

13th Mar 2001, 14:55


Sorry about not replying to or implementing your suggestion to split the models. I did get your mail, but honestly can't remember what I decided to do about it (possibly accidentally deleted it and didn't notice). Anyway, I've taken on board your suggestion and made the necessary changes. Sorry that it took so long.

Best Wishes,


14th Mar 2001, 08:38

Thanks, Steven. You've done an excellent service to everybody by having created this website, and I recommend it to everyone I can.

26th Sep 2002, 01:41

I recently purchased a 1998 JXI Limited with 61,500 miles on it. I am a 30 year old male, and I just love to drive my car. The performance is fantastic for the class of car. My only complaints are that my wife always begs to drive it, and my children (ages 10 and 6) aren't always in the mood to ride with the top down due to the amount of wind catching them in the face. If one is looking for good performance and reasonable price in a convertible, then the JXI Limited is definitely a place to start.


Fredericksburg, VA.